Roman Swipes Review

With delay wipes like these, no one should have to settle for premature ejaculation. Here’s how Roman can work for you in 2024.

Last updated: Nov 21st, 2023
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Roman Swipes

Around 20-33% of men report experiences with premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. There is no concrete clinical definition for the disorder. However, many doctors consider it present when a man climaxes consistently in 1-3 minutes or reports significant impacts on relationships due to sexual endurance.

And even among men who last five, 10, or 20 minutes in the bedroom, there is doubtless a consensus that many would like to last longer — at least long enough for their partner to climax. Fortunately, products on the market can help a man delay orgasm by at least a few minutes, giving him and his partner time to increase their enjoyment.

The two most popular forms of climax delay products are sprays and wipes. Roman Swipes are the latter, providing convenience and effectiveness in a small, portable package.

Our Findings

Editor's Rating4.00


  • Individually packed and potable
  • Easy to apply with little mess
  • Effectively delays orgasm
  • Low risk for side effects
  • Company has additional men’s health offerings
  • Get started with a free online visit


  • Takes 5-10 minutes to start working
  • Creates more waste than sprays
  • Equally effective options on the market cost less

Roman Swipes are a convenient, effective means to delay orgasm in men. They’re easy to take with you just about anywhere and are as fast-acting as anything else in their class. Ultimately, similar products may sell for a little less, but those who use Roman for any of their other stellar men’s health services may find it simpler to get all their goods from one place.

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What are delay wipes?

Delay wipes are pre-soaked pieces of disposable cloth, not unlike wet wipes or moist towelettes. But instead of containing a cleansing solution, delay wipes are soaked in a liquid form of benzocaine, a topical anesthetic.

Benzocaine and lidocaine are popular topical anesthetics in several orgasm delay products, and they have a similar mechanism of action. Each locally disrupts your body’s ability to communicate sensation along nerves. Wherever you apply these anesthetics will experience a numbing sensation for a brief period. The intensity and duration of the numbing sensation depend on the concentration of either anesthetic as applied topically or subdermally.

Delay products apply a light concentration of either anesthetic — often approximately 4%. That results in a mild numbing sensation that’s not so strong as to remove all feeling, but that’s strong enough to reduce the most intense pleasure sensations and effectively delay climax.

Do Roman Swipes work?

Roman Swipes unequivocally work. Their benzocaine solution can effectively dull the most intense sensations of intercourse, allowing a man to last longer before climaxing. The only instance in which Roman Swipes would fail is if the man in question has a significant enough psychological or emotional orgasm trigger. No amount of physical numbing could prevent all such triggers from initiating an unstoppable climax.

For most men, orgasm occurs due to physical, psychological, and emotional factors. By using delay wipes to slow the effects of physical pleasure, most men should be able to slow themselves down and last longer during intercourse.

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How do Roman Swipes work?

Roman Swipes use a topical anesthetic called benzocaine to numb your penis partially. The numbing sensation is mild enough that sex still provides pleasure. But how does this work inside the body?

Typically, when something stimulates your nerve endings, that signal travels along a pathway of numerous nerves until it reaches your brain. To do this, the nerves exchange sodium and potassium ions with their environment, creating negatively charged particles that carry this sensation message like an electrical current along a copper wire.

Benzocaine and lidocaine disrupt the flow of sodium in this equation, temporarily making it impossible for the nerves to perform at their best. Depending on the benzocaine concentration, the result varies between a slight reduction in sensation and complete numbness. Roman Swipes use a concentration clinically proven to reduce sensation without completely numbing the skin wherever it’s applied.

Using Roman Swipes

Using Roman Swipes is remarkably straightforward, but there are a few important caveats. The basic steps are:

  1. Remove the wipe from its packaging.
  2. Use the wipe to apply its solution to the head or glans of your penis, particularly along the underside. You can also apply the solution to the shaft, but this isn’t strictly necessary.
  3. Carefully dispose of the wipe.
  4. Use a cloth or tissue to wipe away any excess solution.
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes for the effect to set in.
  6. Double-check that your penis is dry and there is no excess solution that could transfer to your partner.
  7. Enjoy!

Step four is arguably the most important. Using any delay product risks spreading the numbing solution to your partner.

Insider Tip: Many users find that the 5-10-minute waiting period presents an opportunity to engage in extended foreplay. Try applying the wipe earlier than the moment before you want to have sex, and enjoy the time it takes to start working by connecting with your partner in other ways.

How much do Roman Swipes cost?

Roman Swipes aren’t the least expensive option for climax delay on the market, particularly if you’re buying large quantities. Below, we’ve put together a chart comparing the options you can get from Roman and Promescent, so you can see how they stack up against one another. Because Roman only sells their Swipes as a subscription, we used the prices for Promescent’s subscription option, which saves a little extra compared to standalone purchases.

CostWipe countCost per wipe
Roman Swipes monthly plan$278$3.38
Roman Swipes quarterly plan$6624$2.75
Promescent Wipes 5-count$18.555$3.71
Promescent wipes 15-count$37.1515$2.47

As you can see, Roman’s monthly plan worth eight wipes has a better cost per wipe than Promescent’s 5-count. But the tables turn on larger orders, with Promescent’s cost per wipe dipping well below Roman’s.

If you aren’t especially sexually active and you want to spend less money up-front, Roman is the way to go.

Roman also offers $10 your first month, no matter which plan you choose. That allows you to save significantly on a small pack to determine if the product is right for you. You can cancel or amend your subscription at any time.

Shipping, returns, and privacy

Shipping from Roman is free and remarkably fast. Whether it was their delay wipes or any of the many products we’ve reviewed, our testers usually received their goods within two days of placing an order.

Roman will work with you to resolve any issues that arise from damaged or mistaken shipments, but they generally don’t accept returns for a refund.

Roman collects necessary data to process transactions, which they take pains to protect. Roman might sell anonymized data related to your site use, like cookies and other trackers, to third parties. Still, the company makes opting out of this sale extremely easy — click the “Do not sell my information” button at the bottom of the landing page.

Are Roman Swipes safe?

Roman Swipes are perfectly safe for use by most men. That said, there are instances of benzocaine allergies that you should consider. If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to a topical anesthetic, it would be wise to speak with your doctor before using Roman Swipes or any climax delay product.

Some climax delay sprays utilize lidocaine instead of benzocaine in their formulas, and if you have a benzocaine allergy, you might still be able to use lidocaine. If you get the go-ahead from your doctor, or you have no reason to believe you have an allergy to topical anesthetics, there’s a good chance you’ll be fine.

Some adverse reactions are possible, even in those without allergies. Those include a burning sensation or mild blistering of the skin. These are rare occurrences, but it might be wise to try a wipe at home on a less sensitive area of the body to see how you react.

Roman's other sexual health products

Roman offers a wide variety of products and services, both under their Roman banner and under the name of their parent company, Ro. These include everything from psychiatric services to weight loss help and smoking cessation assistance. But their sexual health products are among their most popular offerings, and Swipes are just one part of it.

Roman’s sexual health products also include:

Erectile dysfunction treatments

Roman’s ED treatments include generic sildenafil and branded Viagra and Cialis. You can have your doctor’s consultation through their platform, receive a prescription, and have medication shipped to you for free.

Prescription PE treatments

In addition to their Swipes, Roman offers prescription SSRIs as a treatment for premature ejaculation. This is a more severe approach, as SSRIs carry the potential for various side effects. We recommend starting with delay products before seeking prescription help.

Testosterone testing and supplementation

Roman offers at-home testosterone testing to determine if your T levels are low, which can cause symptoms of erectile dysfunction, among other things. They also provide a clean, effective testosterone supplement you can use to help raise those levels back to normal.

Sperm testing and storage

Roman can take a single sperm sample and test it for motility, quantity, and morphology. They then take your sample and cryogenically freeze it for a year at no cost to you. After that, storage costs $149/year.

Cold sore and herpes treatments

For cold sore and herpes treatment, Roman can prescribe you valacyclovir, which is the generic form of Valtrex. Prices vary depending on whether you intend to use the medication as a prophylactic or in response to outbreaks.

Roman Swipes FAQs

Alternatives to Roman Swipes

Roman Swipes are not the only game in town. Various other delay products out there can help you stave off climax until your partner has had a chance to enjoy themselves as well.

Other delay wipes

Some companies offer delay wipes similar to Roman Swipes. We highlighted the cost-saving potential of Promescent above, but VigRx and Hims are also viable options. You can get more information by reading our guide to the best PE wipes.

Delay sprays

The first delay products to use a fast-absorbing form of lidocaine, delay sprays are among the most effective and reliable PE products out there. They sacrifice a little of the portability you get from wipes, however. Promescent makes a phenomenal delay spray, but you can read about the whole field in our complete guide.


Before topical delay solutions, doctors occasionally prescribed antidepressant SSRIs to patients looking for a way to delay orgasm. Several studies support this off-label effect, but compared to wipes and sprays, SSRIs come with more side effects than some people want.

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