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RYZE Mushroom Coffee Reviews

Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee a worthwhile and tasty coffee replacement? We’ll give you the pros, cons, and important details.

Last Updated: Jan 2, 2023
Ryze Mushroom Coffee

Mushrooms are incredible for our health. They have antibacterial, antioxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as anti-tumor and anti-aging potentials. Researchers learn more about them every day, and the more we investigate, the more captivating information we find about fungi. But mushrooms are often an acquired taste, and not everybody would want to eat them for every meal to get the substantial levels required to see the incredible benefits.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee adds a proprietary blend of six potent mushrooms to your morning coffee, advertising half the caffeine but all of the energizing features. Could it be a healthy choice for you? We investigated RYZE to give you all of the details about this instant alternative, so you can determine if you’re ready to replace your morning brew with RYZE Mushroom Coffee.

Review Summary


  • Fungal mushroom taste is mild and easily covered by creamer
  • Designed to help improve your immune system, fight inflammation, and more
  • Less acidic than standard coffee
  • Instant powder mix means no waiting for complicated brew methods
  • Free shipping
  • Get 10% off when you sign up for their email list


  • Earthy flavor is distinct from coffee and may take some getting used to
  • May not have enough of each type of mushroom for noticeable benefits
  • Not a total coffee replacement – still contains 48mg caffeine from coffee beans
  • Only ships to the US and Canada

Bottom line

RYZE makes a decent coffee alternative. It has half the caffeine of a standard cup of coffee and stars 2g of mushroom extract per serving designed to give your brain, immune system, and gut a boost without breaking the bank. Based on current research, the 2g is probably not enough to see substantial results from the mushrooms themselves, but if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to coffee alone, RYZE Mushroom Coffee is a great option.

Our Top Picks

RYZE Mushroom Coffee

RYZE Mushroom Coffee promotes energy, sharper focus, and immune support.

Ryze is a good alternative to traditional coffee. This proprietary blend is designed to help improve your immune system and fight inflammation, all without caffeine jitters. Enjoy free shipping on all orders.

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What is RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

RYZE Superfoods is a young brand founded in 2020 by Harvard graduates Andrée Werner and Rashad Hossain. After spending years overconsuming coffee and feeling more and more drained by the practice, they began dabbling in adding medicinal mushrooms to their cups until they found a formula they were happy with: the RYZE Mushroom Coffee we know now. While RYZE only offers mushroom coffee, coconut creamer, and a gratitude app right now, it looks like they may expand their catalog in the future.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee is exactly what it may sound like: an instant powdered drink that is half mushrooms, half coffee. It does contain caffeine from these coffee beans, but only half the amount found in a typical cup.

What does it taste like?

An all-important question. RYZE’s product has a faintly earthy taste, different from the vast majority of coffees. It’s not overbearing, and testers found that any “mushroom-y” flavor fades fully into the background if you add creamer. To be clear, the fading of the faint mushroom flavor left just as many people mildly disappointed as it did mildly relieved.

Who is RYZE Mushroom Coffee best for?

There are several reasons you might be looking to cut down on your caffeine consumption.

  • You’re pregnant but can’t imagine giving up coffee.
  • You’re sensitive to caffeine but looking for a daily pick-me-up.
  • You’re looking to drink less coffee for digestive or other health-related reasons.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee could be a great alternative for each of these situations. If you’re pregnant, we recommend checking in with your doctor before making RYZE a part of your regular diet. It’s labeled as safe for pregnant people, but recent studies have shown that even the current recommended limit of 200mg of caffeine per day can adversely affect a growing fetus.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee is also a great option for those on a ketogenic diet. Technically, all black coffee is keto-friendly; the addition of milk, cream, or sugar (or flavored syrups) makes coffee non-ketogenic as the carbohydrates are enough to pull the body out of ketosis. RYZE Mushroom Coffee has MCT oil that makes the cup creamy and smooth, masking much of the mushroom taste and giving the drink body without compromising its keto-friendly nature.

Analyzing the ingredients

The majority of RYZE Mushroom Coffee is made of a proprietary blend of six mushrooms. This proprietary blend means that we don’t know exactly how much of each mushroom is in every serving of RZYE Mushroom Coffee. However, we know that it takes about 4g of Cordyceps mushrooms (one of the six in the blend) every day to have noticeable health effects. Considering that there are only 2g of the proprietary blend in every serving, it’s unlikely that there’s enough of each mushroom to see all of the benefits with just one cup a day.

That said, RYZE is on the right track. Mushrooms have been used for centuries in dozens of cultures around the world, and modern science has confirmed a lot of those original beliefs. We’ve looked into each of the six mushrooms used in RYZE’s proprietary blend and found that they all have long legacies of holistic healing with some surprising individual strengths.


Cordyceps mushrooms – a genus containing more than 700 mushroom species – have long been part of Chinese traditional medicine. 35 different Cordyceps species have proven medicinal benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antimalarial, and antifungal properties. It may even have some anti-aging and anti-tumor effects.

Cordyceps made the news in the 1993 Olympics when some Chinese athletes attributed their wins to Cordyceps supplementation. RYZE hopes that Cordyceps will increase and sustain your energy, which has obvious scientific backing, though we don’t know which kind of Cordyceps mushrooms they use.

Lion’s mane

Lion’s mane is one of the most popular mushrooms to take as a health supplement. They’ve long been known to have high levels of antioxidant compounds with antimicrobial activity. They’re so good at keeping oxidative damage out of your brain that a 2019 study showed that it can suppress inflammation in your hippocampus, the easily damaged part of your brain that manages your memory. These antioxidative, anti-inflammatory properties might even help stave off mental health problems like anxiety and depression, though not a lot of research has been done on that yet.


The Reishi mushroom has been historically renowned in several East Asian countries, often referred to as a mushroom of immortality or the medicine of kings. It was traditionally used to extend your lifespan, promote agility, and strengthen memory. With modern science and testing techniques, researchers have found that it can help control blood glucose levels, prevent cancer, and protect your liver. RYZE states that Reishi can help you relieve stress, but we couldn’t find any clinical evidence of that, though there are plenty of other ways Reishi mushrooms can help your body and general health.


Like many medicinal mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms have antioxidative, anti-tumor, and immunomodulatory features. The most significant benefit of shiitake mushrooms above the others is their antithrombotic capacity, meaning that it can help degrade blood clots and, in some cases, keep them from forming outright. In the future, a doctor might prescribe you a hearty dose of shiitake mushrooms rather than daily aspirin to help lower your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Of course, that day’s not here yet; while shiitake mushrooms seem exceptionally promising, there isn’t enough research to make them safe to use as medication or therapy. If you’re at high risk for heart attack or stroke, a cup of coffee with shiitake mushroom extract isn’t going to fix that.

Turkey tail

While turkey tail mushrooms don’t have much nutritional value, they offer a wide range of health benefits. Most notably, however, turkey tail mushrooms seem to have prebiotic effects. This means that it helps to build up your gut microbiome by stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria your body naturally produces, working a step ahead of probiotics. A healthy prebiotic regimen can help you regulate your gut, improve your digestive health, and protect against antibiotics’ side effects.

King trumpet

King trumpet mushrooms, better known as king oyster mushrooms, are common in the grocery store or your local health foods store but are a hidden medicinal gem. Like most medicinally beneficial mushrooms, king trumpet mushrooms have anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties.

Recent research has shown that king trumpet mushrooms, in particular, contain N-acetyltryptamine, a precursor for melatonin and serotonin and a competitor against acetylcholinesterase. This means that king trumpet mushrooms might be able to help you regulate your sleep cycle and moods, as well as lower reactions to stress. By helping your brain make more serotonin, it can also help improve your perception of hunger and fullness and suppress ghrelin (a hunger hormone) in people with metabolically unhealthy obesity.

Other ingredients

RYZE Mushroom Coffee also contains organic instant coffee grown for RYZE in Mexico. While we don’t know how much coffee is in every serving, we do know it has 48mg of caffeine, which is about half the caffeine content of a normal cup of coffee.

Finally, RYZE Mushroom Coffee also includes an unknown amount of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. MCT oil is a type of oil often made from either coconuts or palm kernels and turned into ketones by your body. It helps to increase your feelings of fullness, reducing your overall food intake. When added to something like coffee, fat helps to bind everything together and keep your drink creamy and delicious. It also binds to tannins, the compound that makes coffee taste bitter, and neutralizes them. That’s why oat milk tends to be better at masking the bitter taste of black coffee than almond milk or other low-fat alternatives. Since MCT oil is a hefty oil with a lot of fat without being bad for you, it’s a win-win addition.

First-time order gifts

RYZE has a few bonuses for first-time orders. The first time you purchase RYZE, whether it’s a subscription or a one-off trial bag, you’ll get a handmade spoon made out of acacia wood to stir your coffee with. However, these are only available if you purchase your coffee through RYZE’s site.

After any purchase from RYZE, You’ll also get access to RYZE’s gratitude journal app. This app makes a pseudo-texting conversation between you and their AI. The AI will ask you one question every day and expects you to respond with a short paragraph reflecting on something in your life. Over time, these short bursts of reflection can help you cultivate better mindfulness and gratitude for the things around you.

These gifts are only available to people who purchase their RYZE Mushroom Coffee through RYZE’s website; coffee bought through a third party like Amazon won’t be eligible.

Pricing and shipping

If you want to purchase RYZE Mushroom Coffee through the brand’s website, you’ll have a few options. You can buy your bags one at a time or start a subscription. Either way, RYZE offers free shipping on every order. Currently, RYZE only ships to the United States and Canada, so if you want their mushroom coffee in England or Mexico, you’ll have to get it through a third party.

A RYZE Mushroom Coffee subscription will get you one bag of coffee for a flat rate of $30 every month. There aren’t any ways to alter this subscription like many other retailers; no bulk orders or ordering two or three bags in a subscription are allowed. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

If you don’t know if you’ll want RYZE Mushroom Coffee every month, or if you think you’ll go through more than one bag a month, you can also get it in a one-time purchase. Here, you can get RYZE Mushroom Coffee in quasi-bulk: you can choose between one, two, or three bags at a time. Each bag you add saves you money; two bags saves you 10%, and three bags saves you 15% of their total price. However, these options are still more expensive than a one-time subscription.

  One bag Two bags Three bags
One-time purchase $36 $64.80 ($32.40/each) $91.80 ($30.60/each)
Subscription $30    

If you aren’t happy with the coffee for any reason, RYZE has a decent return policy. Anything that hasn’t been opened with an unbroken seal can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. They won’t – and can’t – make any exceptions to this, as there are a number of safety concerns associated with returning opened food items.

Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee a good value?

We think that RYZE Mushroom Coffee is a good value. While it probably doesn’t supply all of the benefits you could get from full doses of the mushrooms in RYZE’s proprietary blend, it still has noticeable benefits. You might not get as jittery as you would with a standard cup of coffee, but you’ll still feel more energized than you did when you first started your day. And taking these mushrooms in small doses is better than not taking them at all: medicinal mushrooms are incredible sources of important nutrients we might not get otherwise.

RYZE is a little expensive, but one bag has a months’ worth of servings (30 total), so one 15-calorie cup only costs $1.20. If you’re thinking about replacing a professionally made latte with a cup of RYZE, you can save yourself a significant amount of money every month.

How to get started with RYZE

It’s easy to make yourself a cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee. Ordering doesn’t require any more time or information than a typical online retailer.

Once your coffee gets to your kitchen, all you need to make your first cup is to stir one tablespoon of the instant powder into 8-10oz of hot water. If you want to feel particularly fancy, you can use a handheld frother to give it a cappuccino-like spin. Otherwise, stir them together with the handmade acacia spoon or any other spoon of your choice, and within 30 seconds, it’ll be ready to drink.

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