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Best NMN Supplement

NMN supplements may hold the key to longevity in boosting cellular health, but which one works the best? We compare the top performers here.

Last Updated: Jan 3, 2023
Best NMN Supplement

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that NAD — nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide — plays a crucial role in maintaining our health. There are some natural ways to increase NAD levels through diet, but you’ll want to look to a supplement for a truly transformative effect.

Unfortunately, taking NAD directly isn’t very effective. The good news is that NAD precursors have become widely available in recent years, and few have as much potential as nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

Here, we’ll look at the best NMN supplements on the market to help you determine which one is right for you.

Summary of our recommendations:

Our Top Choice

Renue By Science Sublingual Powder

Renue by Science’s Sublingual Powder is our top choice with superb absorption and flavor and a low price per gram.

All Renue by Science products are third party tested and scientifically backed. Their NMN supplements boost energy and provide anti-aging benefits like improved cognition and a more youthful appearance.

Why you should trust us

At Innerbody Research, we extensively test each health service we review, including these NMN supplements. All told, our team has spent over 167 hours testing and researching these supplements and their alternatives to provide an accurate, unbiased analysis of how they compare, free of marketing jargon and gimmicks.

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions to live healthier lifestyles. We evaluate the service based on adherence to quality, the latest medical evidence and health standards, and a simple question: would we buy the product or service ourselves if it weren’t part of our job, and would we recommend it to family and friends?

Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this guide was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

How we evaluated NMN supplements


Winner: Renue By Science

For the most part, all of these supplements contain the same ingredients. Pills and capsules will use different materials to deliver the drugs to your system, and there are powders and solutions, too. But ultimately, the primary ingredient is NMN.

Different brands will use specific doses for various reasons, so we thought it would be most helpful to break down the cost of each per gram. This paints a clear picture of which company provides you with the best deal.

  Cost per bottle Dosage Cost per gram Delivery Method
Renue By Science Tablets $68.95 250 mg $9.19 Chewable or sublingual
Renue By Science Sublingual Powder $31.95 160 mg $2.28 Sublingual
Approved Science $59.95 500 mg $4.00 Capsule
Nutriop Extreme Potency $49.99 500 mg $3.33 Capsule
Forest Leaf $39.95 250 mg $5.33 Capsule
Quicksilver Scientific* $65 50 mg $26 Sublingual
ProHealth Longevity $115 1,000 mg $3.83 Capsule
GeneX $149.87 1,000 mg $5.00 Capsule

*Quicksilver Scientific uses a liquid formula that absorbs more thoroughly than a powder, pill, or capsule. Their dose is comparable to a 500 mg pill by average absorption rates. That would bring their cost per gram to approximately $4.33. Read on for a thorough explanation of delivery methods and absorption rates.


Winner: ProHealth Longevity

Available research and testing experience guided our determination for efficacy. Studies that include higher doses than currently available on the market point toward a dose-dependent increase in effectiveness. And participants in those studies tolerated high doses well. We would recommend any of the three 1,000 mg offerings from three companies included in our guide. ProHealth Longevity rose to the top of that shortlist because the company offers the best price and the simplest ingredient list.


Winner: Renue By Science

While most of these products have the same ingredient profile, a lot can happen during the manufacturing process that can potentially contaminate a supplement. There are also secondary and tertiary ingredients that can make one brand a better choice than another. That’s why Renue By Science’s third-party testing promise gives it the win in safety. They allow an independent organization to verify the purity and safety of their products. Forest Leaf is a close second in this category because they take pains to avoid common allergens and are third-party tested (but for absorption rather than purity).


Winner: Renue By Science

Renue By Science wins this criterion thanks to the various ways you can take their supplements. These delivery methods make their products ideal for anyone looking for a fast-absorbing product they can take as a tablet, a powder, and even a liposomal gel. Their incorporation of NAD-preserving products and NR supplements gives you a veritable arsenal of tools for longevity.

What are NMN and NAD?

NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide. It’s a precursor to a coenzyme in the body called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). In layman’s terms, NMN is a compound that causes your body to create NAD, which, in turn, can enhance the efficiency with which your body’s cells function.

NAD supplementation can provide anti-aging benefits like superior cognition and a more youthful appearance by allowing your cells to function more efficiently. Some studies show that it enhances athletic performance by increasing your VO2 max after a short period of use. Others connect it with improved insulin resistance, resulting in anything from lower diabetes risk to a trimmer waistline.

NMN vs. NR

NMN isn’t the only player on the block. Nicotinamide riboside is another NAD precursor that boasts a fair amount of convincing scientific evidence supporting its efficacy. Some companies, like Renue By Science, actually sell both NMN and NR supplements. Evidence suggests that these two supplements may complement one another and could be safe for you to take simultaneously. We would advise against that, out of an abundance of caution, unless you tried both independently and found them insufficient.

Our testers found little difference in the functional performance of either. Both were moderately effective in their claims, without one outperforming the other significantly. Ultimately, you may tolerate one better than the other, and it’s up to you which one to try first. There is a little more research behind NMN, which may give you peace of mind regarding any potential side effects.

Are NMN supplements safe?

NMN supplements haven’t consistently shown any adverse effects in the research. That includes analysis using doses significantly higher than those commonly available. So you can expect to feel only positives as you take NMN.

The big problem here is a lack of research into long-term usage related to cancer. There is no evidence to suggest that NMN or elevated NAD levels can cause cancer. Still, there is evidence that NAD’s ability to increase cellular efficiency applies to cancer cells. Researchers successfully inhibited tumor growth by reducing those cells’ access to NAD. This implies that an abundance of NAD might fuel pre-existing or developing cancer in the body.

Ultimately, we need more data to conclude whether elevated NAD levels pose a cancer risk. Both of these things may be true:

  • NAD has anti-aging effects
  • NAD can make cancers worse

At the moment, we know too little about NAD’s entire metabolic lifespan and effects in the body’s various systems to narrow down which of these two things NAD does more — promote youthfulness or promote cancer. We may eventually land on an ideal dose of NMN or NR, or find a way to quickly, accurately, and inexpensively measure and maintain a Goldilocks NAD level in the body. For now, it’s essential to be aware of the unknowns.

NMN supplements and resveratrol

You may find that the NMN supplements that fit your needs also contain resveratrol. A couple companies that we profile here use it in some of the NMN supplements, and others even sell it as its own pill. If this gives you pause, it’s likely because you’ve heard something regarding resveratrol’s side effect risk.

It’s true that there have been some significant side effects documented in resveratrol studies, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even liver problems. But these issues arose in studies that looked at doses up to 100 times higher than what you often find in NMN supplements. And a lot of resveratrol research reveals that its positive and negative actions in the body are dose-dependent. That means that it can be tremendously beneficial to the body in small quantities like the ones mixed with NMN in various supplements.

Ultimately, if you’re considering an NMN supplement with resveratrol, you should speak with your doctor to make sure that you’re a good candidate for it and that the brand in question uses a dose that’s appropriate for you.

How an NMN supplement works

Compared to NAD, NMN is a smaller molecule and can more easily pass through cell membranes. That makes it far superior to direct NAD supplementation, which the body could scarcely absorb.

When you take NMN, a transporter on the cell’s surface essentially invites it in, where it can convert to NAD in the liver within 15 minutes. Studies using intramuscular injection of NMN showed its ability to create NAD in various organs and systems.

NAD production is dose-dependent, which means that the more NMN you consume, the more NAD you’ll produce. As we mentioned above, there could be long-term safety concerns with high NMN doses, so it’s up to you to balance your risk-to-reward ratio with a given dose.

How NMN supplements absorb

The supplements you’ll see in this guide come in various forms, which can significantly impact their effectiveness. That’s because one form of medicine will absorb more or less quickly than another. This depends mainly on how the company compounds its drugs and the mechanism by which they deliver them.

Here’s a simple breakdown of supplements forms by absorption efficiency:

Heirarchy of Absorption

It’s worth noting that there’s no exact way to calculate the absorption rate of one delivery method over another for every possible medicine. Even the molecular differences among NMN brands are enough to make a 1:1 comparison meaningless. But this hierarchy holds under most, if not all, conditions.

As a result, methods with inferior absorption often require noticeably higher dosages. Remember this as you compare your options. In some instances, slower absorption may be preferable, especially if you encounter minor side effects from quickly absorbed doses. For most people, faster-absorbing delivery methods are also easier to take. If you have any trouble swallowing capsules or tablets, a sublingual method is likely the way to go.

Renue By Science


  • Third-party tested for purity
  • Lots of ways to take it
  • NAD preserving products available
  • Also offers NR supplements
  • NAD-based skincare line
  • Home testing for cellular health
  • Lots of research provided
  • Free shipping on domestic US orders


  • Poor return policy
  • No money-back guarantee

Renue By Science offers a range of NAD-focused products, including a handful of smartly designed NMN supplements. The company tackles one of any supplement’s most significant problems head-on: absorption. Any supplement you take in pill form will not completely absorb. That’s why vitamin supplements often contain 100-1,000x the daily value of a given vitamin or mineral — they need to make up for the fact that your body won’t absorb it all. Much of that vitamin content passes through your urine.

Renue by Science

But Renue By Science deploys their supplements in various formats to maximize absorption while considering your preference. Many also use a liposomal format that helps protect the ingredients from digestive enzymes so they can more readily access the bloodstream.

Here’s a breakdown of their NMN supplements:

NMN SL Sublingual Powder - $31.95

This may be our favorite offering from Renue By Science. It comes in at a great price per gram, and it features additives that make it much more palatable. One of those additions also improves absorption rate, making this product cheaper, better tasting, and more efficient than pure NMN powder alone.

Fast Dissolve NMNs Tablets - $68.95

These tablets are a convenient way to take NMN. You can treat them like chewables and take them without water, or let them sit under your tongue and dissolve. The dissolving method is the best for fast absorption. Each serving offers 250 mg.

LIPO NAD+ Complete - $94.95

These capsules contain a powdered supplement composed of 125 mg NMN, 80 mg NR, and 95 mg NAD+. They aren’t the company’s fastest absorbing product, but they are one of its most comprehensive.

LIPO NMN - $94.95

If you only want NMN in your supplement and you like the idea of Renue’s liposome technology, this may be a smart choice. Like LIPO NAD+ Complete, it isn’t the fastest to absorb, but its NMN dosage is higher.

NMN w/Resveratrol LIPO Gel - $75.95

This is a gel that you administer orally. It contains 240 mg of NMN and 40 mg of resveratrol. Some experts believe that resveratrol acts synergistically with NMN, but most of the research into the issue is inconclusive.

PURE NMN Powder - $38.95 (16 g) or $124.95 (100 g)

This is an example of unadulterated NMN powder that you take sublingually. Some people may prefer it for its lack of additives, but it will not taste good. Each daily serving is 500 mg. The 100 g bag is a big investment, but it also represents the second-lowest cost per gram among our included brands.

Renue By Science also offers a bounty of other NAD-related products in several categories, including:

  • NAD preservers – Designed to lower inflammation and allow NAD to function better.
  • Skincare products – Using liposome technology to deliver NAD directly to the face
  • Home tests – Finger-prick blood tests you take at home to measure antioxidants, inflammation, or intracellular NAD

Approved Science


  • Wide variety of supplements available
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Vegan-friendly capsules
  • Includes Bioperine
  • Made in the USA
  • Bulk orders provide good savings


  • No free shipping option

Approved Science doesn’t have the laser focus on NAD that Renue By Science does. Still, their diverse lineup provides more avenues for you to discover ways to improve your health. A cornerstone of their offering is a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return opened and unopened products if you’re unsatisfied. You’ll receive a complete refund minus any shipping charges.

The Approved Science NMN supplement is the only one in our guide to use Bioperine, a branded form of black pepper extract. This helps a capsule that would otherwise lack bioavailability to absorb more thoroughly into your bloodstream.

Pricing for Approved Science NMN is as follows:

  Total price Cost per bottle Savings per bottle
One bottle $55.95 $55.95 $0
Three bottles $126 $42 $13.95
Five bottles $179 $35 $20.95

Shipping from Approved Science is not free. The company provides you with two shipping options:

  • Standard: $6.95
  • Express: $19.95



  • Diverse NAD-focused supplements
  • Powders and pills available
  • Third-party tested
  • Price match guarantee
  • Take 10% off with code INNERBODY


  • Short 14-day return window
  • Unclear money-back guarantee policy
  • A bit on the pricey side

Nutriop offers a small number of products, all of which are related to cellular health. They have two NMN products: capsules and a powder.

Here’s how their NMN products price out:

  Price Cost per gram Delivery method
Extreme potency 30 servings $64.59 $4.37 Capsule
Extreme Potency 60 servings $127.08 $4.27 Capsule
Extreme Potency Powder $65.49 $4.37 Sublingual powder

Nutriop offers a 14-day return policy for unopened products. They also claim to have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but its details are not readily available. The company has been poor about communication regarding this issue, as well.

Nutriop doesn’t appear to have distribution in the US, so US-based customers will pay the following based on current exchange rates from the British pound:

  • USPS International, 4-6 days: $9.20
  • DHL Express, 1-2 days: $23.66

Forest Leaf


  • Free of most allergens
  • Good subscription program
  • UL-certified
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders $50 and up


  • Third-party testing is for absorption only
  • Single bottle of NMN not enough for free shipping

Forest Leaf is our top pick for anyone looking to avoid any allergens. Very few NMN supplements contain common allergens within their ingredients. Still, Forest Leaf goes the extra mile in ensuring that their facilities aren’t going to introduce anything untoward throughout the process.

Forest Leaf also has the best money-back guarantee among the companies on our list. Approved Science also has a 60-day money-back guarantee, but there’s a slight difference. If you spend more than $50 on your order through Forest Leaf, you won’t have to pay any shipping charges related to a return. With Approved Science, you’ll have to pay for return shipping.

As far as the NMN from Forest Leaf goes, it’s a relatively small dose at 250 mg. The pills come in capsule form, so you should have a reasonable amount of absorption as long as the capsule breaks down properly. It just can’t compare to sublingual administrations or 1,000 mg doses.

One bottle of Forest Leaf’s NMN costs $39.95. Their subscription system allows you to take $9.99 off that price, bringing the cost down to $29.96 per bottle. You can set the shipping frequency and quantity for up to four months if you’d rather receive the shipments in bulk. Other than bundling with other supplements, this is the only way to avoid the $6.95 shipping charge that Forest Leaf waives if you spend more than $50.

Quicksilver Scientific


  • Enormous array of supplements
  • Sublingual liquid administration
  • Uses liposome technology
  • Contains trimethylglycine


  • Has to be refrigerated
  • Can’t be returned
  • No money-back guarantee

Quicksilver Scientific has a boatload of supplements to support immunity, longevity, and more. Their NAD+ Gold is a sublingual liquid in a convenient pump-action bottle. Our testers found this delivery system superior to powders in taste and convenience.

Quicksilver Scientific

One exciting ingredient in NAD+ Gold is trimethylglycine (TMG). This ingredient is known as a methyl donor, meaning that it can provide the carbon and hydrogen necessary for methylation. NAD activity and methylation are interdependent processes that the presence of TMG can improve.

The biggest downside to NAD+ Gold is that you have to refrigerate it upon receipt. And because it’s temperature-sensitive, it falls into a category of products Quicksilver Scientific will not take back.

You can get NAD+ Gold in two sizes:

  • 30 ml - $42.50
  • 50 ml - $65

You can save 10% off these prices by utilizing the company’s subscription model. The company calculates shipping at checkout based on your location.

Quicksilver Scientific has other product lines worth exploring that cover the following categories:

  • Cellular health
  • Cognition
  • Detox
  • GI Health
  • Hormones
  • Immunity
  • Inflammation
  • Longevity
  • Metabolism
  • Sleep
  • Vitamins and Minerals

ProHealth Longevity


  • Lots of dosages to choose from
  • Available as pills, powders, and lozenges
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Take 10% off sitewide with code INNERBODY


  • Only one dose for the lozenges
  • No evidence of third-party testing

ProHealth Longevity offers numerous anti-aging and energizing supplements. Their collection of NMN products provides you with several doses and administration methods to consider. There are powders, capsules, tablets, and lozenges, each with a few dosages available. They’re one of the more expensive brands out there, but their prices for high doses are competitive.

ProHealth Longevity

Here’s a breakdown of ProHealth Longevity’s NMN offerings:

  Price Cost per gram Delivery method
NMN Pro 300 mg $36.42 $4.05 Capsule
NMN Pro 500 mg $58 $3.87 Capsule
NMN Pro 1,000 mg $115 $3.83 Capsule
NMN Pro Sustained Release 250 mg $75.50 $10.07 Tablet
NMN Pro Pure 15-1,000 g $46.41-$1,354 $1.35-$3.09 Sublingual powder
NMN Pro Lozenges 250 mg $37.29 $4.97 Lozenge

ProHealth Longevity offers multiple bottle discounts on all of their products. The only exception is the powder; you still save as you buy more, but large quantities come in bigger bags, not more bags.

If you spend less than $75 on your order, you won’t be eligible to receive free shipping. In those cases, shipping costs the following:

  • First-class: $4.99
  • FedEx 2-day: $12



  • Three-phase purity and safety testing
  • Powder and capsule available
  • Free of gluten and GMOs
  • Also sells NR


  • Not made in the USA
  • Powder form is overpriced
  • Convoluted return policy
  • No free shipping

GeneX sells a handful of supplements, mostly geared toward longevity. These include NAD boosters, vitamins, and peripheral ingredients to support other products. Ultimately, there are equally good versions of NMN from competitors at lower prices, but GeneX boasts a testing system that might convince you to give them a try.

As opposed to one-time third-party testing, GeneX performs internal testing at three phases of production:

  • Raw material testing – Evaluates the purity and potency of raw ingredients
  • Production testing – Ensures accurate dosing and consistent quality
  • Final testing – Another check for purity and potency

GeneX offers NMN in capsule and powder form for the following prices:

  Price Cost per gram Delivery method
250 mg $43.78 $5.84 Capsule
300 mg $54.87 $6.10 Capsule
500 mg $89.87 $5.99 Capsule
1,000 mg $149.87 $5 Capsule
Sublingual powder, 15 g $75.99 $5.07 Sublingual powder

GeneX is the only company whose prices are this strange. Typically, higher doses cost less per gram, as consumers technically buy larger quantities of a pure ingredient. But here, you’d be better off buying two bottles of the 250 mg dose than a single bottle of the 500 mg dose. You only get one shipping option with GeneX: $4.99. There are no expedited offerings.

The company’s return policy is confusing, too. It’s a 30-day policy, but half of whatever you buy has to remain for you to be eligible. That makes it impossible to try a single bottle of NMN for 30 days to see if it works for you. Essentially, this is a 14-day return policy masquerading as a 30-day policy.

Frequently asked questions about NMN supplements

Do NMN supplements work?

Based on the available research and our testing, we believe NMN supplements are effective. Multiple studies show increased NAD levels, and there are even more than connect NMN with improved athletic performance, sleep, blood sugar, and more.

Are NMN supplements dangerous?

For short-term use, there is no evidence that NMN supplements are dangerous. Unfortunately, there are also no studies looking at long-term NMN usage or the long-term effects of elevated NAD levels. There is some evidence to suggest that high NAD levels not only fight aging but may also strengthen cancer cells at the same time. More research is sorely needed to clarify the issue.

What’s the best dose for NMN?

The best dose for NMN will be different for everyone. It’s also hard to calculate the exact differences in absorption among NMN’s various delivery methods. We recommend starting at a lower dose — 500 mg or less — and working your way up. It may be wise to purchase a 500 mg dose with a serving size of two pills (250 mg each) and only take one pill for the first few weeks. That will be a smart way to test its efficacy while saving you some money.

Is NMN better than NR?

NMN is not definitively superior to NR. Still, NR has to turn into NMN in the body before it can increase NAD. And a relatively recent study showed that exogenous NMN can cross your cell membranes with greater ease than previously thought. Studies also show more side effects associated with NR than NMN, including flushing and digestive upset.

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