The Best Penis Sleeve

Whether to add some size or as a quick fix for men with ED, penis sleeves offer versatility and performance. But which one’s right for you?

Last updated: Mar 13th, 2024
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They go by many names — cock sleeves, penis sleeves, extenders, enhancers, prosthetic penis attachments — and there are nearly as many uses for them. For some men, they add length or girth to a penis they feel is undersized. For others, they serve as functional erotic stand-ins when ED gets in the way.

Given the breadth of potential needs and available styles of penis sleeve, the perfect fit for you will depend on your situation and desires. But there are still important considerations when choosing, so our team set out to discover which companies offered the best penis sleeves on the market.

If you’re in a hurry, take a quick look at our summary of recommendations below:

Summary of recommendations

  • Best for men with ED: Vixen Creations Ride On
  • Best budget pick: Lovehoney Mega Mighty
  • Most realistic: RX Sleeve
  • Best strap-on style: Calexotics Performance Maxx
  • Best for couples trying to conceive: The Happy Wife Pleasure Sleeve
Top Pick for ED

Vixen’s sleeve stands out. High-quality material brings rigidity without compromising flexibility, and a larger-than-average hole for the scrotum is also a very welcome feature for added comfort.

Vixen’s Ride On sleeve isn’t the best choice for men without ED — check out other Vixen models and the recommendations elsewhere in this guide for better options there — but for men with ED who want to enjoy better sex and provide the same for their partners, this model gets high marks in usability, comfort, and realism. Buy through Lovehoney for a 100-day money-back guarantee.

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Why you should trust us

At Innerbody Research, we extensively test each and every product or service we review, including penis sleeves. We've ordered these products ourselves and are in a unique position to deliver information on the consumer experience and the overall quality and performance of the products themselves.

All told, our team spent more than 180 hours researching the scientific basis for these prosthetics and putting these specific models to the test. Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this review was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions about staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles.

How we evaluated penis sleeves

In setting out to evaluate penis sleeves, one of our main goals was to ascertain the reasons that most men buy them. And while enhancing length of girth seems to be the dominant selling point for many of these products, the vast majority of men surveyed reveal their use of penile prosthetic apparatuses (PPAs) as a way to treat ED.

We’ll get into the science behind this in a later section, but this understanding of the fundamental purposes these products perform led us to use four specific criteria for their evaluation, namely build quality, cost, comfort, and realism.

Build quality

Winner: Vixen Ride On

Build quality comprises several factors, inducing the feel of the material, its flexibility, and the size of both the hollow channel in which your penis sits and a hole through which you may need to thread your scrotum. Finding the right balance among these parameters was harder than we thought it’d be, but Vixen Creations managed to win the category not with one model but with two.

Vixen’s Ride On is designed for men with ED, whereas its Holster and Colossus models are intended for men without ED who want to increase size and girth. The biggest complaint we encountered from customers was that the hollow channel in the Ride On wasn’t big enough to accommodate them, but the vast majority of these reviews contained disclaimers that the men didn’t have ED. Now, the Ride On is Vixen’s least expensive sleeve, which may lead some men without ED to purchase it and then be disappointed. But for men with ED and a penis size around the average or below, it’s sized just right.

For men without ED, either of the company’s other two models provides that last piece of the puzzle.

Vixen’s sleeves also have an outstanding balance of flexibility and rigidity. They’re hard enough to achieve penetration without much fuss (especially the Ride On) but flexible enough so that movements between you and your partner translate pleasurably and not harshly, as they would with some hollow dildo models.


Winner: Lovehoney Mega Mighty

Cock sleeves have a wide range of prices, running from around $20 all the way up to $600. At the low end of that spectrum, you’ll often see hard plastics in use, creating sleeves that are distinctly uncomfortable. Lovehoney’s Mega Mighty series allows you to add one, two, or three extra inches, depending on the model you choose, for a reasonable cost. The series represents a high bar in quality for its price point.

Here’s a quick look at the costs of the models in our guide, with the RX Sleeve price representing a base model with both of the company’s insert packages, which we feel are important for most men:

CostInsertable lengthTotal girth
Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3-inch$358.5in5.17in
Vixen Creations Ride On$1486.24in5.5in
Calexotics Performance Maxx$487in3in
Happy Wife Pleasure Sleeve$51N/A6.25in
RX Sleeve Hermosa$5056.5in5in

As you can see, Lovehoney offers considerable length for a moderate piece. The other two increments are even less expensive, but one thing Lovehoney does well is adding a generous length of stiffer material in the head and first portion of the shaft, allowing its longer models to still feel wieldy.


Winner: Calexotics Performance Maxx

Our testers generally agreed that all of these devices were at least a little uncomfortable at first. It’s an unfortunate aspect of the product category, but the models on our list represent the most comfortable you're likely to find among uncomfortable options. And of those, the Calexotics Performance Maxx proved to be the most comfortable.

This had less to do with the accommodation of the sleeve’s interior and more to do with the fact that it didn’t ask you to do what so many of these sleeves ask: that you squeeze your testicles through a hole at the base of the sleeve.

Placing your scrotum through this hole, even with the help of lubricant, is a tricky endeavor made all the more difficult in cold rooms that may render your testicles less accessible. If you can achieve it, having your scrotum in that position helps keep the device in place, especially if you’re using it for ED and can’t fill the interior enough for it to stay on from that contact alone.

But Calexotics doesn’t rely on such a ring with this model; instead, it chooses to combine a ringless sleeve with a harness. This configuration is common among hollow dildoes, sometimes used for similar purposes as extenders, but these are often much stiffer and less comfortable than the Calexotics.

Calexotics Performance Maxx

Photo by Innerbody Research


Winner: RX Sleeve

For reasons we’ll get into below, having a more realistic penis sleeve may improve your experience, even increasing the likelihood of orgasm with or without an erection. If all we were looking at here were dildoes, most would qualify as being realistic. But to achieve the kind of psychological tricks that could convince your mind (part of it, anyway) that this extended penis is yours requires as much realism as you can muster.

RX Sleeve’s realism reaches a level of artistry you don’t see from other manufacturers. You’ll see differences in skin tone throughout the shaft and into the head, veins that appear to exist beneath the skin, and a curvature that mimics that of actual male anatomy. Of course, you’ll pay a premium for this degree of realism, but if that’s the difference between your ability to have sex or not, it may well be worth it.

What is a penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve or penile prosthetic attachment (PPA) is a hollow silicone shaft built to resemble a penis that’s designed to be worn over your existing penis during sex. It’s most commonly used by men looking for a way to please their partners despite struggles with erectile dysfunction. But other men use it to delay orgasm when suffering from premature ejaculation disorder or to add length or girth to better please their partner.

A penis sleeve will not increase the size of your actual penis. Companies love to play with this language and are perfectly comfortable with potential customers buying something they think will literally cause their penises to grow. That is not the case. When manufacturers describe an increase in size, that increase comes from how the sleeve compares in size to your penis. If you’re five inches long when erect and a sleeve is seven inches long, that doesn’t mean the sleeve will grow your penis by two inches. It does mean that you can achieve two more inches of reach inside your partner, though.

Wearing a penis sleeve is kind of like wearing lifts in your shoes to reach a certain height. You aren’t actually that much taller, but the difference might allow you to go on an amusement park ride with a strict height requirement.

What’s the difference between a penis sleeve and a dildo?

At first glance, a penis sleeve looks a lot like a dildo, but there are a few key differences that separate them. The most important difference is that a penis sleeve has a long hollow chamber that allows you to wear it over your penis like a very thick, penis-shaped condom. Some dildoes also have a hollow center, but they can’t typically be used the same way penis sleeves can. That's because dildoes can often be a bit stiffer than sleeves, and those chambers are often smaller. That makes them far less comfortable to wear than sleeves.

Most penis sleeves also have a way to help them adhere to your penis, as they’re often used by men with ED whose penises can’t always support the sleeves on their own. The most common of these mechanisms is a hole at the base of the sleeve through which you can place your testicles. Some sleeves use harnesses or strings to achieve similar results.

Who needs a penis sleeve?

While there aren’t very many men for whom a penis sleeve would be wholly unsuitable, there are certain men for whom they may be an especially good idea. Men struggling with ED who can’t or don’t want to take medications for it can use penile prosthetics to provide sexual pleasure to a partner and even allow themselves to enjoy sex again.

Penis sleeves are also sometimes employed by men suffering from premature ejaculation. There are more remedies for this on the market than there used to be, including delay sprays and wipes, but sleeves are another way to desensitize the penis during sex.

One final group who might want to consider penis sleeves is made up of men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penises. Despite a majority of men falling within about an inch of the average, many men feel that their penises are too small. A sleeve can add length, girth, or both, offering greater potential pleasure for your partner.

Who might want to consider an alternative?

If you’re already comfortable with your penis size and you don’t suffer from ED or PE, there aren’t going to be many sleeves that suit you. A lot of the sleeves out there have relatively small internal chambers, anticipating that their users won’t be able to get or maintain an erection. If you can get hard, and your penis is of relatively normal size, you may find the majority of these products to be significantly uncomfortable.

How do penis sleeves work?

A penis sleeve works by allowing you to insert your penis into it, giving you more length or girth to work with, and providing a rigid penis to men with ED.

Through multiple pathways, the ability to penetrate a partner effectively can allow men with ED to achieve orgasm, even if they aren’t erect. Paradoxically, the added barrier can reduce the pleasurable feeling of sex for men with PE, allowing them to last longer.

Let’s focus on the use case for which more than 85% of users report purchasing a sleeve: erectile dysfunction. In cases of ED, studies have shown that prosthetic attachments allow users to enjoy penetrative sex to the point of climax. For men whose ED has prevented them from experiencing an orgasm for some time, this can be a big deal.

But how can the same thing that blunts the sensation of sex for men with PE provide men with ED a means to enjoy sex to its fullest?

Smoke and mirrors: how penis sleeves play positive tricks on the mind

The science of orgasm is incredibly complex. It involves sensory input from the penis but also combines feedback from your whole body’s sense of touch, as well as your senses of sight, sound, and even smell. On the one hand, it may be relatively obvious that the process of pleasing your partner will result in the excitement of all of these senses, including your sense of touch, even with a significant barrier between your penis and your partner.

But on the other hand, a famous experiment involving a hand implies how a penis sleeve can functionally rewire the brain of a man with erectile dysfunction to believe that the sensations entering the prosthetic are, in fact, acting directly upon his real penis. This experiment is commonly known as the rubber hand experiment or the rubber hand illusion. In it, a participant sits in a chair and places both hands in front of them on a table. A partition on the table prevents them from seeing their left hand. On the side of the partition that they can see sits a realistic rubber hand.

Whoever is conducting the experiment will brush the fingers on the rubber hand and the participant's unseen left hand simultaneously for a minute or two. During that time, the visual information combined with the touch information will convince the brain that the rubber hand is, in fact, the real hand. Then, the person conducting the experiment will take out a hammer and swing it violently down upon the rubber hand, at which point the participant will freak out, having genuinely believed at that moment that their real hand was in danger.

This is one of the bedrock examples of multisensory neuroplasticity in action — your brain’s ability to rewire itself through new sensory input. It’s also why realism in a penile prosthetic is so important. Every sensory detail that can help convince your brain that the sleeve is your real penis can get you closer to feeling as though it actually is, all the way up to a successful climax.

How to use a penis sleeve

The way to use your penis sleeve should be about the same, regardless of why you bought it in the first place. Men without ED who are using a sleeve to increase their size or delay orgasm will have one less step, as they don’t need to manage their erection to slip easily into the sleeve.

You're liable to get a little frustrated the first time you try to put on your sleeve. Our testing team found all these devices somewhat difficult to use initially, but the process got a little easier after several more attempts.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps to get your sleeve into place:

  1. Ensure you’re no more than semi-erect. A more flexible penis will make the device easier to put on. If your sleeve lacks a ring at its base, skip to step 4.
  2. Apply a generous amount of lubricant (ideally water- or aloe-based) to your scrotum and the ring at the base of the sleeve.
  3. Gently push your testicles through the ring. Our testers found it easier to do this one testicle at a time.
  4. Once your scrotum is securely through the ring, apply more lubricant to your penis and the inside of your sleeve. (If you lubricate your penis and scrotum at the same time, it might be harder to hold your penis out of the way during step 3.)
  5. Insert your penis into the sleeve.

Insider Tip: If you’re in a remotely cool environment, your testicles may not extend far enough to slip through the sleeve’s ring. You or your partner can gently massage them to warm them up, after which you should be able to get them through the ring.

Vixen Creations Ride On

Best for men with ED

Vixen Creations Ride On

Photo by Innerbody Research


  • Slightly larger hole for testicles than other brands
  • Stiffer model available to ensure penetration for men with ED
  • Multiple skin tones available
  • Silicone is soft to the touch
  • Relatively realistic appearance
  • One-year warranty


  • Pricer than much of the competition
  • Non-ED models are often sold out
  • Not ideal for men with very much girth
  • Only one size per model

When it comes to selecting a penis sleeve for men with ED, critical factors include stiffness and realism. The Vixen Creations Ride On is the company’s dedicated ED model, and it offers a fair bit of realism and the best balance between stiffness and flexibility we could hope for in an ED model. For men without ED, this level of stiffness may prove uncomfortable, but it’s something you don’t find in many other models, especially things like the Calexotics and Lovehoney models in our guide, as they’re designed with enhancing length and girth before aiding in ED.

The key here is for the sleeve to offer you enough stiffness to achieve penetration, even if your actual penis is completely flaccid. From the head to about one inch into the shaft, the Ride On is harder and denser than the rest of the sleeve, providing you with a foothold into your partner. But the whole of the device is still flexible enough to be comfortable to wear and to feel realistic as an appendage.

The Ride On’s dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 6.25 inches
  • Diameter: 1.75 inches
  • Circumference: 5.5 inches
  • Inner length: 4 inches
  • Inner diameter: 1 inch

Vixen also offers two models that are for men with normal penis function who are interested in desensitizing themselves during sex, offering their partner more length and girth, or both. These are more flexible than the Ride On and offer larger internal chambers to accommodate erect penises.

The Holster is advertised as being neither too big nor too small, and at just under six inches long, that sounds about right. But the girth here might be too much for some partners, as it measures just over two inches in diameter. Vixen’s other sleeve — The Colossus — is even bigger, measuring nearly seven inches long and just over two inches in diameter.

All three models are available in Vanilla, Caramel, or Chocolate skin tones.

Vixen Creations pricing, shipping, and returns

Vixen’s prices are a bit higher than the average. Other companies in this guide land in the $30-$60 range, except for the remarkably expensive RX Sleeves. Here’s a quick comparison of prices by model:

PriceIdeal use
Ride On$148ED
Holster$154PE, enhancement
Colossus$156PE, enhancement

Shipping from Vixen Creations costs the second most of the shipping costs we encountered when making this guide, and there appears to be no threshold at which free shipping might kick in. The company charges a flat rate of $15 for standard shipping.

On the bright side, Vixen covers its products with a free one-year warranty, which is only matched by Calexotics. However, all sales are final from Vixen, even on unopened goods. That pales in comparison to the guarantee from Lovehoney, which allows you to use a toy for up to 100 days and return it if you’re unsatisfied.

Factoring in shipping and return advantages, we’d recommend you get your Vixen sleeve at Lovehoney, which carries them for only $1 more. You save money and get better protection on your purchase.

Our Vixen Creations testing experience

Of the models that have rings for your testicles, our testers found that Vixen Creations offered one of the widest, most comfortable rings out there. It was easier to get both testicles through without accidentally causing any pain or discomfort, but the ring stretches enough to rebound and hold those testicles in place once they’re in.

Overall, we were very impressed by the feel of the materials here. They were soft and supple without giving too much to be useful for men with ED. The added material toward the tip, which helps with penetration, also makes the Ride On a little bit top-heavy, so you might want to support it with your hand when lining things up.

Lovehoney Mega Mighty

Best budget pick

Lovehoney Mega Mighty

Photo by Innerbody Research


  • Three options to add length
  • Up to 8.5 inches of insertable length
  • Skin tones and clear models available
  • Head is stiff to aid in penetration
  • 100-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Made from “soft plastic” instead of silicone or another superior material
  • Testicle ring is a little tight on large model and more or less useless on small model
  • Smaller models have limited color options
  • Better for men seeking added length than added girth

Lovehoney is both a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of sex toys and other sexual products. The company’s lineup typically features well-made products available for a little bit less than competitors charge, and that is certainly the case with its Mega Mighty penis sleeves.

This sleeve lineup consists of three size extensions that have one, two, or three inches of length beyond the end of the internal chamber. Lovehoney classifies these models with the names “1 Extra Inch,” “2 Extra Inches,” and “3 Extra Inches,” but that only makes sense if your penis fills the internal chamber. If your penis is four inches when erect, then the “3 Extra Inches” model will actually give you 4.5 extra inches. So, for ease of understanding, we’ll refer to them as the small, medium, and large models.

The large model boasts a total insertable length of 8.5 inches, the medium 7.5 inches, and the small 5.5 inches. However, none of these models add a massive amount of girth, with the 8.5-inch model having a 5.75-inch circumference. That's less than either the Holster or Colossus models from Vixen Creations, each of which is more than six inches in circumference. That makes these Lovehoney models better for men looking to add length than those looking for extra girth, so talk to your partner about what they'd like best.

The 8.5-inch model is available in four skin tones and clear, but the two smaller models only offer clear or “flesh pink” at this time.

Lovehoney pricing, shipping, and returns

Lovehoney offers its products at very low prices, especially considering their quality and the satisfaction guarantee in place. Here’s how the three Mega Mighty models price out:

PriceColor options

Lovehoney charges a flat rate of $6.99 on orders under $50, which applies to any of these sleeves if you don’t buy something alongside them. The company has some nice lubes to choose from if you need a fresh bottle to use with your new sleeve, and that might bring you over the threshold.

The best aspect of Lovehoney’s offering might be its satisfaction guarantee. Other companies either offer no returns whatsoever or hit you with restocking fees. Lovehoney lets you try its sex toys for up to 100 days and still get a full refund if you don’t want to keep it.

Our Lovehoney testing experience

In testing, we found the device’s material to be nothing special. It doesn't feel as realistic or as durable as the materials from Vixen Creations or RX Sleeve, but it’s also considerably less expensive than those offerings. If you don’t have those other models to compare it to, you might not think any less of it.

The biggest drawback to these models is the size of the testicle ring, which is a little tight on the 8.5-inch model. On the other two models, it’s more for making the sleeve easier to hand-dry than anything else. Few men will be able to fit their testicles through the rings on those smaller models. Our testers could not.

With the larger model in place, you may find yourself a little clumsy. It’s like carrying a long 2x4; you might accidentally hit someone with it if you turn around too carelessly. That said, once you get used to it, the added length is somewhat empowering.

CalExotics Performance Maxx

Best strap-on style


  • Straps hold sleeve in place without a testicle ring
  • Wears like a jock strap
  • Elastic makes it suitable for most body types
  • Durable silicone construction
  • Zinc alloy strap attachment won’t rust
  • 1-year warranty


  • Straps are not adjustable
  • Not the most realistic model
  • Only two size or color options

Given the effort it takes to get your testicles to fit through a given sleeve’s testicle ring, you might prefer to try a harness-based strap-on style sleeve instead. These offer the same functionality as other models, but they connect with a harness that holds it in place during intercourse. There’s nowhere you’re forced to put your scrotum.

There are a lot of strap-on dildos on the market, and many of them are hollow, but few of them are intended for use with a penis. Those hollow chambers save on material costs for manufacturers, but they’re typically too small for the average penis to fit, even when flaccid. That’s why we recommend looking for a dedicated sleeve that happens to work with a harness, and the Performance Maxx from Calexotics is the best we’ve found.

Calexotics is similar to Lovehoney in that it offers a massive catalog of sex products, a small corner of which includes sleeves. The company has sleeves that resemble those from Lovehoney, as well, but the placement of their testicle rings makes them less comfortable to use than Lovehoney’s.

Calexotic’s Performance Maxx sleeves come in two sizes: 7 inches and 6.25 inches. The 7-inch model offers an interior just under five inches with an internal diameter of a bit under two inches. Both are available in either Ivory or Brown colors.

Calexotics pricing, shipping, and returns

Whether you choose the larger or smaller sleeve, the price stays the same. Each sleeve costs $47.99, landing squarely in the middle of our guide's range. There isn't a free shipping threshold on the Calexotics site; shipping is calculated by location and package weight. One order of a Performance Maxx Sleeve headed to the NY metro area cost $13.30 to ship. That's still less than the flat rate of $15 you get with Vixen or the $26 charge from RX Sleeve, but it's pricier than others.

Unlike Lovehoney, which has a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, Calexotics only offers returns for defective items, even if an item is still unopened. The company has a 1-year warranty on its goods, though, so you’re covered if something should go wrong in that first year.

Our Calexotics testing experience

What intrigued us most about getting our hands on these sleeves was the harness itself. Without the ability to adjust the straps, the elastic had to be tight enough to stay put without being too tight for men over a certain size. We found the elastic to be generally comfortable for most body types, but men who typically have to shop big & tall might want to consider a model with a testicle ring instead.

These sleeves are made of what the company calls liquid silicone, which just felt like a nicely made silicone to us. The quality was definitely higher than the material in the Lovehoney models — and for only a modest uptick in price.

RX Sleeve

Most realistic


  • Extremely realistic designs
  • Great option for men with ED
  • Multiple sizes and styles to choose from
  • Uses a testicle ring and straps for added security
  • Material is very soft and lifelike
  • Add-ons can customize fit
  • You can build a custom sleeve from the ground up
  • 1-year warranty available


  • Extremely expensive option
  • Can be hard to differentiate among models
  • Shipping is also very expensive

RX Sleeve offers what are undeniably the most impressive, realistic options in the sleeve market, with incredible craftsmanship and top-quality materials going into them. They also come from a company that specializes in sleeves instead of a manufacturer or distributor of many general sexual products.

Unfortunately, they also happen to be much more expensive than most of the competition, with the average RX Sleeve model costing about 13 times more than our top budget pick.

RX Sleeves use a testicle ring and a harness system, but that harness is more of a drawstring you tie around your waist than the elastic jock-style harness of the Calexotics model. It does add a nice bit of support, though, especially if you’re using a model that’s significantly bigger than your penis.

Among normal sleeves, RX has 13 models, but there are also dedicated models for incontinence and pregnancy assistance. All of the models in every category can be used with the company’s girth enhancers and inner rods, which essentially shrink the inner chamber to fit your penis snugly. However, the inner rods are not compatible with pregnancy assist sleeves if you’re trying to conceive.

The pregnancy assistance models have a dedicated channel through which semen can travel. This makes it a good choice for men with severe ED who are still trying to conceive, as typical open-ended sleeves can be hard to use if you're 100% flaccid and not long enough to thread the sleeve fully.

The incontinence models have a similar channel but also come with the materials necessary to connect the sleeve to an incontinence bag you can empty through the sleeve at a urinal instead of using a stall.

RX Sleeve pricing, shipping, and returns

There’s no getting around the fact that RX Sleeves are expensive. Girth enhancer kits and inner rods cost $40 for each set, which you can add to your purchase on any product page. Here’s how the other models price out.

PriceAdditional components
Standard sleeves$425Drawstring
Pregnancy assist sleeves$575Drawstring
Incontinence sleeves$575Drawstring, urine bag, flexible tubes

Shipping from RX Sleeve is also very expensive. The next most expensive shipping we incurred was the $15 flat rate from Vixen Creations, but RX Sleeve charges $26 for its shipping. The checkout process includes a shipping calculator, as though the cost may change depending on your location, but we put in information for New York, California, and Oklahoma, and saw the same $26 charge. For that to make sense, RX Sleeve’s production facilities would have to be in either northern Saskatchewan or southern Mexico. The likelier case is that this is a flat rate.

RX Sleeve accepts returns on unopened products, which is better than some companies, but it’s nowhere near as generous as the guarantee from Lovehoney. And if you do return something to RX Sleeve, you’ll get hit with a 30% restocking fee.

RX Sleeve offers a 1-year warranty on its products, but unlike the 1-year warranties from Vixen Creations or Lovehoney, you have to pay for this warranty. It costs an extra $125 on top of what’s already an expensive product.

The Happy Wife Pleasure Sleeve

Best for couples trying to conceive


  • Open head design allows semen to flow freely
  • Textured component to stimulate the clitoris
  • Testicle ring is stretchy and well-placed
  • Free shipping on orders over $60
  • 90-day warranty


  • Not ideal for men with severe ED
  • Brand is a bit heteronormative
  • Only one color choice for stimulator models

For couples trying to conceive, a traditional penis sleeve poses a significant problem: it catches all the semen. That’s one of the reasons some manufacturers have come out with sleeves that enhance girth but not length, all while providing structural support for men with mild ED.

These products typically aren’t ideal for men with severe ED, as they tend to measure about four inches in length, and you’ll want the head of your penis to come close to the tip of the sleeve in order for the semen to go where it needs to go.

Something that The Happy Wife models offer that we haven’t seen elsewhere is the added clitoral stimulator. This is a small tab of material that sits above the sleeve where it rests against your body and provides a textured contact point for clitoral stimulation. It’s not a perfect solution, as differences in individual anatomy might prevent perfect contact, but it’s a nice addition that’s likely going to please many partners. (There are also models available without this stimulator for partners without clitorises.)

Happy Wife pricing, shipping, and returns

The Happy Wife offers its Pleasure Sleeves in two girth sizes and three lengths. Medium Girth Enhancers offer a 6.5-inch circumference, while Large Girth Enhancers offer an 8-inch circumference. This is the largest circumference of the models in our guide. Here’s a quick price breakdown:

4-inch length5-inch length6-inch length
Medium Girth Enhancer with stimulator$51$61N/A
Medium Girth Enhancer without stimulator$42$51N/A
Large Girth Enhancer with stimulator$62$72$82
Large Girth Enhancer without stimulator$49$58$68

You can get free shipping from The Happy Wife if you spend over $60, a threshold you can reach with several of the company’s Pleasure Sleeves. If you’re a bit under, the company also has a wide selection of lube, which you’ll want to have handy for putting on the sleeve.

The Happy Wife warranties its sleeves for 90 days. This isn’t as generous as Vixen’s or Lovehoney’s 1-year warranty, but it’s better than the strict policies of others.

Alternatives to penis sleeves

Viable alternatives to penis sleeves certainly exist, but which one to seek out will depend on the root cause of your interest in sleeves. Let’s take a brief look at some common reasons that men seek out sleeves and identify other potential solutions.

Erectile dysfunction

This is, by far, the most common reason men reach for penis sleeves. And while sleeves can help you re-engage with your sex life, they likely won’t do anything to help with the underlying causes of your ED or give you the opportunity to achieve an erection. For that, your best course of action would be a generic form of traditional ED meds like Viagra and Cialis. These have become much more affordable in recent years, even for men without insurance. They also come in various forms, from traditional pills to chewable tablets. And they’re available from companies that often offer online prescriptions and discreet delivery to your home. Visit our guide to the best ED treatments for more information and top recommendations.

Premature ejaculation

There are a few ways to address premature ejaculation, some of which require a prescription and others that do not. Prescription interventions typically involve SSRIs — a kind of antidepressant. More recently, prescription ED medicines have been used to treat PE, as well. But non-prescription tools like delay sprays and wipes from companies like Promescent can effectively desensitize the penis enough to delay orgasm without impinging on your enjoyment of sex.

Size enhancement

There isn’t a lot you can do to meaningfully improve the size of your penis. There are risky surgeries and sketchy supplements out there, but our review of the scientific literature only supports the use of traction-based extension devices to gain length and, in some cases, girth. However, these require a significant commitment, as you’ll have to wear the device for several hours daily over at least 12 weeks to get results. And those results rarely exceed an inch in added length. But “up to an inch added in length” is plenty incentive for many men to invest the time in this process. To learn more, check out our guide to the best penis extenders.

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