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Hers Review: Are Hers’ products and services legit?

Our experts rate and review all Hers products and services in terms of quality, cost, privacy, and customer support, as well as current offers

Medically reviewed by: Dr. Poonam Merai, MD
Last Updated: May 11, 2021

Hers Review

Hers is an online healthcare provider that allows women to manage many of their ongoing primary healthcare and wellness needs virtually. As the sister site of Hims, a men’s online health care service that started in 2016, Hers is hyper-focused on women. It strives to provide freedom, convenience, and accessibility when it comes to common, female-specific health-related needs. With a female-heavy medical advisory board, Hers has invested in ensuring that women are steering the products and the experience.

Current medical services are aimed at skin care, sexual health, hair care, mental health, and other general health concerns specific to women. Hers also provides a home COVID-19 test.

Review Summary


  • Convenience - the whole health care experience takes place online
  • No waiting - your online visit begins immediately after you sign up
  • Versatile solutions to frustrating and inconvenient health issues for women
  • All Hers doctors are licensed to practice medicine in the U.S.
  • Doctors are board-certified in family medicine, gynecology, dermatology, and more
  • Shipping is free and fast, with numerous subscription options available
  • Generous intro offers on some of their most popular products


  • Insurance is not accepted
  • Most non-prescription treatments require self-guided research. In some cases an in-person doctor’s visit may be better to explore non-prescription treatment options

Bottom Line

Hers is a great option for women who want the convenience of managing many of their ongoing healthcare needs virtually. While you’ll still need to visit your physician for certain exams, Hers significantly reduces the need for traditional in-person doctor visits. In our testing, the free online doctor visit took only minutes, and prescriptions arrived at our doorstep within days.

In our testing, the free online doctor visit took only minutes and prescriptions arrived at our doorstep within days.

Our Top Picks


Hers gives women a convenient, hassle-free and cost-effective way to access health care.

Your Hers virtual doctor’s visit is easy and prescriptions arrive by mail quickly. For many women, Hers will save loads of time addressing health care necessities for sexual health, birth control, skin and hair care, and more.

Hers Acne Cream
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Hers Anti-Aging Cream
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Birth Control
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Complete Hair Kit
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

Why you should trust us

Innerbody recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Over the past two decades, we have helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions about staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles.

This review, like all medical-related content on Innerbody, is thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy. Additionally, we extensively analyze each medical service we review. We evaluate the entire patient experience from signing up to receiving medicine in the mail and then offer unbiased, marketing-jargon-free analysis based on the latest scientific evidence and medical standards.

How Hers works

Hers was launched about one year after its “brother” company, Hims, was founded. Hims was created for men because, according to the company, 90% of men said they never or rarely seek advice from a doctor about their medical concerns. The founder wanted to create a way for men to receive the medical care they needed without the inconvenience and potential embarrassment of visiting a physician face-to-face.

The women on staff quickly realized that this model would work well for many female-specific healthcare needs as well, and Hers was born.

Unlike men, women are used to visiting the doctor regularly and tend to know what they need. Hers allows women to avoid frequent visits to the doctor or pharmacy by providing access to medications that often require an ongoing prescription like birth control, prescription skin and hair care, mental health services, and more.

Prices are often more than 75% off what you’d expect to pay with a traditional doctor and pharmacy. Hers also offers several products at deeply discounted introductory prices (first-time purchase).

Profile and questionnaire

Hers is easy to use. For non-presciption items, simply add them to your cart and check out.

For prescriptions, select the type of medication you’d like to purchase, and then you will be automatically directed to create an account by providing login and billing information. Upon completing the purchase, you will be asked to build a profile by answering routine questions you’d expect from a doctor, including questions about your symptoms and medical history.

During the initial medical questionnaire, you must provide a photo of your ID and a recent selfie. These can be taken directly from your computer’s camera, or you can upload a previously taken image. For certain services, you will need access to the results of recent medical exams, such as your blood pressure within the last six months.

Get matched with a doctor for consultation

After your online medical questionnaire is complete, you chat with a qualified physician who advises about potential treatments. It is convenient and fast - we were matched with a physician in as little as one minute after our consultation. After the doctor has accurately diagnosed your medical issue and you agree to a treatment plan, your prescription (if appropriate) is shipped directly to your door.

Your shipment arrives

The medications and dosages come highly protected in discreet packaging, individually wrapped, or in a bottle.

You complete the entire Hers process from the privacy of your home, and the experience is also seamless on a mobile device. The end result is typically the same as visiting a doctor and pharmacy, but in a fraction of the time.

What types of products does Hers offer?

Hers currently addresses five key health care areas for women:

  • Skin care
  • Sexual health: birth control, low sex drive, yeast infection treatment
  • Hair & eyelash care
  • Primary care
  • Mental health

Skin care

Having the right skin care regimen helps keep skin healthy and vibrant. Hers offers two products to address the two major problems many women face: aging and acne. Hers has bespoke prescription anti-aging and acne creams to help combat these issues.

Hers acne cream helps reduce acne and decreases the inflammation that results from it while also renewing the skin’s surface. This cream is effective for multiple stages of acne. It can help fade dark spots on your skin and manage active breakouts at the same time. Since the cream is prescription-strength, it contains retinoids and antibiotics that are stronger than what you get over the counter. This is a stand-out product in the Hers skin care line.

The anti-aging cream Hers offers includes prescription tretinoin, which is scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and make skin appear firmer. Tretinoin is a clinical-strength vitamin A derivative that increases collagen production, resulting in firm, even skin. It has also been shown to reduce dark spots and help turn over skin cells more quickly.

Sexual health: birth control

Many women are familiar with the hassle involved in obtaining birth control every month. Hers makes it simple, straightforward, and frustration-free by offering a wide variety of solutions at reasonable prices. Hers does not accept insurance, but instead sets a standard price of $30 per month for any of its birth control products to give you freedom and flexibility. You can also cut down this price by paying annually (at $12 per month), every six months (at $15 per month), or every three months (at $20 per month).

If you already know what birth control medication you need, you can specify what you’d like. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, the online physician consultation will recommend the best product based on your feedback and medical history.

Hers offers 10 different birth control choices, which you may recognize marketed under the following name brands (listed alphabetically):

Alesse, Aubra, Aurovela, Aviane, Blisovi, Camila, Deblitane, Delyla, Errin, Estarylla, Falmina, Femynor, Gianvi, Gildess, Hailey, Heather, Jencycla, Jolivette, Junel, Larin, Larissia, Loestrin, Loryna, Lyza, Microgestin, Micronor, Mili, Mono-linyah, Mononessa, Nikki, Nor-qd, Nora-be, Norlyda, Ocella, Ortho-cyclen, Ortho-tri Cyclen Lo, Orsythia, Previfem, Sharobel, Syeda, Tarina, Tri-lo Estarylla, Tri-lo Sprintec, Trinessa Lo, Vestura, Vienva, Yasmin, Yaz, Zara.

Sexual health: yeast infection treatment

Yeast infections are uncomfortable at best and painful at worst.

Hers helps to combat the itching, burning sensation that yeast infections cause with Miconazole, an over-the-counter, azole antifungal medication. Miconazole fights the fungus (yeast) directly and helps alleviate symptoms, including discharge and vaginal pain and discomfort.

If you’ve never had a vaginal yeast infection, it’s best to see your doctor in person to confirm your diagnosis. However, yeast infections are likely to recur, so if you’ve had previous infections and are experiencing similar symptoms, self-treatment is recommended. If symptoms occur again within two months, however, you should see a physician.

Hair and eyelash care

There’s more to healthy hair than volume and shine. Many women experience some degree of hair loss or “shedding” in their lifetime, but it’s not something we hear much about. Hers offers a suite of hair care products that help combat female hair loss.

Hers shampoo is formulated to remove excess sebum from your scalp. Too much of this natural oil can cause hair follicles to shrink, leading to hair loss. The shampoo gives your scalp a deep clean, removing sebum while also strengthening and moisturizing hair. Hers conditioner complements the shampoo by providing additional strength and hydration to hair through a combination of an amino acid blend, argan oil, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil. You can choose to purchase individually or opt for The Shampoo and Conditioner combo pack.

Hair thinning or hair loss treatment is aimed at helping women who have started to notice that their hair is becoming thinner than normal or they are shedding more hair than usual. Most women will experience some level of hair thinning in their lifetime and it commonly begins around forty or fifty. It can also occur after pregnancy or as a result of menopause. Hers uses minoxidil (also commonly known as Rogaine) topical drops to stop additional hair loss and may help regrow hair in areas where it has started to thin. No prescription is needed.

The Complete Hair Kit combines topical minoxidil with the Hers shampoo and conditioner pack to attack hair thinning or loss from all angles. In addition to the hair care products, the kit includes multivitamin gummies that contain biotin, which may promote hair strength. Although it’s a fact that biotin deficiency can result in hair loss, it has not been scientifically proven that biotin supplements will treat already lost or thinning hair. This kit is available without a prescription.

Latisse is a popular name brand treatment available for women looking to enhance their eyelashes. Also known as bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment for growing thicker, longer and darker eyelashes. Bimatoprost solution was first used to treat glaucoma, but when patients began reporting longer, fuller eyelashes, Latisse® was born. This prescription medication has proven effective but requires continued use to see lasting effects.

Overall health and well-being services

The well-being products available on Hers are useful for maintaining overall mental and physical health.

  • Collagen peptide powder, for example, is formulated with 18 different amino acids to enhance muscle recovery and support joint health while also reducing fine lines in the skin, giving you a healthy glow.
  • Multivitamin biotin gummies are popular today in hair loss conversations. These watermelon mint flavored gummies support hair and nail health. Although there has been no conclusive study proving biotin is effective in treating hair loss, it has been shown that low levels of biotin in the bloodstream can cause hair to thin.
  • Propranolol is a beta-blocker available at Hers that will help with performance anxiety or other anxiety-related issues. It is only available by prescription.

The online doctor’s visit & the ordering process

As a Hers customer, you do not actually “speak” to a doctor. There is no video chat or phone call. But each treatment plan, if it involves a prescription, is reviewed by a real doctor. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete a relevant online questionnaire about your health.

  2. Review treatment options.

  3. Review options and select a recommended treatment.

  4. Chat with a doctor who reviews your treatment.

  5. Pay with a credit card and have your treatment shipped in the mail.

There are differences in your questionnaire based on what medical need brings you to Hers (e.g. skin care questions are different than sexual health questions), but the overall process is similar across treatments.

Is Hers for me?

Hers is a high-quality, trustworthy online healthcare provider for women. It allows you to treat a variety of common female medical or health-related issues quickly and easily. For busy women who want to avoid the time, embarrassment, or nuisance of an in-person medical visit, Hers is a significant improvement to the status quo. The company addresses female-specific concerns that most women have already dealt with in an in-person environment. Hers also allows you to subscribe to your ongoing prescriptions, so there’s no need to keep requesting refills.

If you know what you need and are looking for quality and convenience, we recommend Hers.

What criteria do we use to evaluate home health products and services?

We customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related, sometimes known as “telemedicine” service. For most online healthcare services, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Quality: Are the doctors on the service licensed to practice in the US? Are the physicians board certified in the relevant practice areas? Do they have a high quality medical review board with oversight? Are their treatment options FDA approved?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the provider offer discounts or free services to our readers?

Customer Support: How well does the healthcare provider help you choose the best treatment? How clearly are the options presented? How well does the healthcare company help you understand options and get treatment if necessary?

Privacy: Are all treatments sent in discreet packaging? Will your data be stored securely? Could your data ever be shared without your permission?

Speed: How fast will you receive your treatment from the moment you click “buy?” Are doctors and medical professionals responsive to your questions and needs when you are messaging them? Are the waiting times stated by the telemedicine provider accurate and consistent?

HSA, FSA and health insurance

Hers branded products, including birth control, skin care treatments, vitamins, supplements and teas, will not be covered under insurance. However, Hers products are typically priced at 50-80% off retail cost, making them more affordable than alternatives for many consumers.

Privacy considerations

Personal medical data is encrypted and never shared according to Hers policies. All data is 256 bit SSL/TLS encrypted in motion and at rest and fulfills SOC2 security requirements.

Hers subscription services

Be aware that many Hers products are sold via a subscription plan, which offer you savings and convenience for anything you know you will need on a routine basis. For example, candidates for birth control prescriptions will purchase a recurring monthly subscription based on the dosage that is right for them after consulting a doctor.

It’s convenient for many women to have their treatments shipped to their home automatically and, since most Hers treatments are ongoing, a subscription is often preferable - you don’t have to call in your refill each month. However, if you’re not good at managing subscriptions, you may want to sign up for a short-term plan to try the product and then cancel.

With Hers, you can cancel your subscription anytime and in our testing we found its customer service to be quick, friendly, and easy to work with. You can call, email, or live chat with a representative.

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