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ALIGNERCO Review: Convenient, affordable and discreet teeth aligners?

Our testers reveal all the details about ALIGNERCO’s home aligner treatment service

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Millions of Americans rely on braces and aligners to straighten their teeth and about 20% of these patients are adults. Hectic schedules make it difficult to schedule orthodontist appointments, resulting in added costs and lost work, school, or vacation time.

ALIGNERCO aims to get rid of the inconveniences of teeth straightening. Offering high-quality aligners at low prices, the young company is already making waves and edging out competitors in the growing online aligners market. In fact, from our testing, it appears that ALIGNERCO offers the most affordable online aligner service right now.

So is ALIGNERCO right for you? Can you trust the company with your teeth? We tested its product and service and will share all of the pertinent details to help you decide whether it should be your choice for aligners.

Review Summary


  • Home alignment treatment lets you avoid spending hours at the orthodontist’s office
  • ALIGNERCO’s aligners are made from safe, FDA-approved material
  • Aligners are comfortable while providing effective realignment for mild to moderate issues
  • Aligners are nearly invisible and, since they’re easily removable, you can eat whatever you want
  • NightOnly treatment plan for those who don’t want to wear aligners during the day
  • Low price compared to competitors and much lower price than traditional braces
  • Responsive customer service


  • Does not take insurance (though you can pay with HSA/FSA)
  • Lengthier process to begin treatment since it is a remote service

Bottom line

We recommend ALIGNERCO. The company’s clear aligner system, overseen by its team of dentists and orthodontists, scores highly with customers. From our testing, we can see why. ALIGNERCO offers great value with its convenient remote tooth straightening service. If you are a candidate for aligner treatment, we believe you’ll be very happy with the low cost, superb quality, relative comfort, and positive results of ALIGNERCO’s aligners. And if you buy an impressions kit but ALIGNERCO discovers you’re not a suitable candidate for its aligners, you get your money back. This means there’s no risk in giving ALIGNERCO a try.

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ALIGNERCO saves you from orthodontist visits while providing high-quality, very clear aligners delivered to your home at the best price.

With ALIGNERCO, you can save thousands of dollars compared to traditional braces or competitors in aligner treatment. The entire process is remote and accomplished from the comfort of your home. Teeth straightening has never been more convenient or affordable.

SmileAdvantage Aligner Package
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
NightOnly Aligners Package
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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Established in 2019, ALIGNERCO produces invisible aligners to help customers achieve straighter teeth without the costs and inconvenience of going to the orthodontist. Aimed at mild to moderate alignment issues that are suitable for treatment by telemedicine, ALIGNERCO’s program offers results within 12 months.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners work in a similar way to traditional braces, guiding your teeth into better alignment over time. Each set of aligners places targeted pressure on specific points of your teeth in order to guide them into a better alignment. Each tray applies new incremental pressure in order to keep the realignment progress moving. ALIGNERCO accepts patients who are 14 years of age or older, so it’s also an option for teenagers in need of teeth alignment.

ALIGNERCO’s aligners are made of high-quality, FDA-approved RaintreeEssix plastic, giving you the reassurance that your aligners are manufactured by a reputable producer of dental materials. In addition to being completely safe, the material is very discreet. In fact, it’s nearly invisible. ALIGNERCO offers regular aligners that are worn all the time (apart from when you eat and drink) or NightOnly aligners if you prefer not to have to wear aligners during the daytime.

What does ALIGNERCO provide?

The packages offered by ALIGNERCO include more than aligners. In order for the remote alignment treatment to work properly, the company provides:

  • The dental impression kit for assessing your teeth
  • Aligners that adjust your bite during your treatment
  • A set of retainers for maintaining the alignment after your treatment

The fully remote service starts with taking an impression of your teeth with the at-home impression kit. ALIGNERCO uses the impressions to create custom aligners that draw your teeth into an improved position.

The aligners are sent to you in the mail, and you communicate with ALIGNERCO’s monitoring team every two weeks throughout your treatment. Most courses of aligner treatment are complete within 12 months.

How much does ALIGNERCO cost?

The cost of ALIGNERCO’s SmileAdvantage package is $1145, including the impression kit, invisible aligners, and a set of retainers. If you opt for NightOnly aligners, the cost is $1345. Shipping within the USA is free, while shipping costs to other countries vary.

Either way, when you compare the cost of ALIGNERCO to the cost of traditional braces, the savings are pretty dramatic. Traditional wire braces tend to cost at least $3000, but the price can easily stretch up as high as $7000. Ceramic braces are just as expensive as wire braces, if not slightly pricier.

ALIGNERCO can save you thousands of dollars compared to traditional braces, but what about other aligner treatments? It turns out that ALIGNERCO is more affordable than them, too. You’ll generally save hundreds of dollars with ALIGNERCO compared to Byte or Smile Direct Club, while you can save thousands compared to Candid or InvisAlign.

In addition to the savings you already can enjoy, ALIGNERCO occasionally offers great discounts. For instance, right now there is a $200 discount on NightOnly aligners using a discount code. ALIGNERCO also lets you benefit from a referral system where you get $100 cash for referring a friend. In this case, your friend also enjoys a $100 discount.

ALIGNERCO partners with Affirm and to offer two additional payment plans that split the cost of the SmileAdvantage package into monthly installments with interest, in which case your aligners would be sent to you in batches rather than as a single package.

Not sure whether to commit?

If you’re interested in the idea of clear aligners but not yet ready to commit, you can buy just an ALIGNERCO home impression kit for $39.99. This option allows you to explore how your treatment would unfold and what the results would be. After receiving your imprints, ALIGNERCO will produce your smile projection. Then you have the choice to proceed with the aligners or pursue a different path. If the ALIGNERCO experts decide you are not a good candidate for aligners, you’ll get a full refund of the cost of the kit.

Clear aligners vs traditional braces

While there are similarities between clear aligners and wire braces, there are also some important differences between the two.

Eat and drink what you want

Unlike wire braces, which can’t be removed while you eat, aligners are designed to be taken out easily before eating and drinking. You can enjoy any foods that you want during treatment.

Cost differences

The remote service from ALIGNERCO enables lower costs compared to traditional wire braces.

Aligners are much more discreet

The plastic is so clear that it is almost invisible, making it a highly discreet option compared to traditional wire braces.

ALIGNERCO aligners aren’t painful

These aligners fit over your teeth without pressing on or irritating your gums. Our testers agreed with most customers who report that they get used to the feel of the aligners very quickly, with no lasting lisp. While there may be a feeling of pressure or discomfort when first wearing a new set of aligners, they shouldn’t cause you pain.

Shorter treatment

With ALIGNERCO, you can enjoy a shorter treatment period than with traditional wire braces.

For mild to moderate alignment issues

ALIGNERCO clear aligners are designed to help with common teeth alignment issues, including overcrowding and gaps. Some more severe conditions, such as overbite and underbite, may not be suitable for correction with clear aligners through a telemedicine service; the ALIGNERCO team will discuss your options with you if this is the case.

Getting started with ALIGNERCO

The process of signing up with ALIGNERCO is very straightforward and its customer service helps you understand the whole process before you get started. The remote nature of this type of service means that each step in this timeline can take 2-3 weeks. Some customers are disappointed in the time that it takes from signing up to receiving the aligners, especially if the postal service is experiencing delays. You should plan on the process taking a couple or few months before your aligners arrive.

Most customers are perfectly content waiting for the aligners, though, given all of the benefits and overall convenience of the service compared to traditional braces or aligners.

Step 1: Questionnaire

Your first step in the ALIGNERCO journey is a free, online assessment survey. The survey includes questions about your dental history and health as well as your contact information. It takes around two minutes to complete. ALIGNERCO uses this information in order to determine if your situation makes you a likely candidate for aligners, emailing its determination to you.

Step 2: Take an impression of your teeth

As long as your questionnaire results indicate that you’re a likely candidate for aligners, the next step is to take an impression of your teeth using ALIGNERCO’s home impression kit, which they mail directly to you.

Several customers report difficulty getting a good impression of their teeth, which sometimes has to be repeated. ALIGNERCO offers the option of scheduling a video call with one of its dentists to guide you while you take the impressions, in order to reduce the chances of an inaccurate mold.

Step 3: Mail your impressions back to ALIGNERCO

Once you have taken the impressions, you send them back to ALIGNERCO using the prepaid shipping label. ALIGNERCO will evaluate them to determine whether clear aligners are suitable for you.

Step 4: Review your smile projection

If the company believes its aligners can help, ALIGNERCO will develop your realignment plan and produce a projection of how your smile will look after the realignment. If there are any aspects of the projected result that aren’t satisfying to you, you can explain this to ALIGNERCO. The company will then do its best to address the issues.

After you have approved the projection and given them the go-ahead, ALIGNERCO produces your clear aligners and ships them to your door.

Step 5: Get started with your aligners

ALIGNERCO’s aligners come in sets that you use for two weeks at a time. The regular aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours each day but should be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. If you choose the NightOnly option, you should wear them for 8-10 hours every night.

A dentist at ALIGNERCO monitors your progress through email communication with you and by reviewing updated photos of your teeth that you send every two weeks. This helps the dentist to keep track of your progress and intervene if things are not progressing as expected. If, at any

point, you feel the aligners are not fitting well, you should also proactively communicate this to ALIGNERCO so that the company can produce a new set for you without delay.

Depending on the degree of realignment needed, the entire process takes between 6 and 12 months with regular aligners or 8-12 months with the NightOnly option.

What happens after the treatment period?

Although the treatment period with aligners lasts generally one year at most, there is a risk of your teeth drifting back into their previous positions if you suddenly stop all maintenance. This is why ALIGNERCO recommends using a retainer for one year after completion of the aligner treatment. The company’s packages include one set of retainers, designed to last one year. You can also purchase additional retainers at the checkout page.

If you complete your course of treatment and aren’t happy with the results, ALIGNERCO will evaluate your case and produce more aligners if appropriate.

Does ALIGNERCO protect my privacy?

ALIGNERCO respects your privacy and is fully transparent about the personally identifiable information it collects from you and why it does so. This includes your name, email address, postal address, and payment information. As with most websites, ALIGNERCO also uses cookies to monitor browsing behavior.

ALIGNERCO stores customer information securely on its servers and doesn’t pass your information to third parties, except where required by law or where the third party is assisting ALIGNERCO in providing vital services to you. ALIGNERCO does not sell personally identifiable information but may pass processed, anonymized data to third parties.

HSA, FSA, and health insurance

ALIGNERCO accepts HSA and FSA debit cards for payment if orthodontic services are covered in your HSA/FSA plan. If you don’t have enough balance in your FSA account to cover your invisible aligners, you can split the cost between your FSA account and another payment method.

ALIGNERCO doesn’t currently accept insurance or other health plans to cover the cost of the aligners but may do so in the future. In the meantime, you can check with your insurance provider as to whether you can claim ALIGNERCO costs as an out-of-network orthodontic expense.

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