Semenoll Review

Can Semenoll increase your ejaculate volume and possibly help couples conceive? Our testing team weighs the pros and cons.

Last updated: Dec 18th, 2023
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Semenoll Reviews

If you've been having trouble conceiving a child, you're not alone. According to the Mayo Clinic, one in seven couples struggles with infertility. There are several potential causes of infertility in men, from low sperm count and abnormal function to blockages along the delivery route. Fortunately, men can address most of these issues with a few lifestyle changes. Those include an improved diet, increased exercise, and shedding bad habits like drinking excessively or smoking. Men can also look to non-prescription supplements like Semenoll for help. We’ll explore the pros and cons of Semenoll to help you decide if this is the best supplement for you to try.

Our Findings

Editor's Rating2.75


  • Central ingredient is dosed consistently with successful studies
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Buy a three-month supply and get two months free


  • Can take months to see significant results — longer than prescription fertility treatments
  • Far too many ingredients appear in significantly low doses
  • Some ingredients can cause digestive discomfort

Semenoll contains a handful of effective ingredients that can help bolster fertility in men with suboptimal semen characteristics. Unfortunately, the product doesn’t deliver enough of most of these ingredients to match (or come close to matching) levels that demonstrated effectiveness in studies. Those that do appear in large quantities in the formula are among the ingredients with the least clinical evidence behind them. Consequently, Semenoll isn't close to a sure bet; there are some men for whom this product will definitely work, but many men won’t notice benefits. Visit our comprehensive guide to the best supplements for enhancing semen health and fertility; it’ll help you choose a supplement that could predictably help more.

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In this Review

Why you should trust us

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions about staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles. That includes decisions about their sexual health, and products like Semenoll and its competitors are among our most thoroughly researched.

We devoted over 100 hours researching Semenoll itself and thousands of hours studying the broader landscape of its alternatives. All told, we pored over more than 100 scientific research papers covering various ingredients found in Semenoll and other volume pills, comparing doses, side effects, and potential efficacy.

Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this review was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy. We continue to monitor developments in the men’s health space and keep this article up to date accordingly.

How we evaluated Semenoll

We compared Semenoll to a litany of men's sexual health supplements, including those meant to improve semen quality, orgasm pleasure, and erectile performance. This is a category of products rife with shady players offering impossible benefits like increased penis size and cures for erectile dysfunction. But there are some products worth focusing on and considering. Semenoll belongs to the group that’s a little more trustworthy, so we kept our evaluation comparisons confined to its closest competitors. Set against the background noise of so many disreputable products, Semenoll might seem like a dream supplement. But up against similar products from more reputable companies, it struggles.

Our criteria attempt to reflect potential customers' most pressing concerns.

  • Effectiveness contributes the most to our overall rating based on ingredient doses as compared to successful clinical research.
  • Safety comes in a close second in importance based on adverse effect reporting in clinical research.
  • Cost is a straightforward concern but one that has some interesting caveats in this sector.
  • Convenience may not be our most important consideration, but it’s one that could tip the scales for men who are on the fence.

Ultimately, we found Semenoll to be lacking in most areas, with its relatively admirable safety profile serving as its most outstanding benefit. And given the fact that its formula revolves around the one ingredient that boasts a decent dose (tribulus terrestris), you might be better off buying that ingredient on its own.

Let’s take a closer look at each evaluation criterion to better understand our rating for Semenoll.


Rating: 5 / 10

Semenoll's effectiveness is a weak point. It’s bound to work for some men, but its over-reliance on one or two ingredients combined with substandard doses of the rest keep it from being one of the most effective products in its class. The ingredient list contains components that boast some clinical research — including in humans, which is rarer than you might expect — that speak to their potential. Too often, though, Semenoll’s doses of these ingredients are a mere fraction of what was used in the studies supporting them.

Semenoll provides reasonably high doses of two ingredients: maca root and Tribulus terrestris. Studies looking at maca's abilities show improved semen characteristics in humans and mice, as well as an increase in sexual desire. But those studies use a minimum of 1,500mg doses compared to Semenoll’s 900mg. It’s close to what might make a difference for some men but still falls a bit short.

Tribulus is a substance that may boost testosterone. That amplified testosterone would have a positive ripple effect on a man's sexual health, improving libido, semen quality, and erectile performance. Studies in rats have been the most successful, with doses equivalent to roughly 900mg for a 200lb man. With Semenoll’s 1,107mg dose, tribulus appears to be the product’s central support pillar.

Most of the other ingredients could be considered window dressing. For example, zinc offers testosterone-boosting effects, but it's important to know what kind of zinc you're getting. Depending on its preparation, elemental zinc concentrations in various forms of zinc will differ. Semenoll uses zinc oxide, a particularly potent preparation at 80% elemental zinc. Its 9mg of zinc oxide provides you with 7.2mg of elemental zinc. That sounds pretty good until you consider alternatives; not only do other companies like Male Extra or Max Performer offer much higher doses of zinc, but it turns out zinc oxide is harder for the body to absorb than other forms, negating the benefits of its concentration.

L-Arginine has also been shown to improve semen parameters, but claims of its vasodilating effects and ability to treat erectile dysfunction appear somewhat overblown. And most studies into L-arginine for men’s sexual health use doses starting at 1,000mg. Compare that to Semenoll’s paltry 44.6mg dose, and you’ll see why we’re so down on the product’s efficacy.


Rating: 8 / 10

The same thing that hurts Semnoll’s efficacy rating helps its safety profile. Low doses of so many of its ingredients dramatically reduce the likelihood that they’ll trigger adverse reactions. For that reason, Semenoll may be one of the safer volume pills around, though even that distinction has its limits.

While not all of Semenoll's ingredients share the same degree of efficacy, they've all been the subject of several studies. And the tolerability of ingredients in these studies has been high, with few-to-no adverse effects reported.

When side effects have been reported concerning any of Semenoll's ingredients, they've included:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Renal inflammation

While some of these may sound a bit scary, they're exceedingly rare and often result from cases involving much higher doses than what's in Semenoll. Still, we always advise that people speak with their doctors before incorporating any new supplement into their diets. This is especially true when it comes to men’s sexual health supplements, as some common effects can create dangerous situations for men on certain medications or with specific conditions.

L-Arginine, for example, may put men in danger who have low blood pressure or take medication to manage their blood pressure. Semenoll’s L-arginine dose is likely far too low to be of concern, but it’s something you should discuss with your doctor regardless.


Rating: 6 / 10

There are a few aspects of cost we like to take into consideration when evaluating supplements. Price is obviously one of them, but we also consider return policies, money-back guarantees, bulk or subscription savings, and shipping fees.

Below, we’ll compare prices and money-back guarantees between Semenoll and some of the top men’s sexual health supplements. Every one of these companies offers free shipping on all orders and some form of bulk savings, but none have subscription systems.

Price for one bottlePrice per bottle at highest bulk levelMoney-back guarantee
Semenoll$60$3660 days
Ultraload$69$50100 days
Semenax$60$3367 days
Volume Pills$60$3367 days
Max Performer$69$30100 days
VigRX Plus$70$4967 days

As you can see, some of Semenoll's competitors offer better savings at their highest bulk purchasing levels. However, if you don't have the capital to invest in a 6-12-month supply, you stand to pay about the same for one bottle of Semenoll as any other brand.

Unfortunately, among all of these brands, Semenoll has the shortest money-back guarantee. It should still be long enough for most men to start feeling some changes — if they’re going to feel them — but guarantees of 100 days and up are preferable, as some effects can take up to three months to manifest.

Special Offer: 2 Months FREE When You Buy a 3-Month Supply


Rating: 6 / 10

In evaluating a supplement brand's convenience, we look at things like their website's user-friendliness, customer support infrastructure, and shipping logistics, as well as factors like pill size and dosing schedule. Semenoll's offerings are on par with other semen-enhancing products.

For example, Semenoll's contact page lists a phone number and email address, and it also claims that there is a live chat feature you can use to speak with real human representatives. But whenever we used the site, that live chat feature was nowhere to be found. Some other companies have functioning live chat features, though many of those are staffed by bots. On the bright side, phone operators are readily available, often resulting in less than one minute of hold time.

Semenoll's lack of subscription options means you have to reorder manually any time you're running low on the supplement, which is inconvenient for some. And while the company doesn't offer the fastest shipping you'll find, it does ship discreetly. That’s pretty standard for supplements of its kind, but it’s still nice to get a package like this with no obvious labeling on the box that would give away its contents.

How Semenoll works

Semenoll employs seven ingredients that can increase sperm count, improve sperm motility, or promote improvements in overall sexual health at typically large doses. Some of these effects are direct, meaning that the ingredient overtly works to improve semen and sperm quality. Other effects are indirect, meaning that the ingredients affect a particular part of the body (e.g., testosterone production) that positively impacts semen and sperm quality.

Semenoll only boasts one ingredient that’s present in a dose that’s known to be clinically relevant, along with one or two others that come close but leave a little to be desired. The majority of the supplement’s ingredients are underdosed, lowering its chances of working well for most people.

To better understand how Semenoll might work for you, let’s examine its components more closely.

Maca root extract: 900mg

Maca has a lot of potential benefits, including improving mood and energy. More rigorous research is needed, but a meta-analysis of the best studies confirms an undeniable benefit to semen quality. In both human and animal models, maca also appears capable of battling infertility. One of the most promising studies in humans uses doses ranging from 1,500-3,000mg. Semenoll comes close to reaching this dose minimum but doesn’t quite get there. As a result, this ingredient may not have as noticeable an impact on larger men. But it’s still one of the most noteworthy ingredients in Semenoll.

Zinc: 9mg

Studies show that zinc can inhibit the binding of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and free testosterone. This makes zinc an effective ingredient in battling low testosterone and helping your testes produce better-quality and higher-quantity sperm. However, Semenoll’s zinc dose is on the low side, and the company relies on zinc oxide, which can be harder to absorb than other forms of zinc seen in superior supplements like the 45mg of zinc citrate in Male Extra.

Muira puama extract: 45mg

Most of the research into the efficacy of muira puama involves combinations of botanicals. That makes it challenging to determine exactly what influence muira puama may have had on the results and, consequently, what it could do for you. Studies often use around 45mg/kg of body weight when testing it, which makes Semenoll’s dose about 1/90th what a 200lb man would need to see similar results.

Tribulus terrestris extract: 1,107mg

This is an ingredient you'll often see in testosterone boosters, and it’s the only ingredient in Semnoll to appear at (and even slightly above) typical clinical doses. Animal studies show that it can boost testosterone and directly or indirectly improve sperm count, viability, and motility. Human studies also illustrate some potential for other uses in male sexual health. Some recent studies have called its mechanism of action into question, but that doesn’t necessarily undercut its efficacy. This is another one of Semenoll’s ingredients that’s most likely to provide some benefits.

Pumpkin seed extract: 22.5mg

Pumpkin seed extract taken in a low dose over eight weeks appears to improve sperm count and motility, based on a 2010 study. Interestingly, the effect tapered off significantly at higher doses, but even the lowest dose in this study is more than 10 times the dose in Semenoll.

L-Arginine: 44.6mg

This Iraqi study saw a doubling of motility and a near doubling in total sperm count in men taking L-arginine. Its dose was much higher than Semenoll's, however. In fact, Semenoll’s is one of the lowest doses of L-arginine we’ve seen in this class of supplements.

L-Lysine: 36mg

Several amino acids play critical roles in sperm development, and lysine may be one of the most important. Early results suggest that lysine is crucial for motility and egg penetration, but additional research would clarify its role. Specifically, in vivo studies would be necessary before coming to any conclusion about the effects of supplementation.

Who might benefit from Semenoll?

Semenoll's effects most likely won’t make a night-and-day kind of difference, and the supplement won’t work for everyone. But some men might experience a noticeable increase in semen volume, often accompanied by enhanced pleasure during orgasm. Sexual appetites may increase as well. Plenty of research connects various Semenoll ingredients with improved sperm characteristics.

Those effects make Semenoll an interesting choice for men trying to conceive who don't want to take more impactful fertility treatments that may have harsher side effects. Depending on the fertility treatments and your insurance, Semenoll might actually be the less expensive option. That said, some of its direct competitors like Semenax could be a better choice, as could fertility supplements like Bird & Be’s Power Prenatal for Males, which boasts an ingredient list that puts it in competition with — and sees it outperform — volume pills.

Semenoll cost, shipping, and returns

Semenoll's cost structure is straightforward, and savings add up dramatically when you buy multiple bottles in a single order. Here's how it all breaks down:

Total costCost per bottleCost per dose
One bottle$59.95$59.95$2
Three bottles$119.95$39.98$1.33
Five bottles$179.95$35.98$1.20

Semenoll used to offer an 8-bottle supply for $279. But the difference per bottle compared to the 5-bottle supply was only $0.98, so we'd recommended the 5-bottle purchase for most new users. It saves you a lot of money without requiring quite as much capital upfront. And with the company's money-back guarantee, you could recoup nearly all of what you spend (minus shipping) if the product doesn't work out.

Semenoll accepts major credit cards. It also used to take PayPal, but that option is no longer available. In its place, Semenoll has added the option to use Afterpay, allowing you to create a payment plan that might make larger bulk orders more affordable.

Shipping from Semenoll is fast and free at any purchase level. Some other companies in its class only offer free shipping on bulk orders, and a few don't offer it at all. So, in addition to having competitive prices at every tier, Semenoll's free shipping makes them a smart choice for any budget-conscious consumer looking for an effective fertility supplement.

HSA, FSA, and health insurance

Semenoll does not accept payment from HSA or FSA cards. It also doesn’t work with any insurance companies, and the odds of your insurer reimbursing you for a Semenoll purchase are all but non-existent.

60-day money-back guarantee

Semenoll offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on purchases of three or more bottles. This used to be a 100-day guarantee, but the company has curtailed that offering. That brings its guarantee down to one of the shortest in among volume pills. There is some ambiguity in the language Semenoll uses to describe that guarantee, but we've spoken with the company and have clarified it completely.

If you feel that the product hasn't worked for you up to 60 days after your purchase, you can get a full refund for your entire purchase. If you still have unopened bottles, the company will ask that you return them, and the shipping cost will be yours to bear.

Semenoll is based in the U.K., but there’s a distribution center in Portland, OR, so you won't have to cover the cost of international shipping if you live in the U.S.

Privacy considerations

When it comes to your privacy, Semenoll operates similarly to most online retailers of men’s sexual health products. The company takes steps to protect vital data like credit card information, but it’ll use your personal browsing data for marketing purposes as it sees fit.

From a more direct privacy perspective, Semenoll ships its product in packaging that doesn't give away its contents. The box has no logo or branding, and the return address leads back to the shipping center in Portland without using Semenoll anywhere in the text.

If you need to call Semenoll with any questions, you'll have the option to turn off call recording. Many companies record customer interactions for training purposes, but Semenoll seems to understand that your privacy should come first in this product category. You'll be prompted to press 1 to allow recording or 2 to disallow it before speaking with a representative. Our calls with Semenoll were our first encounter with this level of privacy consideration for sensitive phone conversations.

Is Semenoll safe?

Given Semenoll's small number of ingredients provided at clinically relevant doses, most people should tolerate it well. Digestive upset is common when starting a new supplement, but it should resolve within a few days. If it doesn’t, and especially if the discomfort is serious, we recommend stopping your regimen and consulting a physician.

The ingredient with the most potential for harm is L-arginine, which has been connected with breathing problems for asthmatics, increased allergic response, and even gout. These issues arise in studies looking into much more significant doses than Semenoll provides, but they are still important to consider when taking a supplement for long-term daily use. L-Arginine is also a source of risk for men with blood pressure or cardiovascular issues, as it can slightly widen blood vessels. That could drop blood pressure further and pose life-threatening complications (though, again, in much higher doses).

The two ingredients that deserve the most scrutiny are Tribulus terrestris and maca, which appear in higher doses than the others. One study looking into maca’s safety found a slight increase in aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and blood pressure. This study used a 600mg dose, 300mg less than what’s in Semenoll. The increases were minor, but that deserves further investigation. As with L-arginine, maca makes Semenoll a more dangerous substance for men with cardiovascular issues. And with the added effect on AST, there’s a risk to liver health as well.

Potential side effects related to Tribulus terrestris are still under investigation. Studies in animals show cardiac issues, as well as liver and kidney damage, but these occurred while taking remarkably high doses. A few case studies in humans who have significantly overdosed on tribulus and other herbs found similar damage, but these studies assume extreme doses without a way to verify from the patients in question.

We recommend that anyone interested in trying Semenoll speak with their doctor first. Depending on your goals, your doctor might steer you in another direction, such as a comprehensive multivitamin or fertility supplement.

Alternatives to Semenoll

Semenoll falls into a subcategory of male enhancement pills often referred to as volume pills, thanks to their ability to increase semen parameters. Many ingredients cross over from other subcategories of male enhancement pills, such as those intended to improve erectile performance or libido. Volume pills also share several ingredients and effects with common testosterone-boosting supplements. As such, it's worth examining Semenoll as it compares to other volume pills, as well as other male enhancement pills and testosterone boosters.

But those three supplement types all appear to play to the same demographic. Many have nearly identical websites and price structures, and most make overblown claims based on paltry clinical evidence. Another category of supplements — fertility supplements — tends to perform better than most volume pills when it comes to improving semen parameters, and they often do so at extremely competitive prices.

Insider Tip: Buy from companies directly or from reputable dealers you trust. Sellers on Amazon and similar platforms have been caught dealing in expired or outright counterfeit supplements. Some even contain ingredients not listed on the label — including some pharmaceutical ingredients that normally require a prescription. That could cause serious health problems for certain men and those on contraindicated medication.

When stacked up against these competitors, Semenoll seems like a mediocre option that only stands out for the dose it provides of a single ingredient. There are viable alternatives in each of the following categories, several of which are not only superior performers but also less expensive.

Volume pills

Technically, Semenoll belongs to a subset of male enhancement products called volume pills. Companies generally market these products for their ability to increase semen quantity, with some emphasis on erectile strength and pleasure. A close look at the common ingredients in volume pills is consistent with this, as many boast better research into their semen-enhancing qualities than other male sexual health concerns. We also have a comprehensive guide to the best volume pills and encourage you to consult it for more information.

As their name suggests, volume pills’ primary goal is to increase the volume of your ejaculate, but increasing the quantity of your semen will inherently improve a whole host of other semen quality parameters. In addition, volume pills often claim the ability to enhance orgasmic pleasure and even erectile performance.

We’ve had a hard time verifying the orgasm pleasure claims for most ingredients found in common volume pills, but ingredients like L-arginine, maca, shilajit, and zinc all have research behind them indicating this ability. In some cases, it’s a question of blood flow, while in others, erectile improvement comes from an increase in testosterone levels.

Semenoll is a strong budget pick among traditional volume pills. At first glance, the reasoning behind this may be unclear. That's because Semenax, Semenoll, and Volume Pills all have the same base price for a single bottle. And at their highest bulk tiers, both Volume Pills and Semenax offer a better price per bottle than Semenoll at its highest bulk tier.

But that's not the complete picture. Semenax and Volume Pills offer 12-month tiers, whereas Semenoll's highest tier is just five bottles. Here’s how the three companies price out at the following tiers:

Single bottle5 bottles6 bottles12 bottles
Volume Pills$59.95N/A$289.95$399.95

Look at how the 5- and 6-month supply costs differ between Semenoll and these two competitors. You can get five bottles of Semenoll for $36/bottle or six bottles of Semenax or Volume Pills for over $48/bottle. So, if you don't have $400 to go up to the highest tiers Semenax and Volume Pills offer, then you stand to save the most money by getting the 5-bottle supply of Semenoll.

That said, we don’t think Semenoll is the best volume pill overall. With a combination of maca, shilajit, pine bark extract, and zinc, Ultraload offers the best combination for erectile strength among volume pills. It also comes with a generous 100-day money-back guarantee, a full 40 days longer than Semenoll’s.

Fertility supplements

Male fertility supplements are among the closest analogs to volume pills on the market. They often contain very similar ingredients, but many provide them in higher doses than those found in volume pills, and the best of them do so for less money.

We were impressed enough by a pair of these fertility supplements that we altered our definition of volume pills to include them in our volume pills guide and to consider one of them to be our top pick for best volume pill in 2024. (That would be Bird & Be’s Power Prenatal for Males.) After all, what difference should the marketing make to you if the ingredients clearly aim to produce the same result?

Those two male fertility supplements that we saw fit to include in our top recommendations are Bird & Be’s Power Prenatal for Males and Beli Vitality for Men. Each of these supplements has an impressive ingredient profile with a multivitamin complex. Several vitamins — vitamin D and vitamin C, in particular — have been shown in research to bolster male sexual health, semen parameters, and testosterone levels. Fertility supplements also contain generous doses of several ingredients that perform well in studies. For example, the Bird & Be offering delivers its impressive multivitamin complex along with high doses of L-arginine, CoQ10, omega-3s, and zinc.

Men serious about their fertility would do well to consider either of these, though Bird & Be is our top choice. And with a subscription cost of $49.50/month, you end up paying less per bottle than you would with most volume pills unless you ordered them in bulk.

Here’s just a quick look at how Power Prenatal for Males compared with Semenoll:

SemenollBird & Be
Tribulus terrestris1,107mgN/A
Zinc9mg (zinc oxide)50mg (zinc citrate)
Vitamin B12N/A500mcg
Vitamin D3N/A1,000IU
CoQ10N/A200mg (600mg with optional boost)
Muira puama45mgN/A
Pumpkin seed extract22.5mgN/A

As you can see, in the few areas where the two products overlap, Bird & Be has the clear advantage. And in the areas where they don’t, Bird & Be’s ingredients boast superior clinical research, such as vitamin D’s testosterone connection or vitamin B12’s importance to semen parameters.

Male enhancement pills

Volume pills fall under the broader male enhancement pills umbrella. Male enhancement pills that can’t be broken into another category claim to do a little bit of everything, from increasing semen quality to improving erections strength and libido. A couple of them even contain enough ingredients in sufficient doses that we're inclined to agree with their claims. But there are some caveats in the category, particularly when it comes to safety. You can read all about male enhancement pills in our comprehensive guide.

Some of our top male enhancement pills include:

Performer 8 $64.99

Our research has led us to believe that several of Performer 8’s high-dose ingredients have genuine potential to help with men’s sexual health. Our favorite of its ingredients is ashwagandha, which has been shown to support healthy testosterone levels and help regulate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Performer 8 uses a particular brand of ashwagandha extract known as KSM-66, which we consider the second-best option among ashwagandha sources on the market.

Extenze $49.99

Extenze is one of the most recognizable male enhancement brands on the market. The company’s early commercial campaigns misled consumers into thinking its product could increase penis size, but that doesn't take away from the pills' efficacy when it comes to erectile performance. Central ingredients include maca, Tribulus terrestris, and horny goat weed. Its inclusion of DHEA makes it a bad choice for competitive athletes, however, as this substance is widely banned.

Male Extra $59.99

Male Extra offers larger doses of zinc and L-arginine than almost anything in its class. That means it could potentially help with testosterone levels and blood flow to the penis. Male Extra also includes pomegranate extract, which some studies show can help with erectile performance, though much more research is needed.

Given the specific ingredients and doses it contains, Performer 8 is likely to be the most reliable choice for most men interested in male enhancement. But if you don't have any problems with DHEA — specifically, if you aren't a competitive athlete in an organization that bans it — you could look to Extenze for a slightly lower cost.

No male enhancement pill is likely to do as much for semen volume as a volume pill. But if your primary interest in Semenoll was its ability to boost libido or erection strength, you might do better by seeking a traditional male enhancement option.

Testosterone boosters

Many volume pills contain ingredients that can boost testosterone. That's because the development of semen starts with healthy levels of testosterone. Men with clinically low testosterone might benefit more from a supplement designed specifically to address this issue than a volume pill that increases testosterone by coincidence.

The testosterone boosters we'll discuss here are non-prescription supplements, but there are also prescription replacement therapies that may be appropriate for men with clinically low T. You can get tested from the comfort of your own home if you want to find out what your testosterone levels are. We break down all the best supplements in our testosterone booster guide.

Our highest-ranked testosterone boosters include:

TestoPrime, $59.99

TestoPrime has a lot to recommend it, thanks to large doses of zinc and vitamin D, the latter of which appears to be directly linked to healthy testosterone levels. There’s also a lifetime guarantee protecting the product's efficacy. Some ingredients appear in disappointingly small doses, like ashwagandha and ginseng, but third-party testing ensures quality, and bulk orders come with free e-books about testosterone and wellness.

Testogen, $59.99

Testogen offers capsules that contain over 2,300mg of D-aspartic acid, which has been shown to boost testosterone in doses of around 3,000mg. The company also has testosterone-boosting drops that are great for anyone who can't take pills or for those who wish to stack the drops together with the capsules. The drops cost $34.99 and contain ingredients like L-arginine and horny goat weed.

Roman, $35

With high doses of zinc and ashwagandha, Roman offers a budget-friendly supplement with a streamlined set of ingredients. It's only available as a subscription, but shipping is free and impressively fast. You can also take a well-priced, at-home testosterone test and consult with a physician to access prescription clomiphene, a non-hormonal therapy that far outperforms supplements in boosting testosterone. The company offers a slew of other men's health products, from hair loss prescriptions to ED medication.

We generally recommend TestoPrime for most men looking to boost their testosterone without prescription therapies. If money is no object, then the combination of Testogen capsules and drops might prove the most effective approach. And when budget is a primary concern or if you want to explore prescription, non-hormonal therapies and testing, we point to Roman.

Compared to Semenoll, these products may not increase semen volume or erectile performance, though most will indirectly improve sperm quality by supporting healthy testicular function.

If you're interested in prescription testosterone replacement therapies, we highly recommend Hone Health as a reputable provider that makes TRT access inexpensive and straightforward.



Innerbody uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

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