Best Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers are more than sex toys; they can alleviate symptoms of prostatitis and other health problems. But are they right for you?

Last updated: Dec 27th, 2023
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Prostate Massager

Prostate massage is undoubtedly a taboo subject for some, particularly because of its association with acts of sodomy or homosexuality. But these are archaic viewpoints that ignore the technique's actual medical applications. Of course, the intended outcome of the medical and non-medical application of a massager is an ejaculatory climax.

Whether you're trying to address a serious medical condition, looking for a way to increase your solo pleasure, or aiming to incorporate a partner in play, you'll want to know which prostate massager is best for you.

Members of our testing team tried out the market's top models to determine which offered the most effective, pleasurable experience. For those in a hurry, here are our top recommendations.

Summary of recommendations for the best prostate massager:

Our Top Choice

The Lovense Edge 2 climbed to the top of our prostate massager rankings thanks to a Goldilocks size, a reasonable price point, and the best smartphone integration around.

The Edge 2 appears similar to competitors like the We-Vibe Vector+, but the depth of its interactive content library and the reliability of its smartphone connectivity are light years ahead of what other companies have to offer.

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Why you should trust us

At Innerbody Research, we extensively test each health product we review, including these prostate massagers. All told, our team has collectively spent hundreds of hours testing and researching prostate massagers and prostate health, consuming dozens of academic studies in the process. Our hands-on experience with prostate massagers gives us unique insights into the technique, as well as what you can expect from different devices.

We won’t go into any detail that approaches NSFW content, but we’ll relay aspects of our experience that should help provide clarity in your search for the right product. Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this guide was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions to live healthier lifestyles.

Top considerations when choosing a prostate massager

unboxing our top picks for prostate massagers

Photo by Innerbody Research

As we ranked our top prostate massagers, we considered what would be most important to the average user, as well as what our testers found most helpful or necessary in their experiences. A rating for pleasure is somewhat subjective, but it remains our top consideration as there are objective criteria that can feed into it. That marries with our second most important criterion — size — which can determine both pleasure and ease of use.

After that, we considered cost, followed by connectivity, privacy and discretion, and customer support. Let’s take a look at each consideration in more detail.


Standout: LELO LOKI Wave 2

Pleasure should be your most important consideration when choosing a massager. You need to enjoy using the device for it to be successful. Plus, more intense orgasms clear more material from the prostate and can result in greater reductions in swelling or inflammation.

What makes a prostate massager pleasurable will be specific to individual men, but there are some advantages certain models present over others. Vibration or movement undoubtedly adds to the experience, but size and shape are also crucial. The most pleasurable model available might not be right for you if you're just starting out. It could be too large or difficult to handle, especially for solo users.

Control over vibration and movement features can also help maximize your enjoyment. Some models allow you to control their parameters with an app on your phone. Others work with simple remotes. Our overall top pick, the Lovense Edge 2, lets a partner control the device using their phone from a distance. This makes it an ideal choice for couples who spend time apart but want to keep the passion alive. And with a partner controlling your massager, you won't know what's about to happen, adding an element of surprise.

For individual use with an eye toward pleasure, the LELO LOKI Wave 2 is hard to beat. It’s only one of two models in our guide that adds motion to its vibration, gently stroking the prostate. Our testers felt that this offered the most intense sensations of the lot.

Many prostate massagers also offer pressure points or vibration at the perineum, the tract of skin between your scrotum and anus. The specific perineal site associated with both pleasure and the alleviation of various medical issues such as constipation and hemorrhoids is referred to as CV 1 or Huiyin in traditional Chinese medicine. Not having a perineal contact point isn’t a deal-breaker for pleasure, but our testers found that it enhanced the experience enough that it could tip the scales between competing models.


While size may not matter in some situations, the ability of a prostate massager to reach and stimulate your prostate depends on it. And the girth, or thickness, of a given massager can significantly impact your pain or pleasure based on your experience level. We recommend avoiding the biggest models if you're new to prostate massage, which is one reason why the High Island Health 950 is a solid choice for brand-new users.

Here's a look at the sizes of our top picks measured in inches:

Insertable LengthGirth at widest pointTotal length
Lovense Edge 23.59in1.38in4.89in
LELO HUGO3.4in1.28in4.2in
LELO LOKI Wave 23.54in1.47in7.7in
High Island Health 9502.6in1.0in4.0in
Aneros Helix Syn Trident3.5in0.98in3.8in
We-Vibe Vector+3.5in1.0in4.0in
Nü Sensuelle Homme Pro 105.0in1.5in8.5in
Rocks Off O-Boy4.0in1.1in5.5in

Be careful when you're reading the stats online, as some models list their width while others list their circumference. The latter measurement can make an ordinary-sized massager seem painfully wide. We’ve done the math here to make them all display width (diameter), not circumference.


Your budget will largely determine what kind of massager you purchase. They typically run from around $40 all the way up to several hundred. There are incredible models under $100, but you should be prepared to do a little more work than you'd have to with a pricer, automated model.

Fortunately, you can always add to your collection of massagers as your comfort and confidence in them increase. Models from Aneros or High Island Health are among the best places to start for new users since they're pretty inexpensive. Experienced users will likely want to spend more to access new features like remote control or advanced movement.


Standout: Lovense Edge 2

Not all prostate massagers offer connectivity. Some are wholly analog, which can offer a nice break from technology if you just want to focus on your pleasure or you use a massager for medical reasons dn don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. But for anyone interested in those bells or whistles, connectivity is key.

Lovense easily takes the crown in this category, thanks to the company’s extended ecosystem of interactive content, its apps’ wide variety of controls and triggers, and the ease of connecting to your phone and staying connected. There was a sense that We-Vibe would really compete here, as they have a similar app and offer some of the same control and functionality. But actually getting the toy connected to your phone is a pain, and real-time customer service is non-existent.

Insider Tip: Familiarize yourself with your phone’s app permissions settings as much as possible, especially settings for battery optimization and location services. Our testers found that these can have a big impact on connectivity and performance for certain remote features, but you don’t want the apps running continuously in the background while you aren’t using them. If you get used to turning these permissions on and off, it’ll become second nature.

Privacy and discretion

In considering privacy and discretion, we looked at things like how a purchase will appear on your credit card statement and whether a massager would ship in a box that suggests or even completely reveals what's inside. We also combed through each company's privacy policy in search of any red flags.

There's another element of discretion we also took into consideration, and that's the discretion of the device itself. Some couples or individuals may want to use their massagers under their clothes, in the privacy of their own homes, or in public spaces. And while we don't condone the use of public spaces for sex acts, proper prostate massage can take up to 30 minutes to reach a climax. That leads some to experiment with their massager in the waning moments of dates in preparation for pleasure to come.

Customer support and convenience

Some of the providers we've listed here in our guide are major retailers who sell many massager brands. These retailers often have exceptional customer support because they serve a much larger number of customers than a company that only makes a handful of massagers. We also consider intuitive website design, ease of ordering, shipment tracking, and even returns when evaluating companies on these bases.

Another aspect of convenience that only applies to electrical models is charging. In testing, we were discouraged to find that the magnetic chargers on both the Lovense Edge 2 and the We-Vibe Vector+ were so finicky. Merely holding the massager at the wrong angle as you set it down can be enough to jar it loose and break the connection. The LELO LOKI Wave 2 doesn't have this problem, as it relies on a much simpler (and not proprietary) charging connection akin to a common 9-volt adapter.

What is a prostate massager?

The prostate is a walnut-sized organ sitting between the forward wall of a man's rectum and his bladder. It produces the fluid that mixes with sperm to form semen.

A prostate massager is any device designed to reach and stimulate the prostate from inside the rectum. Many are curved to allow for comfortable manual control without sacrificing precision. Some have additional features such as special shapes and textures, vibration, movement, or remote control.

What are the benefits of prostate massage?

Prostate massage — sometimes called prostate milking — provides an orgasm unlike those resulting from normal penile stimulation. There are several reasons for this, though all the mechanisms of prostate-induced pleasure are not fully understood.

For starters, the prostate plays a critical role in semen production and expulsion during orgasm. It also boasts a significant number of sensitive nerve endings. Additionally, the rectum is extremely sensitive, which only adds to a sense of pleasure. Finally, there is a psychological component to prostate massage that's a little different for everybody, but that's undeniably present in most practitioners. Some scientists point toward a rewiring of the brain's pleasure centers, while the thrill of taboo sex play might be important to others.

But prostate massage is about more than mere pleasure. There are legitimate medical reasons for prostate massage and several ailments for which prostate milking can significantly reduce symptoms.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is an enlargement of the prostate that isn't the result of prostate cancer. Its exact cause is unclear, but it appears to be a normal part of aging associated with changes in sex hormone concentrations. Finasteride — a popular treatment for hair loss — is a prescription drug many doctors offer men with BPH. However, doses appropriate for BPH have a high incidence of unpleasant sexual side effects, making prostate massage seem like a preferable alternative.


Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland caused by things like injury or infection. As is the case with BPH, prostate massage appears effective at reducing inflammation. This can decrease pain in chronic cases and even help antibiotics fight prostate infections.

Cancer detection

Several studies have illustrated increased sensitivity for prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing in men who undergo prostate massage before urine collection. This can lead to earlier detection of prostate cancer and greater chances of successful treatment.

Erectile dysfunction

There are nerves that connect to the prostate and to the spongy tissue of the penis that fills with blood when men become erect. Prostate stimulation shows great promise in directing blood to this region and may help men with erectile problems achieve and maintain erections strong enough for penetrative intercourse. However, most of the research reporting on this phenomenon are individual case studies.

Urinary difficulties

The prostate envelopes the rear portion of the urethra just past the urinary sphincter. When it swells, it can limit the supply of urine from the bladder. Prostate massage can reduce this swelling and ease the flow of urine. Muscular contractions specific to a prostate-induced orgasm can also clear any buildup along those pathways that may affect flow strength.

Physiological or psychogenic anejaculation

For some men, being stimulated to the point of ejaculation is a rarity. There are potential psychological causes for this, but there are also physiological issues such as spinal lesions or various surgical after-effects that can stand in the way of ejaculation. For these men, impregnating a partner becomes exceptionally difficult. But prostate massage has been shown to stimulate ejaculatory orgasms in cases such as these. And while prostate-based ejaculate has a lower sperm count than you’d get from penile stimulation, it’s still better than nothing and can be a tool for in vitro fertilization.

How to massage the prostate

In order to get the most out of your prostate massager, it helps to know how to use it properly. Remember that you're massaging the prostate through the rectum, so you want everything to be as clean as possible before you begin. For first-timers, we recommend you have the following on hand:

  • You massager
  • Your lubricant of choice
  • Gloves
  • A towel
  • An enema kit or anal douche
  • Sex toy cleaner

Having a partner help you with your prostate massage is always a good idea, especially if they can go slow and listen to you carefully. If you take your time and follow these steps, you'll be on your way to significant pleasure:

  1. Use your enema kit or anal douche to clear out your rectum. This is ultimately optional, but we recommend it.
  2. Lay a towel down on your bed or whichever surface you prefer. Waterproof models are fine for use in the tub.
  3. Put on your gloves.
  4. Generously lubricate your anus and at least one hand.
  5. Slowly insert a finger into your anus, breathing deeply and relaxing.
  6. Carefully feel around with your finger to locate your prostate. Don't worry if you can't find or reach it.
  7. Insert additional fingers as your anus expands and relaxes until you've approximated the size of your massager.
  8. Generously lubricate your massager.
  9. Make sure you're in a comfortable, well-balanced position.
  10. Gently insert the tip of your massager into your anus.
  11. Guide the massager deeper as your comfort level allows.
  12. Feel for the tip of your massager to make contact with your prostate.
  13. Gently move the massager to adjust pressure and placement against your prostate.
  14. Engage any vibration or movement features as desired.

Over time, you may find that you can skip steps 5-7, especially if regular use gets you accustomed to the size of your massager and you use a healthy amount of lubricant. A couple of our testers skipped those steps right out of the gate with smaller models like the Vector+ and had no issues. Still, we recommend caution over bravado in this instance.

Insider Tip: Some prostate massagers have convenient apps that let you control them with your smartphone. If you're worried about getting your phone dirty during this process, you can put it in a ziplock bag, and the touchscreen will still work. Just don't leave it there afterward, as the bag can trap heat and residual moisture.

Some men find that prostate massage gives them a sturdy erection. Others stay relatively flaccid throughout the experience. There's no right or wrong here; either state can result in a profound orgasm. However, suppose you're using prostate massage to address erectile dysfunction, and you don't see results. In that case, you may want to combine prostate massage with penile stimulation or look for a massager with more (or different) features.

The best prostate massagers on the market

There is no shortage of prostate massagers on the market. In the chart below, we'll break down the cost and features of our favorite models so you can compare them at a glance:

Smartphone or Remote Control
Perineum stimulation
Lovense Edge 2
Aneros Vice 2
Aneros Helix Syn Trident
We-Vibe Vector+
High Island Health 950
Nü Sensuelle Homme Pro 10
Rocks Off O-Boy

Lovense Edge 2

Best overall, best adjustable, and best smartphone control


  • Adjustable head angle
  • Dual vibration motors at the prostate and perineum
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • Smartphone control over distance
  • Outstanding companion app with innovative vibration triggers
  • Music synchronization


  • No added motion
  • Under two hours of battery life
  • Windows compatibility requires a dongle
  • Warranty is shorter than some competitors

Special Offer from Lovense: 1 YEAR Warranty on all orders

Lovense offers a wide array of pleasure devices, most of which are vibrators designed to give women clitoral and intravaginal pleasure. There is also a unisex butt plug available in four sizes.

The Edge 2 is Lovense’s prostate massager, and its combination of price, functionality, and smartphone control quickly elevated it to the top of our considerations. To that last point, the Edge 2 doesn’t just connect to your smartphone for feature control. The company actually has three distinct apps that create an entire ecosystem of interactive play.

screenshots from the Lovense app

Photo by Innerbody Research

You can sync up your Edge 2 to integrate with an impressive array of triggers and controls:

Play across distance

When you share your toys on other people’s phones, they can control your pleasure from across the room via Bluetooth or from across the globe, so long as there’s a reliable internet connection.

Erotic video games

Lovense products connect with a small library of erotic games (15 at the time of this writing). Many of these are RPGs and sims, though some go further to include combat mechanics. There’s a free side-scroller akin to Mega-Man that’s pre-installed on the app, and the other games are accessible via Patreon subscriptions. Games run on Steam.

Interactive adult content

Lovense supports a live cam community of performers who can sync their toys up to the toys of their viewers. In some cases, the link will allow you to feel whatever they’re feeling, while in others, you or other viewers may have control.


The Lovense Remote app connects with certain music players, specifically Youtube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Lark Player. The app will sense things like beats per minute and hits of bass drums and snares to pulse vibrations along with the beat. Our testers found the effect to be delayed slightly but not enough to detract from the experience. The app does not support Spotify at this time.

Ambient sounds

You can set the microphone sensitivity here so that sounds your phone picks up from your environment can translate into vibrations. The reaction to sounds was faster in our experience than the syncing to musical beats.


This is likely intended for use with other toys, but if you’re comfortable sleeping with a prostate massager in place, you can set it to wake you up in the morning whenever your alarm goes off.

Physical acceleration

This feature was one of the most talked about among our testers. It links to your phone’s GPS and gyroscope to increase vibration intensity as your physical speed through space increases. If you were riding in a car, the pleasure would increase as the car went faster. Lovense makes a point that you should not be the driver in this instance for safety reasons. We concur with this advice.

Group control

Whether remotely or in-person, you can establish group connections that allow one person to control the toys of many or allow many people to control one person’s experience.

Erotic audio

Lovense toys connect with an erotic library from a company called Bloom. Bloom offers erotic fiction, as well as wellness guides, sleep and relaxation aids, and guided play sessions. There are only a few free stories to try, and all but one of the LGBTQ+ stories are hidden behind the premium paywall. Subscriptions cost $4-$6/month.

The next closest range of connectivity options comes from the We-Vibe Vector+, though our testers thought that setup was a little more challenging and that the range of options was slightly more limited. Both We-Vibe and Lovense allow you to create custom vibration patterns and playlists.

We-Vibe’s custom pattern creation is a little more limited compared to what you can do with the Lovense app, but the Lovense custom pattern interface starts recording the pattern as soon as you open the screen on your phone. That means you have to be ready to start moving the vibration sliders immediately, or your saved pattern will have an extended period of inactivity at the beginning of each sequence.

It’s also worth noting that the Lovense Edge 2 is slightly larger and more bulbous than the Vector+, though our testers felt it was about as easy to insert.

The Edge 2 costs $109 and comes with a charging cable, a storage bag, and a 1-year warranty. That price puts it right in the middle of the pack, and for a toy we consider to be the best option for most men, that price point is more than fair.

When you purchase a toy, Lovense will knock $5 off the brand’s water-based lubricant and $10 off its custom-sized condoms.

Shipping from Lovense is a flat rate of $5.


Best for pure pleasure


  • Models offer motion, vibration, or both
  • Waterproof construction
  • Multiple colors available
  • Reliable charging port on the LOKI Wave 2
  • Free shipping


  • No smartphone control
  • LOKI Wave 2 may be too large for beginner users
  • Preset patterns don’t offer enough variety among them
  • LOKI Wave 2 is louder than other models
  • Hard to navigate website
  • A more expensive option

LELO offers a handful of products geared toward men and women with a subcategory of great options for couples. The brand’s LOKI Wave 2 and HUGO models are among the most innovative massagers out there. The fact that there isn’t smartphone control available is the only major drawback aside from some relatively high prices. Still, for pure pleasure, we believe the LOKI Wave has a combination of vibration and movement that is just about unbeatable.

Here are the prices for our two favorite models from LELO:

  • HUGO: $175.20
  • LOKI Wave 2: $219

When we last reviewed these prostate massagers, LELO was still on its first generation of LOKI Wave, and the upgrades include a larger capacity battery for extended use, two new vibration patterns (for a total of 12), and unfortunately, a few extra decibels in the noise department. Despite that modest increase in volume, we think the upgrade is worth it. The Wave 2 is also available in an extra color, bringing your choices to blue, black, and lavender.

The LOKI series is not intended for discreet use. You can theoretically wear the Lovense Edge 2 or the We-Vibe Vector+ out in public. They’re quiet enough, so long as you aren’t opting for a massage at the library. They’re also designed with adjustable necks where the anal component meets the base and perineum stimulator. That neck is slightly smaller than those other parts, allowing your anus to close around it and keep the device in place. Everything from there is hands-free.

With the LOKI, you’ll always want to keep a hand on it. And the protrusion of the handle is such that you couldn’t even put clothing on while using it, let alone attempt to sit down or walk around.

All that said, the LOKI offers something that Lovense and We-Vibe do not, and that’s motion. The internal component of the LOKI Wave 2 actually moves back and forth in a wave motion (hence the name). This simulates the movement of fingers you’d feel in a manual prostate massage, but unlike someone’s hand, the LOKI won’t cramp up or get tired (or have nails).

On the size front, let’s take another look at how the LOKI Wave 2 compares to our other top picks from Lovense and We-Vibe:

Insertable LengthGirth at widest point
LELO LOKI Wave 23.54in1.47in
Lovense Edge 23.59in1.38in
We-Vibe Vector+3.5in1.0in

While the insertable lengths of all three are nearly identical, the added girth at the widest point of the LOKI Wave 2, along with the point at which it reaches that girth, might make this a more difficult option to insert for men who have never used a product like this before. Copious lubrication and relaxation would help, but the We-Vibe Vector+ is much more forgiving in its size for men unaccustomed to the experience.

LELO provides its customers with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee. The 1-year warranty will repair or replace any defective items for up to a year. The 10-year quality guarantee will give you 50% off any purchases made within the next decade if your current model should fail.

We really appreciate this added security, as it speaks to the company’s regard for the durability of its products.

We-Vibe Vector+

Runner-up overall


  • Controllable via smartphone or included remote
  • 2-year warranty
  • Vibrating perineum stimulation
  • Independent motor control
  • Comes with free lubricant
  • Cleaning spray available


  • USB charging cable does not stay attached well
  • Smartphone and remote connections can be unstable and frustrating to set up
  • Poor instructional manual leaves many unanswered questions

The majority of We-Vibe's catalog supplies women and couples with toys for pleasure. For men, the company has a few penis rings, a butt plug, and a prostate massager — the We-Vibe Vector+.

There's a lot to like about the We-Vibe Vector+. It's small enough to be safe for beginners yet big and functional enough to offer use for intermediate users. Its neck is adjustable, but it stays firmly in place as you use the massager. It also has preset patterns that feel distinct from one another.

You may have noticed that it did not win our recommendation for smartphone-controlled devices. That's because connectivity issues plague the experience. This is especially true when trying to use the device from a great distance with the assistance of local Wi-Fi networks. We found the Lovense Edge 2 to be the more reliable option for smartphone connectivity.

Insider Tip: You can control the Vector+ with the included remote or your smartphone, but the device can’t pair with both simultaneously. So, if it’s already paired with the remote (which is how the device arrives), you won’t be able to sync it with your smartphone. Unpairing the remote can be a pain in and of itself, so go ahead and just yank the battery out of the remote, and you’ll be able to pair it with your smartphone straight away.

When you do successfully connect your Vector+ to a smartphone, you’ll have a handful of useful features to enjoy through the app. There are only rare cases in which the We-Vibe app’s features rival those you’ll get from Lovense, however.

Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of some noteworthy features in either app:

Vibration intensity control
Individual controls for prostate and perineum
Sync to music library
Sync to popular music apps
Sync to ambient sound
Sync to motion and speed
Sync to erotic content (games, audio stories, live cams, etc.)
Custom patterns
Pattern playlists
Worldwide control access
Group control

As you can see, the similarities outnumber the differences, but those differences — especially the ability to work with music apps like Apple Music — are critical for many users. There aren’t a lot of folks maintaining music libraries on their phones instead of streaming these days. And the wealth of accessible erotic content from Lovense is extremely enticing.

The We-Vibe Vector+ costs $139. It ships for free and comes with a 2-year warranty. That is a little more expensive than the Lovense Edge 2 but still about $80 less expensive than the LOKI Wave 2. And the 2-year warranty should give most users a little peace of mind, more so than the 1-year warranty from Lovense.

On the downside, We-Vibe’s customer support is a little slow, especially compared to LELO’s live chat feature. We reached out when we had trouble pairing the Vector+ with our phones and only got a partial answer the next day. Given how uninformative the Vector+’s supporting documentation is, we expected better help with our issues.


Best manual massager


  • Well balanced for hands-free use
  • Models suitable for all experience levels
  • Deep perineum stimulation
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranties on manual models
  • Helpful buyer’s guide and user forum
  • Lube and cleansing wipes available


  • Shape may not reach the prostate with ease
  • No smartphone control for vibrating models
  • Most models are made of plastic

Aneros has a fantastic selection of prostate massagers, with models suitable for complete novices and experienced users alike. It can be difficult to understand what makes one model better for an advanced user than a beginner, as most look decidedly similar and size doesn't seem to be the determining factor. That’s where the company’s product selection tool can come in handy.

In previous attempts, our testers found this tool was broken, but Aneros has since fixed it, and it does a reliable job whittling down a somewhat confusing catalog to one or two models by the time you’ve answered all of the questions. Often, companies will use tools like this to get your email address (typically asking you for it before revealing your results), but Aneros offers this tool without apparent ulterior motives.

Individual product pages previously stated the level for which the company regarded a given massager as ideal (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), but that information has become harder to find.

One thing some men might dislike is that most of Aneros’ models are made of plastic. It’s not that there’s something inherently wrong with that — on the bright side, it allows you to use a wider variety of lubricants — but the pricing doesn’t reflect the materials in use. High Island Health’s PS950 uses a superior plastic construction and sells for just $40. Aneros’ least expensive prostate-specific toy costs $50.

We chose the Helix Syn Trident as our top pick among manual massagers partly because it uses a silicone exterior around a plastic base. Its size, shape, and price point also make it the best choice for most men from within the company’s lineup. It’s designed with beginners in mind, but it can serve as your one and only model through years of use if you find you prefer manual stimulation.

Here's a quick look at the prices and appropriate experience levels for some of our favorite Aneros models:

CostExperience levelNoteworthy feature
Helix Syn Trident$70BeginnerExceptional balance
The Progasm$60IntermediateAneros’ largest model
Vice 2$150IntermediateFour vibration speeds with 18 patterns
Eupho Syn Trident$70AdvancedVelvet-touch silicone

Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping. Orders under $75 will be charged $5.50 for USPS standard shipping.

Aneros covers its non-electric models with a lifetime warranty and its electric models for two years. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. This is in stark contrast to typical return policies in this space, which usually prevent any attempted returns after a product has been opened. However, there is a 5% processing fee on returns.

Nü Sensuelle Homme Pro 10

Best for experienced users


  • Great for advanced users
  • Rollerball tip with three stroking speeds
  • Ten vibration styles
  • Textured tip on the Pro-10
  • 2-year warranty
  • Low $50 free shipping threshold


  • No hands-free functionality
  • May be too large for beginners
  • Battery life is short
  • No perineum stimulation

Nü Sensuelle offers a trio of compelling massagers that do away with the balanced base you see on many other models. The ergonomic handle that takes its place is quite comfortable to hold and gives you a lot of control over depth, position, and pressure. Of course, this is at the cost of hands-free convenience and discretion.

We believe the Homme Pro 10 is the best of the three models. The Ace is a little too rudimentary, and the Pro-S is only marginally different from the 10. Compared to the Pro 10, the Pro-S adds an experimental feature that's touch-sensitive and that the company claims can sense the power you need in a given moment, then make adjustments for you on the fly.

From our perspective, added control over your experience is what makes Nü Sensuelle's products so enticing for experienced users. For that reason, we think you're better off keeping the vibration intensity entirely in your own hands.

The Homme boasts five inches of insertable length and an impressive girth of 1.5 inches. This is the widest model in our guide, making it a better choice for intermediate and advanced users than beginners, who would likely have a hard time inserting it comfortably.

Here's how the three models price out on the Nü Sensuelle website:

  • Homme Pro 10: $104.99
  • Homme Pro-S: $109.99
  • Ace 15: $99.99

Considering the slightly more difficult shape than the LELO LOKI Wave 2 and the lack of smartphone connectivity, these prices are middling, at best.

Since Nü Sensuelle offers free shipping on all orders over $50, any of the company’s prostate massagers will ship for free, which is strangely rare among the competition. The company also offers a 2-year warranty akin to what you get from We-Vibe, which is a year more than Lovense or LELO offer.

If you're interested in the Homme Pro 10, you can get the best price ($90.99) through I Adore Love and receive free shipping there, as well.

High Island Health PS950

Best for beginners and best budget pick


  • Used in a prominent clinical study
  • Low cost makes it available to most
  • Made from medical-grade plastic
  • Hemorrhoid massagers also available


  • Too small to reach some prostates, especially in taller men
  • Easy to grow out of quickly
  • Minimal perineum contact
  • No free shipping
  • Catalog has shrunk over time

High Island Health's prostate massager isn't for everybody. Specifically, it's not designed for men over six feet tall. Ultimately, it’s too short to reach the prostate for men over six feet tall, and our testing confirmed this. Testers over six feet tall found it somewhat difficult to use and could not induce orgasm without the addition of penile stimulation. Still, they make excellent selections for men under six feet. Men over six feet tall make up less than 15% of the U.S. male population, according to Malcom Gladwell. And the average height among U.S. males calculated in 2016 was just under 5’9”. So, for 85% of the male population, the PS950 should work just fine.

High Island Health's greatest appeal is its pricing and its association with a clinical study in a prominent urology journal. The average self-reported symptom scores for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and lower urinary tract issues were nearly cut in half in one of the two study arms, showing real potential for improvement with regular use for at least four weeks.

The brand’s products are inexpensive enough that those curious about trying prostate massage can do so without breaking the bank. This is doubly important when you consider how difficult it is to return used equipment like this. In all but cases of serious defects in craftsmanship, High Island Health (like most companies in this space) offers no returns.

High Island Health used to offer two prostate massagers, but the company has done away with the Pro-State 2 and eliminated wellness bundles including the PS2 or the PS950. Currently, the only products on the HIH website are the PS950 and the hemorrhoid massager.

Compared to the Aneros models that are made of what the company calls “body-safe thermoplastics,” High Island Health stipulates that its models are made of a medical-grade plastic. The plastics industry reserves the term medical-grade to refer to plastics with a high degree of biocompatibility, making them ideal for use in prosthetics. There are also minimum standards for corrosion resistance and overall durability that make the plastics High Island Health uses an excellent match for prostate massage.

Between that material quality and the low $40 price tag, it’s clear why the PS950 became our top budget pick. We also found it to be a smart pick for beginners, as its size and compatibility with most lubricants make for an easier initial insertion, which should quell any fears of pain among prostate massage neophytes.

High Island Health calculates shipping at checkout and sends domestic packages in the U.S. via USPS 2-day priority mail.

Rocks Off

Best perineum stimulation


  • Impressive selection of effective massagers
  • Great for perineum stimulation
  • Acute angle targets the prostate well
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning


  • Ships from the U.K.
  • Runs on LR1 batteries
  • Few models offer vibration at contact point with prostate

Rocks Off takes a unique approach to the construction of its prostate massagers. Several models contain a compartment in the base that houses one of the company's outstanding R-80 vibrators. That placement is what makes the brand’s models such a good idea for men who want robust and direct perineum stimulation.

Unfortunately, that placement means that the vibration making it up the massager and to your prostate is residual from the vibrator in the base. By the time it reaches your prostate, it's somewhat weakened. And without a handle to help you manually manipulate the tip, the potential sensation against the prostate is limited.

The company’s Rude Boy model is more akin to the Lovense Edge 2 and the We-Vibe Vector+, but you don’t get any of the smartphone connectivity features, and its availability from U.S.-based distributors is low. It also has a texture around the tip that may make it uncomfortable for some men, especially those new to prostate massage.

Rocks Off is located in the U.K., so free shipping to the U.S. isn’t available, and shipping times are a bit extended. That's why we recommend you purchase your Rocks Off products from Organic Loven — which offers prices nearly identical to buying direct ($55), and you can get 3-day shipping for around $4 (exact price calculated by location).

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