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Find out if Cymbiotika’s supplement pills, powders, oils, and balms have what you need for enhanced well-being in 2023.

Last updated: Jan 18th, 2023
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Cymbiotika Reviews

Our Findings

Editor's Rating4.00

We recommend Cymbiotika because they make a lot of big promises and hold up almost all of them. Their products are more expensive than your average supplement, but their oil-based formulas aren’t average: they have been biologically altered using the latest technology for maximum absorption. The supplements are healthy, have no additives or preservatives, and taste great. Cymbiotika’s formulas are all third-party tested and made in the U.S. While a few supplements don’t live up to their full potential (or the promises Cymbiotika makes about them), most prove to be on the cutting edge, giving you as much supplementation as possible.


  • Powerful bioavailability means your body absorbs all supplement components
  • Potent, great-tasting flavors
  • Vegan (with one exception)
  • 30-day return policy
  • Create your own subscription bundle for up to 30% off
  • 10% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter


  • Expensive when compared to comparable products
  • Colloidal silver isn’t considered safe or effective
  • Not transparent in business practices and ingredient sourcing
  • You’re responsible for return shipping and import fees

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t oversee supplements in the same way it does food and prescription or over-the-counter medications. Without strict regulations or guidelines, supplement companies have more freedom to do or say whatever they want, as long as they use good manufacturing processes and don’t promise that a supplement treats, cures, or prevents a disease. And when you’re trying to improve your health like the 80% of Americans who took supplements in 2021, finding a product that works is crucial.

Cymbiotika was founded to battle the lack of transparency plaguing many supplement companies. They use natural and organic ingredients, helping people to “reclaim their health” by filling in nutrient gaps caused by problems with the contemporary food industry.

We looked into Cymbiotika to see if their promises of blending scientific innovation with traditional Eastern medicine actually create the best possible supplements. Read our review to find details about products, ingredients, and cost.

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In this Review

Why you should trust us

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions about staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles.

We extensively test each health service or product we review. Our content provides you, our readers, with an unbiased exploration of at-home health options, free of marketing jargon or gimmicks. We evaluate products and services based on their adherence to quality and the latest medical evidence and health standards. We ask ourselves two simple questions: Would we buy the product or service ourselves if it weren’t part of our job? Would we recommend it to family and friends?

Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this review was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

What is Cymbiotika?

Cymbiotika makes and sells natural and organic vitamins and supplements. Their brand name is a play on the word “symbiotic” to emphasize their mission: to help people reclaim their health through education, transparency, and good nutrition. Founded in 2018, the company aims to support nutritional gaps stemming from problems in contemporary diets using both traditional Eastern medicine and plain good science.

The company centers their work around five major values:

  • Knowledge
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Community
  • Excellence

While Cymbiotika claims these descriptors, it isn’t always clear exactly how they’re put into practice. For example, the company says they work sustainably but are vague about what that means (whereas some competitors have pages or sub-pages dedicated to specific sustainability efforts). There isn’t always clarity about where they obtain ingredients or how they help their community. Considering they champion transparency, it was surprising that we couldn’t easily find this information.

Cymbiotika has a sub-brand, Rya Organics, that makes natural skincare and CBD products with the same mission and methods as Cymbiotika.


Cymbiotika sells 29 different products, doubling their catalog since February 2021. Six of these are non-supplements — a shower filter, a tote bag, a digital gift card, and some apparel for Cymbiotika and their founder’s podcast — leaving 23 total supplements available for purchase. They are sorted into a few handy categories:

  • Anti-aging
  • Athletic recovery
  • Beauty
  • Children’s products
  • Energy
  • Gut health
  • Immunity defense
  • Nootropic
  • Peak athletic performance
  • Prenatal
  • Sleep aid

More notably, these supplements come in a substantial range of carriers. Instead of just looking at hard pills versus softgel capsules, you can choose from sprays, topical balms, oil droplets, and the classic hard and softgel capsules. Each form is specially picked for the best absorption to get as much of the additive as possible. Cymbiotika uses micellization, making oil more bioavailable, to zero in on beneficial effects.

Plus, every product page gives a recommended pairing (under “Pro-tip”) and a picture of the full instructions, dosages, and supplement facts.

In this review, we’ll focus on investigating the different ways Cymbiotika delivers your supplements rather than the ingredients themselves. Unless we note otherwise, all of the ingredients in each supplement are standard with appropriate dosages.

All of their products (except for Regenesis) are vegan. An independent third party tests everything to ensure high quality before hitting the shelves.


Cymbiotika’s oils are the standout of their catalog. Vitamins are almost always best absorbed by the body when they come in an oil form. However, some factors don’t make all vitamin oils equal: the oil droplet size and composition determine how well they break down. Other vitamins aren’t oil-soluble (meaning they don’t bind well to oil). In those cases, Cymbiotika encloses them in a liposome, a tiny bubble of fat for your body to use like plain oil.

These biomodifications make Cymbiotika’s oil supplements highly effective. The Omega — their omega-3 DHA/EPA oil — is one of the highest-quality vegan DHA supplements on the market. Water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C are absorbed better in a liposome than when taken as a tablet (though nothing beats getting your nutrients through your diet).

Oil-based vitamins are also easier to take. Rather than choking down a softgel or capsule supplement, these oils mix easily into a non-water-based beverage of your choice. (You can pump them straight into your mouth for a no-nonsense approach, as long as your mouth doesn’t touch the pump itself.)

One serving of each oil is equal to about 2mL, less than what goes into a standard softgel capsule. In the end, you get more nutrients with less volume. Plus, these oils are flavored (though a somewhat oily taste cuts through the flavoring).

  • Vitamin B12 + B6: $48.00
  • Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10: $77.00
  • The Omega: $72.00
  • Golden Mind (a nootropic with lion’s mane mushroom, L-Theanine, green tea, and ginseng): $58.00
  • Adrenal Super Tonic (a calming tonic with rosemary, lavender, and ashwagandha): $58.00
  • Elderberry Defense (for immune support with vitamin C, echinacea, and selenium): $48.00
  • Red Yeast Rice (for metabolic and cardiovascular support): $52.00
  • Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold (the substance created by decomposing plants in soil): $67.00

Red Yeast Rice has changed formulas at least once, currently showing a large non-pump oil bottle in pictures but referring to a squeeze pouch in the description. Elderberry Defense is also only sold in a large non-pump oil bottle.

Likewise, Mineral Shilajit Resin Liquid Gold is halfway between an oil and a squeeze pouch. It comes as a thick, tar-like black goop that you can mix into a drink or swallow straight off a spoon.

Squeeze pouches

It’s easy to get your daily vitamins when they come in a handy squeeze pouch. For the most part, you find vitamins in Cymbiotika’s catalog in either a squeeze pouch or a capsule if they can’t be broken down in oil.

Like applesauce and baby food that come in similar packets, one pouch is a perfect serving. You can squeeze them directly into your mouth or your favorite food or drink. These packets have the most robust flavors; the Liposomal Vitamin C, for example, has an eerily accurate Creamsicle taste.

  • Super Greens (green veggies and plant compounds): $78.00
  • Glutathione (an antioxidant with PQQ and CoQ10): $88.00
  • Magnesium L-Threonate (a potent form of magnesium): $62.00
  • Liposomal Vitamin C (a potent form of vitamin C): $68.00
  • Longevity Mushrooms (with six common mushrooms and green tea extract): $60.00
  • Activated Charcoal: $56.00

As an aside, you should not use Activated Charcoal if you take prescription medication. Commonly used in emergency rooms to treat poisoning, activated charcoal works by moving through your digestive tract and binding to all free-floating positively charged molecules, which are then eliminated rather than absorbed. If you aren’t sure if you can take it alongside your medication, reach out to your primary care provider.

Special Offer: 10% OFF Your First Order When You Sign Up For the Newsletter


A few products in the catalog can’t be mixed with oil. In some cases — like their Probiotic — it isn’t necessary; in others, outside factors make it a bad idea (like Apple Cider Vinegar, which makes a nice salad dressing but a strange-tasting supplement). These few and far between supplements go back to the classic capsule form. Thankfully, capsules break down and absorb into the GI tract much easier than a tablet, so you’ll still benefit.

  • Probiotic (with 50 billion CFU of 19 probiotic bacteria per serving and added extracts like ginger and L-Glutamine for good gut health): $89.00
  • Allergy Defense (for immune support and decreasing allergy-related inflammation): $42.00
  • Zinc Complex (a hefty punch of zinc with copper and selenium): $32.00
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (made with chromium picolinate and Thiamine for metabolic support): $38.00
  • NMN + Trans-Resveratrol (to prevent oxidative stress and slow premature aging): $77.00

Topical and powder formulations

Cymbiotika has two topical products and one nutritional powder.

You can put both the Topical Magnesium Oil Spray ($36.00) and Ultimate Pain Balm ($56.00) directly on your skin with different effects. Putting magnesium directly on your skin is thought to bypass the GI tract, bathing your cells for maximum absorption. However, there isn’t a lot of research yet to verify that claim, particularly in high doses over a long time, as Cymbiotika recommends. We also weren’t able to find any of the Ultimate Pain Balm’s ingredients listed on their website, but we found through outside research that it contains (among other ingredients):

  • Japanese peppermint
  • White camphor
  • Spearmint
  • Arnica
  • Blue tansy

It makes sense that the Ultimate Pain Balm works. Mints provide a tingling sensation, and those little feelings that distract from pain are a genuine way to distract the brain long enough for the pain to subside. (It’s how TMS machines work.) And Arnica extract is a well-known anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

The sole powder that Cymbiotika sells is their vanilla-flavored Plant Protein ($88.00). This powder provides a hefty 20g of protein with 18 key amino acids and an earthy, sweet taste in every serving.

Coated Silver

Coated Silver ($120.00) is arguably the most controversial supplement in the catalog. It’s a coated colloidal silver, which Cymbiotika argues helps support the immune system and a healthy gut microbiome by neutralizing viruses, fungi, yeast, and mold. However, colloidal silver has had its negative time in the spotlight: it builds up in body tissue, turning your skin or eyes permanently bluish-gray. Soluble silver can also cause damage to:

  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Respiratory system
  • Intestinal tract
  • Blood cells

Cymbiotika argues that their silver won’t cause these side effects because it’s a coated silver. One study from 2015 showed that coated colloidal silver appears to prevent those negative side effects with slightly higher bioavailability. However, more research is needed to prove there aren’t any long-term side effects. And there still isn’t any quality scientific research proving that silver does protect the immune and GI systems through its antibacterial properties.

One drop of Coated Silver has 1,200mcg of silver nanoparticles, and they recommend adding one to five drops into eight ounces of water daily. Cymbiotika also recommends using it in your saltwater gargles and air humidifiers and as a sinus rinse and disinfectant for medical equipment. (Please verify colloidal silver’s use as a cleaning agent with the manufacturer before disinfecting your CPAP or other medical gear.)

Payments and programs

You can use any major credit card or PayPal to purchase your supplements from Cymbiotika.


Free shipping is only available for purchases over $150 to addresses in the United States. The shipping cost varies depending on your address but starts at about $8.00 for West Coast orders and $10.00 for orders headed to the East Coast. These prices jump dramatically for international orders.

They offer several different methods of shipping with various speeds.

Approximate cost (West Coast)Approximate cost (East Coast)
USPS Priority Mail (2 business days)$8.00$10.00
UPS Ground (1-5 business days)$22.50$27.00
UPS Next Day Air Saver (1 business day)$135.00$175.00
UPS Next Day Air (1 business day)$145.00$200.00
UPS Next Day Air Early (1 business day)$185.00$240.00

Cymbiotika is sold in dozens of retail stores internationally if you don't want to pay for shipping. They are mostly stocked by smaller or independent businesses and aren't yet found in big box shops like CVS or Target, but their online store locator is handy to help you plan your trip.

You can purchase Cymbiotika in person in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • England
  • The Netherlands
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • South Africa

Subscribe & Save

If you know that you like a product or already have a regimen you're replacing with Cymbiotika products, they offer a Subscribe & Save option. They automatically ship and deliver your order every 30 days for between 10% and 30% off. The number of products in your bundle determines your average savings.

  • One item: 10% off
  • Two items: 15% off
  • Three items: 20% off
  • Four items: 25% off
  • Five or more items: 30% off

All prices listed in this article are the full prices for a one-time purchase.


Cymbiotika has a decent return policy. You can return any supplement unopened within 30 days of delivery, but there are a few stipulations you’ll have to meet to get your refund.

All returned items must be unopened, but they also need to be undamaged. There’s a separate process to get your money back (or a replacement) for a damaged item, so start by getting in touch with customer service via phone or email.

When sending your box back, be sure to include some proof of purchase, whether that's your receipt or the original packing slip. They won't process a refund without some way of knowing who it originally came from. You're also on the hook for return shipping; Cymbiotika will not cover the package's cost or any tariff or customs fees.

Cymbiotika will not accept non-supplement merchandise (shower filters, clothing, or gift cards) for return or refunds.

Cymbiotika rewards

Cymbiotika’s rewards program allows you to earn points while you shop. When you create an account on their site, you’ll automatically earn 50 points. These points can be redeemed for discounts on subscription orders or a branded tote bag. Currently, you can’t redeem points for single-purchase orders.

For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn one point. Every Cymbiotika brand social media account that you follow nets another five points, and you’ll get different amounts of points on your birthday and when you review a product. These amounts are determined by your member level, which operates in tiers depending on how much you’ve spent on Cymbiotika altogether.

Enthusiast ($0 - $599)

Five points per review, 80 points for your birthday.

Insider ($600 - $1199)

Seven points per review, 90 points for your birthday. The first level where you can earn exclusive discounts.

Pro ($1200+)

Ten points per review, 100 points for your birthday. Earn exclusive discounts and gifts with each purchase.

Is Cymbiotika a good value?

Cymbiotika’s products are a great value. You’ll get a significant amount of product, as most have 30 servings per container. Everything in their catalog is priced significantly higher than most competitors, though, between $1.33 and $4.00 per serving. And while these products are way more expensive, they’re also way more likely to work consistently.

For reference, here’s a cost and value comparison between Cymbiotika and other high-quality liposomal vitamin C supplements.

CostValue ($ per serving)
Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C$62.00$2.07
Pure Encapsulations Liposomal Vitamin C$37.00$1.54
Quicksilver Liposomal Vitamin C$32.00$1.34
Codeage Liposomal Vitamin C$35.99$0.60

HSA, FSA, and insurance

Cymbiotika doesn’t accept HSA, FSA, or insurance as payment. All purchases must be made out-of-pocket.


As an online retailer, Cymbiotika collects some personal information from you. Most of this is the personal information you provide to complete your purchase, like your address and credit card number. Other information, like what you've purchased or where your IP address comes from, is used to further marketing research and personal advertisements, but only in industry-standard methods.

If you create an account with Cymbiotika using your Facebook or Google account, be aware that they will have access to all of the information you’ve shared with either of those companies. This is a common practice but something to keep in mind.

Customer support

There are three different ways to get in touch with Cymbiotika:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • In-browser chat

The in-browser chat is available 24/7 and gives the impression that it's staffed by a real Support Agent. If you stay on a page for longer than a minute or two, the chat automatically opens, saying, "We are grateful for your interest in achieving optimal health. How can I help?" If you manually close the window, it goes away but will re-open with a new notification if you go to a different page or leave the tab and come back later. We appreciate the attempts at recreating prompt, friendly customer service but find the pop-up method a little intrusive.

Cymbiotika's customer support phone line is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time. There wasn't much of a waiting time — if at all -– when our testers called, and representatives were always kind and relatively knowledgeable. Our testers typically got a response to an email request within 48 hours.

Getting started with Cymbiotika

Since Cymbiotika is an online marketplace, getting started is as easy as flipping through the pages to find the product you want. But if you don't know what you want, Cymbiotika has a short quiz that helps to match you to some appropriate supplements. The quiz asks about the following information:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • General mood
  • If you have a vitamin deficiency
  • General diet description (i.e., gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, and so on)
  • Food intolerances
  • Average weekly alcohol consumption
  • Health areas you'd like supported

After taking the quiz, the website picks the top five products it thinks will work best based on your answers. However, unlike other product-matching quizzes, it won't automatically put everything in your cart. Cymbiotika gives a three-bullet-point description of why they think each product matches your needs, but it's up to you to read about them and decide if you should take them home.

If you decide to bundle these products, Cymbiotika gives a quick breakdown of your savings opportunities in the sidebar.

How we evaluate health products

At Innerbody Research, we customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related service or product. In general, we have five broad evaluation areas, including:

Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service(s) or product(s)? How is advanced technology used for accuracy and safety? What evidence of effectiveness exists to justify the company’s approach? Are manufacturing standards of high quality?

User-friendliness: How intuitive and convenient is the service or product? To what degree is the company interface helpful and understandable?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, is it stored securely? Are payments secure? Does the company market your information?

Customer support: With personalized products and services, how well does the company address your individual needs? If a product or service does not work for you, are there satisfaction guarantees or return policies that protect you?