PeniMaster Pro Reviews: Is it effective for penis enlargement?

We carefully researched and evaluated the PeniMaster Pro to see if it provides significant, long-term increases in penis size.

Last updated: Dec 26th, 2023
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penimaster pro reviews

Penis size fosters plenty of shame and fear among men. Cultural and personal standards reinforce insecurities that their penises are inadequate and that they won’t be able to please a partner. Those concerns will remain, no matter how many studies you might read about actual penis size averages.

On top of this, erectile issues after prostate surgery and ailments like Peyronie’s disease, which causes painful curvature of the penis, make it all the more confusing to find a medical device that can safely increase penis size and function. So it come as no surprise to men that there’s great interest in PeniMaster products.

PeniMaster offers an array of products that claim to add length and girth to your penis or straighten uncomfortable curves and correct for Peyronie's disease. These claims have some merit, making PeniMaster a simple potential answer for the issues described above, but there are multiple caveats to consider. We’ll break down the various ins and outs of penis extension and relay the results of our research to let you know if PeniMaster is your best choice.

Our Findings

Editor's Rating3.50

PeniMaster Pro works for some men if they use it properly and for long enough periods. While not the least expensive device or the option with the most tensile strength, its design brings added comfort, enabling you to wear it while you sleep. However, it’s not as discreet under clothes as simpler rod extension systems, and, like all extenders, it requires a significant amount of patience and consistency.


  • Effective for many users
  • More comfortable than similar devices
  • Combines traction with vacuum pressure
  • Helpful instructional DVD
  • Great customer service


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Cumbersome; not good for travel
  • Can require adjustment for uncircumcised users
  • Lasting results — as with any penis extender — take months to set in


Table of Contents

In this Review

Why you should trust us

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions about staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles. But what about devices designed to increase penis size?

PeniMaster’s offering is unique for its combination of vacuum pressure, traction, and added weights. Innerbody’s research team has spent hundreds of hours researching penis extension, hearing from dozens of users, and physically taking a look at some of the top selling devices on the market. Whenever we get our hands on a new device, we evaluate material and construction quality, discretion, and ease of use and travel. While we haven’t attempted long-term extension experiments on ourselves, we stay on top of the latest clinical research in penis extension, so that we can tell you what kind of safety and efficacy you can expect.

Like all health-related content on this website, this review was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy, and we keep a close eye on developments from PeniMaster and their competitors to ensure an up-to-date assessment of their value.

How we evaluated PeniMaster

In evaluating PeniMaster, we applied the criteria we use when reviewing any penis extension product. Effectiveness and safety generally get the most heavily weighted consideration, with cost coming in just behind those. Convenience and privacy are still crucial, but they’re undeniably less important than whether an extender will work and whether it’s safe for you to use.

There are several reliable studies that have illustrated positive results from various means of extension — including the rod tension and vacuum pressure PeniMaster employs. We’ve pored over all of this research and had members of our testing team handle PeniMaster products to assess material and construction quality. We’ve also compared those experiences to our research and handling of PeniMaster’s competitors. Our team members applied the devices to anatomical models but did not use the product on themselves.

Let’s look at each criterion to see how PeniMaster performs.


Rating: 7 / 10

The effectiveness of a penis extender is odd to measure, as the degree of success depends somewhat on the initial structure of the penis. But when we see reliable gains — even if inconsistent from one man to the next — we can consider an extender effective.

PeniMaster products get a favorable effectiveness rating because the company offers two designs that can accommodate different comfort and extension needs. The methods they employ boast positive results in several prominent studies, lending additional credibility to their claims. Most other penis extension products rely on rod systems alone, which are known to be effective but have more limitations than PeniMaster.

Still, two men can sit side-by-side and do identical workouts in the gym but get very different results. There are additional factors at play here, including both lifestyle and genetics. For some men, PeniMaster products — or any extender, for that matter — won’t provide meaningful results.


Rating: 7 / 10

In isolation, any penis extender is a pretty good deal, especially compared to what most men would pay if you offered them the opportunity to add length or girth to their penises. But compared to the available and similarly effective penis extenders out there, PeniMaster products are on the pricey side. That said, compared to the Phallosan Forte — the device that resembles theirs most closely, with belt extension and vacuum pressure — PeniMaster is a much better deal.

One important thing to note about cost for American customers is that the site only prices their devices in Euro. That means the cost to you can fluctuate with the exchange rate. As of this writing, that rate is in your favor; prices in Euro have stayed the same, but the conversion to dollar amounts has dropped significantly. Each product page on the PeniMaster site does this conversion for you, so you don’t need to do any math to know what you’ll pay.

Here’s a quick look at how the cost of PeniMaster products compares to the competition:

PriceExtension systemVacuum pressure
PeniMaster Pro Rod Set$282Rods
PeniMaster Pro Belt Set$263Belt
Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard$179Rods
Phallosan Forte$379Belt
Male Edge Extra$174Rods
SizeGenetics Value Edition$200Rods
JEX Extender Platinum$1,000Rods


Rating: 7 / 10

Safety is critical when we talk about penis extension. These highly sensitive organs perform vital human functions like waste elimination and, of course, reproduction. And there are a lot of opportunities to make a mistake in application. PeniMaster does well executing their instructions, but these are not easy devices to use. It takes a long time — multiple hours-long sessions — to get used to putting it on and taking it off safely. This is true of any penis extender, though.

Tension selection is an issue as well. If you use too little tension, you might not see results. Too much tension could cause uncomfortable bruising that could last for days. The fact is that there are no shortcuts to using the product safely and few safeguards against misuse. If you take it slowly and follow the instructions to the letter, you should be fine. But that requires patience and more than a little dexterity.


Rating: 6 / 10

In general, there is nothing convenient about a penis extender. They’re awkward to use, clunky to wear, and potentially painful. They can create a strange silhouette under your clothes, and they’re complicated to explain to a TSA agent if you have one in your carry-on.

The only reason PeniMaster has a decent convenience rating is their outstanding customer service. This starts with the 30-day money-back guarantee, which is just enough time to start seeing a difference if you use the product consistently and correctly. Still, 30 days isn’t enough time for results to be permanent. You’ll need to use your device for at least 12 weeks for results to stick. Other companies offer much longer guarantees, like Quick Extender Pro’s 6-month guarantee. For the long haul, PeniMaster has a five-year warranty guaranteeing the quality of the device.


Rating: 7 / 10

Privacy is absolutely critical when dealing with a sexual health company. The last thing you want is for a nosy neighbor or roommate to notice a return address on a shipping label or a logo on a shipping box that shows them your personal medical needs. PeniMaster ships their products in neutral packaging with no traceable return shipping information printed anywhere, which is standard for the industry.

The PeniMaster website uses cookies to track activity, but they don’t use this tracking or site usage information with any other parties. And they protect your data at every step of the purchasing process.

What is PeniMaster Pro?

PeniMaster Pro is a brand owned by German company MSP Concept GmbH & Co., which designs and manufactures urological and medical devices for both health-related and cosmetic purposes.

The Pro line of products was created in 2011 in response to user feedback on its standard PeniMaster product, now called PeniMaster Classic. It comprises products based around traction and shaping as well as strengthening through the use of weights (a kind of “penis bodybuilding”). You can use many of the products in conjunction with one another to provide a more dynamic and well-rounded system for penis enlargement.

Is PeniMaster Pro legit?

A healthy amount of skepticism is a good thing when it comes to companies offering penis enlargement products; the internet is lousy with sketchy companies hawking elaborate lines of sugar pills and snake oil meant to provide the illusion of effectiveness to sell products. But PeniMaster Pro has a favorable track record of customer service.

Aside from PeniMaster Pro’s effectiveness, any problems you might run into while using your devices can be quickly addressed by PeniMaster’s helpful support staff. We experienced friendly and prompt help from customer service, which is consistent with reviews from other customers using their devices.

Does PeniMaster Pro work?

PeniMaster Pro is effective for slightly enlarging the penises of some men. Gains are generally in length more than girth. You won’t go from one inch to nine, but you might add upwards of an inch, depending on your use pattern and anatomy.

PeniMaster takes advantage of traction, a penis enlargement method supported by multiple research studies illustrating its efficacy. The primary function of PeniMaster Pro is to add length to your penis through belt tension devices and rods, although consistent use may also add some girth over time.

PeniMaster Pro’s methods function along a few different axes: traction, weight, and fixation.


As applied through PeniMaster Pro’s Rod Expander and Belt Expander systems, traction uses gentle stretching to create microtears in penile tissue that result in larger structures upon healing.


Weight-related methods use gravity and different weights to enlarge the penis by stretching vertically and creating additional microtears that add new tissue as they heal.


Fixation methods hold the glans firmly and securely in place using vacuum, adhesion, and latex to prevent pinching or discomfort. This suction force can improve blood flow, create microtears, and help distribute tension forces evenly through the penis.

It isn’t a magic bullet, and the company doesn’t promise instantaneous and dramatic results (if they did, that would be a good clue to look elsewhere). Their products are intended for use over several months — many customers report gains approaching an inch in penis size at around six months, and these gains should be permanent.

How does PeniMaster Pro work?

The program’s functionality is based on the fixation of the glans and the application of pulling force to the shaft of the penis. This creates microtears in penile tissue that enlarge and strengthen the penis over time, using the body’s natural cell-creation processes to add tissue to the penis as it recovers. A 2020 traction study sponsored by the Mayo Clinic showed an increase in length of 2cm after six months of relatively light use (30 minutes, twice daily). PeniMaster Pro’s systems help ensure that this process can take place safely and effectively by combining a pair of extension methods.

The design of any rod-based extension device like the PeniMaster Pro enables what’s called axial symmetry in the force applied to the penis. This means that there’s virtually equal tension acting on the penis from either side of the device (where the rods lie). This symmetry is important for sustaining comfort during treatment and achieving the kind of cosmetic results sought after in cases of below-average penis size and Peyronie’s Disease.

A few words about the mechanics

PeniMaster’s signature product, the PeniMaster Pro Basic, is a self-adapting connection between the glans and the penis, and it’s suitable for use by most adults, depending on glans size. However, this device alone isn’t what delivers penis enlargement — a source of confusion for some customers. Our testers felt that the website doesn’t sufficiently explain the limitations of the PeniMaster Pro Basic (the bulb attachment) if purchased by itself; you really need the rod or belt expander system to achieve enlargement with PeniMaster.

Using the PeniMaster Pro

Our team found the instructional DVD very useful in the case of PeniMaster Pro because it’s not the most intuitive device to set up the first time.

To use it properly:

  1. Spread 3-4 drops of lubricant on the glans of your penis and the inside of the latex chamber.
  2. Squeeze the pump ball almost entirely and attach it to the closed rotary valve.
  3. Turn the glans chamber and pump ball against each other; squeeze the pump ball to the limit.
  4. Slowly release the squeeze, creating a gentle vacuum that pulls and holds your glans inside the chamber.
  5. Disengage the pump ball; make sure the valve remains shut.
  6. Set up the rod extender system; insert your penis (the suggested measurement starting out is the length of your stretched flaccid penis size plus 1.5 centimeters).
  7. Press in the extender rods, gently stretching the penis to clip the narrow section on the coupling socket. Traction is controlled via spring balance — lower traction uses shorter rods, and increased traction uses longer rods.

How long until you see results?

When it comes to how long it takes for your gains to start showing, results vary. After a couple of months of routine use for at least a few hours each day, most people experience some gains. Using the device for at least six months is our recommendation for best results. This timeline is more or less identical to what you’ll get with any penis extension device.

Many customers have reported seeing results within just weeks of applying the PeniMaster Pro. Still, it’s important to point out that gains seen within the first month or so are only temporary as your penis begins to adjust and respond to treatment. Permanent, long-lasting improvements need at least 12 weeks to set in and typically peak at around six months of consistent use, both in length and thickness. It’s crucial to maintain a steady routine of wearing the PeniMaster Pro for at least a few hours each day to see long-term results.

Is PeniMaster Pro safe?

The PeniMaster Pro is safe as long as you follow the instructions and pay attention to what your body is telling you. At no point should you experience significant discomfort from using any PeniMaster Pro product — each item comes with a detailed guide for how to safely and effectively get the most out of their use. If application causes significant discomfort, you’re likely doing something wrong. Unfortunately, mistakes with devices like these are easy to make while you’re learning how to use one.

Of course, practice makes perfect, so you should practice slowly putting on and taking off the device with your instructions at the ready before wearing it for any extended period. In addition to ensuring you apply it properly, a good practice routine will prevent you from getting stuck in the device for too long or having to apply uncomfortable force to remove it after a long stretching session.

If applied incorrectly (for example, if the pulling forces are set too high before your penis is prepared for a higher level), a bluish discoloration may appear on your glans. It’s best to remove the device until symptoms have improved before readjusting.

Products and prices

PeniMaster offers its two main extension systems along with various accessories and expendables you can use for increased comfort and efficacy. Let’s have a look at their core product lineup. (Remember that price points are based on Euros, and the prices you see here reflect conversion rates to dollars at the time of writing.)

PeniMaster Pro Basic – $195

This is PeniMaster Pro’s glans bulb attachment, which is a linchpin element of the other products for sale on the website but by itself does not achieve penis enlargement. This is very important to remember; assuming you do not have your own weight system devised to use in conjunction with this bulb, we advise you not to buy this product on its own.

The PeniMaster Basic device uses a self-adapting connection to the glans of your penis and can work in conjunction with either rods or belts to increase the length of your penis (see the Pro packages below). It’s a well-designed element with the following attributes:

  • A combination of vacuum and adhesion
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stays in place
  • Protects your foreskin
  • Can be used concurrently with belt and rods
  • Can be worn overnight

PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander – $282

The PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander is a rod-pulling force generator that includes the PeniMaster Pro Basic bulb. This device lengthens the penis and increases the size of your erection. Benefits of this package include:

  • Adjustable for various penis lengths
  • Can be worn optionally in either upward or downward direction
  • No accessories needed
  • Able to be used overnight

PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander – $263

The PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander is versatile and can be worn as either a hip belt, shoulder belt, or knee belt, depending on which configuration is most comfortable for you. It offers both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. This package includes the PeniMaster Pro Basic bulb that attaches to your glans. It uses pulling force to stretch the penis and create positive traction. Its features include:

  • Discreetly wearable in day-to-day life
  • Machine washable components
  • Clip attachment to multi-position anchors for maximum adjustability and variability
  • Works as a hip, knee, or shoulder belt
  • Able to be used overnight

Insider Tip: The belt system should be the easiest to hide under clothing for use in public settings. Make sure you’re wearing relatively loose-fitting clothes and experiment with the device in different positions (knee and hip in particular) before heading out into the world.

PeniMaster Pro Complete – $321

For those who want the option of using the belts on some days and the rod system on others, PeniMaster offers its Complete package, which comes with what you’d get separately in the rod or belt kits. At only a little more than the cost of the rod system by itself, this kit is worth considering.

You’ll spend considerable time using the device, and this way, you’re less likely to experience fatigue, repetitive stresses, or frustration with the same routine each day over months of use. Some men strongly prefer one system over another and are often surprised by their preference.

PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander – $312

The PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander works in conjunction with the Pro Basic and uses pulling force and gravity to stretch the penis downward. This package comes with a wide range of weights and settings from 250g to 1,250g. Its features include:

  • No counter-bearing on shaft of penis
  • Static weights for defined, consistent pulling force
  • No pressure on pubic bone

PeniMaster Pro Complete Set + Weights – $409

This set includes everything you get with the Complete Set and the Weight Expander, offering significant savings compared to purchasing the elements separately. It comes with the full 125g-1,250g weight set, as well as the rod system, belt system, and Basic glans ball.

The best way to apply this set is by alternating use of the belt and rod systems until you become comfortable with the process and sensation. After about 12 weeks of use, you can begin adding weights to see accelerated gains in length and girth.

PeniMaster accessories

PeniMaster offers a slew of accessories for their systems. Some of these are necessary for comfort or convenience, and others are expendable items that will degrade over time with wear and tear that you’ll want to replace eventually. Accessories generally cost between $3 and $18, and they include:

  • PROMaster Comfort & Care
  • Male Care Oil
  • Cotton storage pouch
  • Sluices
  • Adhesion diaphragms
  • Hose application system

If you buy the PeniMaster Pro belt set on its own and want to add the weights to it later, you can buy the set that normally comes with either the Weight Expander or Complete systems. At $154, it ends up costing a bit more than you’d pay to have it as part of one of the systems that include it, making this the least economical way to acquire it.

Privacy considerations

PeniMaster takes your privacy very seriously. There are several measures they take to ensure your data and identity cannot be connected to their products. These measures exist both in the real world and on their website. Here’s how PeniMaster protects your privacy:

Discreet shipping

All packages are shipped in discreet, neutral boxes without any product details. This keeps the contents of your shipment secret from anyone who interacts with it, from your mail carrier to anyone living in your household.

Limited data collection

PeniMaster collects personal data necessary to complete your purchase, such as name and address information. But that’s where the collection stops, and transmission of that data is limited to necessary entities to process payments and shipments.

Multiple payment options

You can pay for PeniMaster products using credit and debit cards, PayPal, or secure bank transfer. These options can help you prevent others from seeing your purchase if you share certain accounts with anyone.

Cookie guidance

PeniMaster’s site uses cookies in much the same way as any other commercial website. But they also provide users with information about how to remove those cookies from a computer and limit their future collection.

Alternatives to PeniMaster

Penis extension has taken a few forms through the years, with devices like the PeniMaster Pro proving to be the safest option that still offers efficacy. A handful of other devices, techniques, and procedures claim to provide penis enlargement. Some of them are effective but remarkably dangerous. Others don’t have enough research behind them to say one way or another. And a few simply don’t work.

Let's look at the broader landscape of penis extenders first. Then we’ll see what other avenues are available to you.

Penis extenders

There are a lot of penis extenders on the market. Most are either rod or belt systems; few brands offer both the way PeniMaster does. Many of these brands are a little less expensive and equally effective. But they might not have as much force potential or a long warranty like PeniMaster.

We’ll take a closer look at PeniMaster’s most worthy competition below, but first, let’s look at this handy chart that breaks down the field:

Extension system
Vacuum pressure
Warranty length
Money-back guarantee
PeniMaster Pro Rod Set
5 years
1 month
PeniMaster Pro Belt Set
5 years
1 month
Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard
6 months
Phallosan Forte
2 years
14 days
Male Edge Extra
2 years
6 months
SizeGenetics Value Edition
2 years
6 months
JEX Extender Platinum
2 years
6 months

Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is among your best options for a straightforward rod system at a favorable price. The fact that they cover their product against defects with a lifetime warranty is also impressive. There’s no option to add weight or vacuum pressure, and it isn’t the most comfortable device. But it’s effective and reasonably priced.

If you check out our guide to the best penis extenders, you’ll see that it’s our top pick.

Phallosan Forte

This device is probably the closest in design and function to the PeniMaster system. It relies on vacuum pressure and a belt extension system to provide traction. It’s a bit pricer than the PeniMaster Pro Belt Set, and it suffers from a complicated setup process and a suite of included accessories that not all men will be able to employ.

Another big knock against the Phallosan Forte is its warranty and guarantee structure. A 2-year warranty isn’t bad, but it is among the shortest in the field. Quick Extender Pro clobbers it with their lifetime warranty, and PeniMaster’s 5-year warranty more than doubles it. And the 14-day guarantee is not reasonable. It takes weeks for these products to begin working. Fourteen days simply isn’t enough time.

If you’re curious about the Phallosan Forte, you can read more about it in our dedicated review.


Danalife is a Danish company responsible for the Male Edge, SizeGenetics, and JES Extender brands, among others. That’s why all of those products have the same two-year warranty and six-month guarantee.

  • Male Edge is the least expensive of the three, and the quality suffers as a result. Our testers found the components to be cheap-feeling and fragile.
  • SizeGenetics is similar to Quick Extender Pro in build and material quality, but their comfort accessories are far less effective.
  • JES Extender is nearly identical to SizeGenetics at its entry-level, but they also sell ridiculously expensive versions of the same system with rods made of titanium or plated in gold or platinum.

Our experiences with Danalife brands have not been great. Their customer service is inherently suspicious of any complaints, and the process for settling disputes is long and complicated. Given that Quick Extender Pro presents a superior product at a lower price and with better customer service, we recommend you look there first.

Other means of penis extension

Outside of traction devices or extenders that rely on vacuum pressure around the head of the penis, there are some other ways men have tried to elongate their penises. Let’s take a look at each of these to determine if any are worth your time.

Penis pumps

The idea that penis pumps can enlarge your penis is a myth. In fact, it’s not even what they’re intended to do. Penis pumps are treatments for erectile dysfunction, and their suction helps bring blood to the penis. This can result in an erection that appears larger than normal, but the effect isn’t permanent.

Extension surgery

When it works, extension surgery can result in a larger penis. But we highly recommend against this procedure, as it involves adding artificial fillers or tissue harvested from cadavers to your live, human penis. The risk of rejection and necrosis is intolerably high, and there is a noteworthy lack of standardized procedures in the actual surgery.


Jelqing is a collection of penis stretching exercises that some claim can elongate the penis. There is no scientific evidence to back up this claim, as any gains in size appear to be temporary at best. It’s also difficult to do correctly and requires time and patience.

Male enhancement pills

While male enhancement pills are often advertised as being able to increase penis size, this is untrue. These supplements may act as PDE5 inhibitors similar to Viagra or Cialis, but their effects are not as pronounced. Any increase in perceived penis size when taking such pills may be attributed to an increase in penile blood flow, but this is not an actual increase in penis size.

Penis enlargement FAQ



Innerbody uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

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