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ZQuiet Review: Do these anti-snoring devices work?

Pricing, effectiveness, shipping, service, and more — we’ll share all of the details about ZQuiet

Last Updated: Dec 29, 2022
ZQuiet review

There are many reasons for sleep loss and numerous remedies purporting to help. If snoring is the cause of your sleepless nights, whether arising from you or your partner, you’re certainly not alone. Snoring affects almost half of adults, with 45% snoring occasionally and 25% snoring regularly. While the occasional noisy slumber is an inconvenience, chronic snoring can lead to relationship problems, loss of focus, and health issues.

It’s not surprising that many of us are willing to invest in remedies for snoring, but many over-the-counter cures are ineffective, and prescription-only treatments like CPAP are expensive.

ZQuiet takes a different approach, offering novel devices to help both the snorer and everyone else in the household attain restful sleep. But are these products more effective and economical than the alternatives? We’ve tested and evaluated them and will share the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide if ZQuiet might be your solution.

Review Summary


  • Works for people with bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Ships ready to be used, with no molding necessary
  • First-time clients enjoy a 30-day trial for the 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Kit
  • Produces a well-rounded set of supporting accessories
  • Offers a variety of products for those who live with a snorer
  • 60 Night Better Sleep Guarantee: if you’re dissatisfied with the product, ZQuiet will reimburse you the cost minus shipping and processing fees


  • Mouthpieces need to be replaced every 4-6 months
  • Not suitable for people who wear dentures
  • Shipping and handling fees are not very transparent

Bottom line

After reviewing the array of products aimed at restful sleep, we confidently recommend ZQuiet for those suffering from chronic snoring or those who live with a chronic snorer. ZQuiet’s Mandibular Advancement Device features a couple of improvements over the standard mouthpieces sold by competitors. Other ZQuiet devices similarly sport thoughtful features that make them stand out from the rest. The 30-day trial is also an excellent offer for anyone who is not entirely sure whether they will benefit from the ZQuiet device.

Our Top Picks


ZQuiet’s anti-snoring products for the snorer as well as for loved ones rise above the rest with thoughtful features.

Whether you’re shopping for the popular 2-size mouthpieces or for devices that loved ones can use to reduce noise, we believe ZQuiet can help you find better sleep. And with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, your risk is low.

2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Snoring Elimination Set
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Silence Collection
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is ZQuiet?

In 2008, after struggling personally with the effects of snoring in their marriage, Dan and Tina Webster consulted with medical and dental professionals. Alongside these professionals, they developed the original ZQuiet mouth device to reduce snoring.

The company now offers a series of anti-snoring products, all sold online through its website or on Amazon. What makes ZQuiet rare among other anti-snoring device manufacturers is its emphasis on addressing the issues that affect snorers as well as their surrounding family. The company’s website offers a line of sound blockers and a comprehensive collection of educational articles on sleep and breathing problems. It has also ventured into complementary products meant to accompany its main sales point, the ZQuiet 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece.


ZQuiet offers two primary products meant to make snoring less unpleasant, plus a few extra add-ons intended to improve effectiveness. The company manufactures not only an anti-snoring mouthpiece but also high-tech earbuds, breathing strips, and other products to bring peace to all the sleepers in your family.

Its line of products includes:

  1. 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

  2. QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds

  3. Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid

  4. Chin-UP Anti-Snoring Chin Strips

  5. ZQuiet Earplugs

  6. ZQuiet Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution

While the prices in this review reflect ZQuiet’s standard pricing, it is worth noting that ZQuiet frequently features impressive sales with savings of up to 50%.

Privacy considerations

ZQuiet and its website are pretty standard when it comes to protecting your personal information.

All payment information is encrypted to prevent fraud. When you create an account with ZQuiet, the company will collect your browsing habits and link them to your email address and full name. If you choose to pay with Google Pay, you can expect your interests to spill over onto external search result pages.

Insurance, HSA, and FSA

ZQuiet is technically not considered a medical device that treats a diagnosable condition. Because of this, you won’t be able to claim any refunds from your insurance company. These products are not eligible for payment with HSA or FSA.

ZQuiet 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

PRICES: Starting at $39.95 for a single replacement mouthpiece

ZQuiet’s primary anti-snoring device is the ZQuiet 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, a Mandibular Advancement Device (or MAD). This small plastic retainer urges your jaw forward as you sleep, preventing it from pushing on your airway to create that familiar “flapping” sound.

Although there are many different MAD models available nowadays, the ZQuiet version is unique because it’s a lot softer than most. It is also mildly flexible and has a small “living hinge” at the corner that lets you close or open your mouth a bit. This hinge prevents you from clenching your lower jaw and makes it possible for you to sip water or even talk a little while wearing it.

ZQuiet’s mouthpiece comes ready for use. You simply place it over your teeth before you go to sleep. After use, clean it with a standard denture cleaner or the brand’s Quiet Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution.

ZQuiet’s mouthpiece comes ready for use. You simply place it over your teeth before you go to sleep. After use, clean it with a standard denture cleaner or the brand’s Quiet Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution.

ZQuiet’s website offers four different options for buying the anti-snoring mouthpiece:

  • The 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Kit, for $99.95. This kit is the recommended option for first-time clients. It includes a protective case and two mouthpieces. The Comfort-1 pushes your jaw by 2 mm, and the Comfort-2 pushes it by 6 mm. ZQuiet recommends people start with the smaller one for at least a week. In some cases, this may be enough to make snoring disappear completely. Otherwise, move onto the Comfort-2 version.
  • A mouthpiece refill for $39.95. This product includes just one mouthpiece of either size. It is ideal if you have used the Comfort System and just need to replace the mouthpiece.
  • A firm mouthpiece refill for $43.95. The firm version of ZQuiet’s mouthpiece is made from a stiffer material and has a less bouncy hinge. While not as comfortable as the standard model, it offers relief from bruxism (teeth grinding or jaw clenching).
  • The ZQuiet Snoring Elimination Set for $134.80. This bundle includes the 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Kit, a ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid, four Chin-UP Anti-Snoring Chin Strips, and a small 1.5-ounce bottle of ZQuiet Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution.

QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds

PRICE: $249.95 for a set of two earbuds

ZQuiet developed the QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds for anyone in a household that suffers from sleep loss due to the sound of snoring. These earbuds come with two different modes of operation: standard and silent.

  • The standard hearing mode targets low-frequency sounds without creating any white noise to mask high-pitched noises. You should be able to carry on a conversation at an average volume or hear your phone’s alarm the following morning.
  • In contrast, the silent mode dampens all surrounding sounds to provide you with a more substantial boost when in noisy environments.

You can toggle between these modes easily with the small switch at the back of each earbud. ZQuiet’s noise-canceling earbuds use rechargeable batteries and come with the following:

  • A protective storage case that doubles as a recharge station
  • A USB cable
  • An extra set of foam ear tips

The ear tips are available in three different sizes, and you can order additional sets for $4.95.

For a regular price of $349.95, ZQuiet also offers a fairly comprehensive bundle of products aimed to help a household. The ZQuiet Silence Collection includes the QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbud set as well as the 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Kit. At its normal price, this doesn’t represent savings compared to purchasing the two products separately, but discount opportunities often present significant savings when you bundle.

Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid

PRICE: $19.90 for a nasal piece and protective case

Many people develop temporary snoring whenever they have sinus infections, allergies, or a deviated septum. The ZQuiet Breathe Nasal Breathing Aid is a small intra-nasal plastic device that helps expand your nasal passages as you sleep, increasing the amount of air you can intake by 57% per breath.

It’s soft enough that it won’t irritate or scrape the inside of your nostrils. Meanwhile, the wings at the sides let you adjust the device to the size of your nasal passage.

Chin-UP Anti-Snoring Chin Strips

PRICE: $19.95 for a box of 30 strips

ZQuiet’s Chin-UP Anti-Snoring Chin Strips are different from the standard nasal strips found in drugstores. Rather than adhering to your nasal bridge, these strips go beneath your mouth, preventing your jaw from opening while you sleep and helping airflow through your nose instead.

If you use the strips alongside the mouthpiece, they’ll help prevent excess drooling or throat discomfort. You can also use these strips with a CPAP machine: the tape will rest right below the device’s mask, helping it stick better.

ZQuiet Earplugs

PRICE: $34.79 per set

If your goal is minimizing sound, the ZQuiet Earplugs are a more affordable option than the earbuds. Each set comes with two sizes of soft, hypo-allergenic silicone ear tips for optimum fit.

The earplugs reduce noise by up to 27 decibels and come with a cleaning brush and storage case.

ZQuiet Clean Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Solution

PRICE: Starting at $14.95 for a single bottle

While it comes included in certain bundles, ZQuiet also sells its cleaning solution separately. Keeping mouthpieces clean is very important for oral hygiene and overall health. If you buy a 3-bottle set, you’ll save money.

The cleaning solution from ZQuiet has a fresh mint scent and comes in a convenient 1.5oz container that makes it travel-friendly. We found the mint scent to be pleasant and not cloying.

When you scrub for 60 seconds using the solution and warm water, ZQuiet’s cleanser kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This solution does not contain any chlorine; it’s 100% safe with all-natural ingredients, suitable for cleaning any oral device.

Be sure to rinse the mouthpiece before and after using the cleaning solution.

Getting started with ZQuiet products

Buying directly from the ZQuiet website is easiest. This also lets you access the best deals as well as the company’s unique 30-day trial, an ideal option for first-time wearers who are still skeptical.

30-day trial with the Mouthpiece Kit

  1. Select “Try Now” on the ZQuiet website. For first-time purchasers of the 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Kit, the 30-day trial option allows you to test out the product before making a full investment. The trial offer only applies to this product.

  2. Proceed to checkout. Under the trial, you will only pay $9.95 plus shipping and handling right away. Coupons do not apply to the trial offer.

  3. Begin your trial. Within 5-7 business days, ZQuiet will send you a 2-Size Comfort System Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Kit (which includes one mouthpiece of each size along with a storage case). You will then have 30 days to try out each size.

  4. Assess your satisfaction. If ZQuiet’s devices work for you, great! If not, returns are simple.

  5. Make the final payment or return your order. If you’re satisfied with the product’s effectiveness, ZQuiet will bill you $79.95 at the end of your free month. If not, you can contact the company and request a Return Authorization or RMA. If you choose to make a return, you will have to pay any shipping fees to deliver the device to the nearest distribution center.

Purchasing various products

If you’re uninterested in the 30-day trial or want to order other available items, shopping and checkout on the website are very straightforward.

  1. Browse the ZQuiet website. Select the items you’re interested in for sleep relief.

  2. Place your order. Proceed to the checkout, where you can enter any discount codes you may have. ZQuiet accepts all major credit cards, ShopPay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.

  3. Begin your treatment. Most shipments arrive in 5-7 business days, but see “Shipping policies” below for more details. The included instructions should guide you through the process of getting started with your new device or accessory.

  4. Assess your satisfaction. ZQuiet offers a 60 Night Better Sleep Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your product, you can ship it back with a Return Authorization for your money back, minus any shipping and processing fees.

ZQuiet’s shipping policies

Our only gripe with ordering through ZQuiet is that the company is not as transparent with its shipping practices as we would like. The only way to determine your shipping cost is to enter your address at checkout. Depending on your location, shipping fees may run from $5 (for East Coast urban areas) to $16.90 (for West Coast rural locations).

Depending on your location, shipping and handling fees might negate much of the savings offered by the company’s 30-day trial.

Clients outside the U.S. won’t be able to buy ZQuiet products directly from the main website. ZQuiet handles its international orders through 19 affiliate companies, each with different websites and shipping standards. If you don’t live within range of any of these companies, you can always try Amazon.

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User-friendly: How intuitive and user-friendly is the service? Does the device/program/app/website achieve a good degree of user-friendliness for its customers?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, will your data be stored securely? Are payments secure?

Customer support: Particularly in situations where ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t make sense, how well does the company help to make the service ideal for you?

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