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Noxitril Review

Can Noxitril provide enhancement of male sexual performance? Can it fight ED? Our testing team shares the details.

Last Updated: May 27, 2022
Noxitril Reviews

Few fates are more frightening to men than erectile dysfunction. There’s a lot of self-worth tied up in the male sex organs, and when they fail to perform as expected, psychological and emotional problems will come bubbling up to the surface. And even if you’re totally comfortable with the occasional issue, you likely still want to be able to please your partner.

The reality is that ED is extremely widespread. By age 40, roughly 40% of men will have at least some experience with ED. That number goes up to 70% by age 70. Even among men who can achieve erections that are just hard enough for penetration, some would want to be able to get harder.

There are prescription medications out there to help address symptoms of ED. Still, not everyone is thrilled with adding another potent pharmaceutical to their regimen or having their erectile troubles forever etched into their medical record. That’s where a product like Noxitril aims to help. It’s a natural supplement containing botanical ingredients that studies show can perform similarly to prescription ED pills. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Let’s find out if it may be right for you.

Review Summary


  • No prescription needed
  • All-natural ingredients, most of which boast clinical research
  • Noticeable results in a few days
  • Made in the USA
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Proprietary blend obscures ingredient quantities
  • Some components lack rigorous research

Bottom line

Little in the expansive landscape of male enhancement pills lets Noxitril stand apart from its competitors. Ingredients are familiar, and doses are in the middle of the road. There is clinical evidence in support of many of these ingredients, so Noxitril might help enhance your sexual performance without a prescription. And there are a few novel ingredients within the company’s proprietary blend that could make a positive difference as well, though the lack of transparency about their quantities makes it impossible to recommend based on those novelties. You might be better off starting with one of Leading Edge Health’s products like Semenax or VigRx, and then heading to Noxitril if you find those other brands aren’t working for you.

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Noxitril is an all-natural, non-prescription supplement designed to improve sexual performance.

Most of Noxitril’s ingredients have been clinically studied and approved to combat ED symptoms, boost low libido, and improve fertility. It’s made in the U.S. and covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is Noxitril?

Noxitril is a male enhancement supplement with a natural ingredient profile that aims to tackle symptoms of ED, combat low libido, and even improve fertility. The ingredients it uses are mostly among botanicals you can find in centuries-old medicine, but there are a few modern influences, as well.

Supplements like Noxitril are a good option for men who are wary of prescription ED pills but know they need some support to achieve their goals in the bedroom. But Noxitril — like most male enhancement products — can’t do much for men with severe ED. It’s more for those who can get excited but can’t quite get hard enough for penetration. It can also be an excellent accompaniment to prescription treatments for ED or fertility issues.

Is Noxitril a good value?

One bottle of Noxitril costs $69.95.

Compared to similar products on the market, Noxitril’s neither a bad value nor a good one. There are more expensive male enhancement supplements that do less, and less expensive options can do more. Ultimately, this will be a product men can reach for if they’ve struck out with some similar offerings.

How Noxitril works

The combination of ingredients in Noxitril achieves its effect by providing you with three things:

Boosted testosterone

Increased testosterone levels should improve semen volume and quality, increase erectile strength and reliability, and ignite sexual desire. Several ingredients in Noxitril have studies in which they measurably increase testosterone in human and animal models.

Increased blood flow to the penis

One of the main goals of male enhancement products is to create the environment for an erection to thrive. Blood flow is crucial to this performance. If more blood flows to the penis and the corpus cavernosa are in a relaxed state to receive the blood, a high-quality erection can take place.

Enhanced libido

An erection can be as much a psychological response as a physical one. And libido is primarily a psychological issue — though physiological factors can influence it. Several ingredients in Noxitril show the ability to decrease anxiety and allow the libido to respond favorably to sexual stimuli.

Noxitril ingredients

Noxitril lists four active ingredients with specific measurements. They also list a collection of additional elements within a proprietary blend. That blend makes it impossible to know the quantities of each ingredient, but the overall weight of the blend leads us to believe that none are beyond what could be safe levels.

Noxitril’s four measures ingredients are:

Tongkat Ali (200mg)

A 6-month study looking at men with androgen deficiency found a significant increase in erectile performance and a measurable boost in testosterone levels for 50% of participants.

Maca (200mg)

Various studies show that maca can improve sexual function and desire in men and women alike. Some have linked those results in male subjects to elevated testosterone levels.

L-Arginine (250mg)

Studies into arginine’s mechanisms of action often reveal a similar functionality to PDE-5 inhibitors — the drugs used in Viagra and Cialis. Its effects are not as potent as prescriptions, but the action is similar.

Ginseng Blend (125mg)

Clinical research links ginseng to carious markers of sexual performance, from erectile strength to libido enhancement.

Noxitril’s proprietary blend comes in a dose of 745mg, but how that quantity divides among the following ingredients is unfortunately unclear. There is some research into the efficacy of these ingredients in improving sexual function. Unfortunately, much of that research has been done on animals, not humans.

Some of the ingredients above have apparent links to sexual performance, even in common knowledge. Oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac. Their zinc content may play a significant role in that. Other ingredients are less familiar, but their inclusion becomes obvious when you learn a bit about them. Orcich, for example, is an extract of bull testicles. While that makes their inclusion obvious at least for marketing purposes, the science behind many of the ingredients in this proprietary blend is shaky at best.

Is Noxitril safe?

Most of the ingredients in Noxitril boast minimal side effect profiles. That means the supplement should be safe for most men to take. But there are components here that affect blood flow. Any men with heart conditions or those actively taking medication to control blood thickness or pressure should have a talk with their doctor before trying this or any other male enhancement supplement.

Alternatives to Noxitril

Prescription medication

Prescriptions like Viagra and Cialis have become increasingly convenient to obtain in recent years. That’s even truer of their generic equivalents, sildenafil and tadalafil. Thanks to the convenience of telemedicine, you can get a diagnosis, prescription, and free delivery of these medications from various providers without ever leaving your home.

We have a handy guide to help you find the best prescription treatments for ED, but BlueChew is one of our favorite options.

Testosterone boosters

Low testosterone is often the cause of issues with libido and sexual performance. That’s just one of the reasons most male enhancement pills contain testosterone-boosting ingredients. But if your testosterone levels are clinically low, you might need a more targeted supplement or even prescription testosterone replacement treatment.

To find out about your testosterone levels, you can take one of the accurate at-home testosterone tests available from various online providers.

Other male enhancement pills

Noxitril is by no means the only male enhancement product out there. With so many alternatives to choose from, it can be difficult to cut through the mediocre options and find the ones that are safe, effective, and well-priced. We have a guide for those to make your life a little easier.

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