Bio X4 Reviews: Will it lead to weight loss or a healthier gut?

Or are its claims too good to be true? Find out all of the pros and cons.

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Last updated: Dec 22nd, 2023
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Bio X 4 With Pills

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If you’re one of the 42% of Americans with obesity, you’ve likely fallen into weight-loss industry rabbit holes once or twice. Currently, the global market for dietary supplements is projected to reach $308 billion by 2028.

New products emerge every day with promises of weight loss, fat-burning, appetite suppression, boosted energy, and more. It can be difficult to wade through the big claims to find a beneficial supplement.

We recently took a look at Bio X4, a dietary supplement made by wellness company Nucific. Bio X4 contains probiotics, digestive enzymes, green tea extract, and Slimaluma (Caralluma fimbriata). In our full review below, we’ll examine the science and safety of the product, along with our own testing experiences, so that you can determine if it’s right for you.

Our Findings

Editor's Rating3.30

We think Bio X4 may be a solid choice if you’re seeking better digestion, more regularity, and relief from digestive symptoms like bloating. While Nucific also offers Bio X4 as a solution for managing cravings and boosting metabolism, we think that the results it can deliver toward those goals will be less reliable and harder to predict due to dosage levels of ingredients in the formulation. Bio X4 contains promising ingredients for those goals but at half the dosage that demonstrated effectiveness in studies. So it could provide a helping hand with craving control and weight management, but we wouldn’t recommend it as a standalone tool. Bio X4 is more expensive than the competition, but Nucific does offer multiple discount opportunities as well as a protective 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Probiotics in the formula can aid digestive health
  • Free from lactose, gluten, and allergens
  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility and third-party tested
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Lofty weight loss claims not strongly supported by research ingredients
  • Ingredients at low dosages, reducing potential therapeutic benefit
  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Can cause some side effects

Purchase options

You can buy Bio-X4 directly from Nucific's website or from the company's store on Amazon, but buying direct is our recommendation right now because it saves you lots of money. Amazon's price for a single bottle as a one-time purchase is $10 higher than if you were to buy it directly from Nucific's website. Subscribing directly with Bio-X4 will also save you more than subscribing via Amazon. And you can get 12-18% discounts for buying in bulk if you buy direct. (There are no bulk discounts via Amazon.)

Table of Contents

In this Review

Why you should trust us

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions involving staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles. To provide you with an unbiased review, we extensively researched and evaluated Bio X4 by examining over 40 scientific studies focused on the product’s current formulation. We scrutinized the customer experience by ordering the product ourselves and compared Bio X4 to similar supplements to see how it stacks up.

We evaluate products and services we review based on current health standards and research, continually assessing our information to ensure it’s up-to-date. Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this review was thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy.

How we evaluated Bio X4

When we evaluate a product, we first determine what criteria should be used to appraise its value and benefit to the average consumer. For this review of Bio X4, we narrowed it down to the following four criteria, in order of importance.

  • Effectiveness: Are Nucific’s claims about what Bio X4 will deliver backed up by the ingredients and dosages used, along with current research?
  • Safety: What quality assurance practices, ingredient choices, and dosages are used?
  • Cost: How does Bio X4’s sticker price measure up to the competition, including discount options, subscription deals, and shipping fees?
  • Convenience: Is the customer experience, from online purchasing to customer support, positive? Is the supplement easy to take?


Rating: 6.1 / 10

Nucific claims that Bio X4 manages junk cravings, promotes weight management, supports smoother digestion, and boosts metabolism. Our research of the ingredients in this supplement suggests that it can promote healthy digestion, while most of the other claims are harder to substantiate. Of the four blends included in the current Bio X4 formulation (probiotic, digestive enzyme, weight management, and craving control), the probiotic blend offers the most potential benefit and could legitimately provide relief for digestive issues. The organisms included have been well studied and are present in a beneficial dosage, although Nucific does not disclose the strain information of the probiotics or their individual quantities. While it is not unusual for supplement companies to forgo listing specific strains, some competitors do — like GNC Probiotic Solutions with Enzymes, to name one. Other companies will tell you if you ask, while some never reveal it. We prefer transparency because knowing the specific strain of a probiotic helps predict the usefulness to the customer.

The inclusion of green tea extract (50% EGCG) and Caralluma fimbriata (as trademarked Slimaluma) promises to “supercharge your metabolism” and “curb unhealthy cravings.” These are promising ingredients. There have been some research studies that indicate potential benefits from them, but Bio X4’s dosage in both cases is half of what clinical trials have used to reap improvements in metabolism and healthy weight. It’s difficult to predict whether you will feel any benefits in the form of curbed cravings or a boost in metabolism, but the effects may be much more muted than you hope.

The digestive enzyme blend in Bio X4 does not list the units present of amylase, bromelain, and lipase; rather, a 43mg total is listed on the supplement label. This leaves the consumer with no real idea of how much they are ingesting, and experts agree that most individuals do not have a digestive enzyme deficiency in the first place and would not reap any benefits from taking such a supplement.


Rating: 7.9 / 10

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the supplement industry in the U.S., so this leaves it up to individual companies to take steps to ensure that consumers are getting a safe and pure product. Nucific does the right thing and manufactures its products in GMP-certified facilities while also utilizing independent, third-party testing to confirm quality and purity.

The ingredients in Bio X4 are generally well tolerated and safe for the average consumer at the dosages included. Green tea extract has been tied to some adverse effects, including liver damage, but that is only in the context of much higher dosages than the amount in Bio X4.

The bromelain in the digestive enzyme blend has been known to increase the absorption of some drugs like antibiotics, chemotherapy, and blood pressure medications. Bromelain also can affect the blood’s ability to clot. Notably, of all of the Bio X4 competitors that we researched, those that also contain digestive enzymes included bromelain, too. It’s always a good idea to speak with your physician before taking a new supplement, and this is no exception.

We wish that Bio X4 was more transparent about the contents of its blends. Specifically, the digestive enzyme blend is listed as 43mg, with no differentiation between the enzymes included or enzyme units given to signify how much of each is in the product. With the risk, however slight, of Bio X4 containing enough bromelain to cause adverse side effects for some people, it would be helpful for customers if the ingredient label informed them of how much they are ingesting.

Special Offer: 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Rating: 5.3 / 10

Of the comparable probiotic supplements we researched for this review, Bio X4 was hands down the most expensive. This appears to be one of the product's bigger downsides. A one-month supply (90 capsules) of Bio X4 will cost you $99. However, a free VIP membership and bulk purchasing can provide significant savings. For example, a free Nucific membership drops the price of one bottle of Bio X4 down to $49. Even with this discount, however, Bio X4 remains on the expensive side among comparable products.

One of Bio X4’s closest competitors, Probiotic America’s Perfect Biotics Slim, has an identical formula (even down to the dosages of ingredients) and charges $47 for a 30-day supply without requiring any kind of VIP membership sign-up. However, Nucific does offer free shipping for orders over $50, as compared to Probiotic America’s $4.95 flat rate. You can also sign up for a subscription option for easy refill management of Bio X4, although at the time of this review, you must call customer service if you want to take advantage of that opportunity, so it doesn’t seem like something the company is encouraging.


Rating: 7.8 / 10

Bio X4 can be ordered directly from Nucific’s website. You can also find Bio X4 via the Nucific store on Amazon; just note that purchasing Bio X4 on any third-party website will void the 90-day money-back guarantee. Also note that the Amazon price at this time won’t save money compared to the free membership price when you buy directly from Nucific.

In our testing experience, ordering the product on Nucific’s website was easy. We were offered several upsells as we tried to complete the checkout process, but this is not too uncommon in the world of probiotic supplements.

We appreciated the convenience of using Nucific’s live chat feature on its website to seek answers about the product. However, we had conversations with two different customer service representatives, and neither of them could answer our formulation questions, nor did they offer any further assistance to find out answers. Calling the direct telephone number resulted in a very pleasant conversation, but ultimately the representative suggested we email the company in order to learn more about the probiotic blend.

Bio X4 is a relatively small and slender pill, making it easy to swallow for most people. A simple once-a-day probiotic capsule (like competitors Physician’s Choice Thin 30 Probiotic and Wholesome Wellness Raw Probiotic) is more ideal, but at least the three daily Bio X4 capsules are consumed just one per meal instead of all three at once.

Bio X 4 Ruler Shot

Photo by Innerbody Research

What is Bio X4?

Bio X4 is a probiotic-based nutritional supplement that claims to support weight management, better digestion, and boost metabolism. This product contains five probiotic strains to aid digestion alongside three digestive enzymes, which are intended to help break down food efficiently. Bio X4 also contains green tea extract and Caralluma fimbriata aimed at appetite suppression and boosted metabolism. Each amber glass jar contains 90 capsules, which is a 30-day supply of Bio X4.

Nucific, the manufacturer of Bio X4, produces several products addressing a range of interests, including digestion, weight management, mobility, heart health, and brain health. Dr. Amy Lee, a board-certified doctor of internal medicine and specialist in nutrition and obesity treatment, partnered with Nucific in developing Bio X4.

Reputation and other customer reviews

Nucific has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2016. The company’s reviews are mostly positive on BBB (3.9 out of 5 stars), although there are only 133 reviews of Nucific there at the time of this review. Trustpilot has over 1,300 reviews of Nucific, with an overall ranking that is more impressive — 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Positive reviews of Bio X4 mention improved digestion and appetite suppression. Most complaints about the supplement revolve around frustration with Nucific’s return policy, online ordering, and billing disputes. It appears the annoying upselling attempts that pop up when completing the checkout process (which we experienced ourselves) can lead to unintentional purchases being made. Customers who have dealt with this frustration have complained that customer service is unhelpful when trying to resolve these unwanted purchases.

How Bio X4 works

Bio X 4 Supplement Facts

Photo by Innerbody Research

Bio X4 includes four blends that provide probiotics, digestive enzymes, green tea extract, and Caralluma fimbriata in each capsule. We’ve taken a deeper look at each of these blends below to explore their health benefits.

  • Probiotic Blend (4 billion CFU/capsule)
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend (43mg)
  • Weight Management Blend (100mg)
  • Craving Control Blend (166mg)

Nucific recommends taking one capsule with each meal, three times a day. You can take up to two capsules with each meal, but do not exceed six capsules daily. Notably, the supplement facts label on Bio X4 lists the serving size as one capsule; however, the product instructions advise consuming three capsules daily. (Interestingly, prominent competitor Probiotic America Perfect Biotics Slim, which has an identical formula, has the same misleading information on its label, too.) The Nucific website recommends that anyone taking Bio X4 should also exercise regularly and watch their carbohydrate and sweets consumption to reap the maximum benefits of the supplement. (That is good advice for those who are hoping to lose weight. In our opinion, those lifestyle changes are more likely than Bio X4 to help with weight management.)

Bio X4 is a relatively small pill, at just about 0.75 inches long. It is also narrow, making it easy to swallow for most people. In our opinion, this helps to balance the inconvenience of having to take three pills a day. Bio X4 comes in an amber-colored glass jar, and no refrigeration is necessary despite its probiotic contents.

What’s inside the probiotic blend

Probiotics are live, beneficial microorganisms that can provide numerous health benefits, including restoring balance to your gut microbiome. In fact, probiotics have been extensively studied for their potential benefits to gastrointestinal health. While there is plenty of positive data to confirm their usefulness, we also know that not all bacterial strains are equally effective or work in exactly the same way.

The probiotic blend in Bio X4 contains 4 billion CFU (colony forming units) per capsule, which gives you a combined daily dosage of 12 billion CFU if you follow the suggested usage instructions. While this is a typical, beneficial dosage, it’s worth noting that the label on Bio X4 states this number of CFUs is that which is present at the time of manufacturing; it does not take into account the expected declines in the number of probiotic organisms over the life of the product.

Bio X4 contains two groups of commonly used probiotics: a Lactobacillus species blend and a Bifidobacterium species blend. Since Bio X4 utilizes this blend format for its probiotic component, we can’t be sure of exactly how much of each species is present in the product.

We were also unable to confirm with Nucific’s customer service what specific strains of each species are in the formula. This is unfortunate since not all strains have the same beneficial qualities or ability to survive in the harsh environment of the gastrointestinal tract. This lack of transparency is common among probiotic supplements; however, we noticed that competitor GNC Probiotic Solutions with Enzymes does share strain information on its product label.

We’ve taken a closer look at each of Bio X4’s probiotic blends below to see if they may be effective for helping balance gut bacteria and supporting smoother digestion, as Nucific claims.

Lactobacillus blend

The Lactobacillus blend in Bio X4 includes three probiotic species: L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, and L. plantarum. Lactobacillus is one of the most common organisms found in the human body, residing in the mouth, vagina, and digestive tract. Research studies have shown that consuming Lactobacillus probiotics can be beneficial for those suffering from gastrointestinal issues such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea and constipation.

Bifidobacterium blend

The Bifidobacterium blend in Bio X4 includes B. lactis and B. animalis. Bifidobacterium microbes are among the first to colonize in the human gut after birth. Some Bifidobacterium species have been demonstrated in clinical studies to help break down lactose, which benefits those suffering from lactose intolerance. A 2021 clinical trial also concluded that Bifidobacterium species can help protect and restore “good” bacteria while taking antibiotics. Interestingly, research studies have shown a correlation between the absence of Bifidobacterium in the gut and individuals with obesity, although this relationship is not yet fully understood.

Taking a look at the digestive enzyme blend

Digestive enzymes are proteins made by our bodies to help us break down and digest the food that we eat. Some foods are also naturally rich in these enzymes. For example, pineapple and papaya both have a high protease content via enzymes bromelain and papain, respectively. In recent years, digestive enzymes have found a place in the supplement market, with claims to aid digestion even though most people do not have a deficiency.

Digestive enzyme insufficiency can be congenital (something you are born with) or related to a serious health condition, like chronic pancreatitis or lingering effects of pancreatic surgery. Some of the more typical deficiencies involve intolerance to lactose or beans, and individuals can find relief by taking lactase or alpha-galactosidase supplements. The following are some of the most common digestive enzymes in the body:

EnzymeNutrient broken down

It’s notable that OTC digestive enzyme supplements are not regulated by the FDA (contrary to enzyme prescriptions given by your doctor). And while known for improving troubling symptoms in patients with certain chronic conditions like lactose intolerance, there is a lack of evidence demonstrating benefits from the use of digestive enzymes if you are not deficient.

Bio X4 claims that its digestive enzyme blend can help break down foods, unlock nutrients, and ease digestive issues. This product’s 43mg digestive enzyme blend (per capsule) includes:

  • Amylase (from Aspergillus oryzae)
  • Bromelain
  • Lipase (from Rhizopus oryzae)

The label on Bio X4 only lists the enzymes in a bulk quantity of 43mg; there are no individual units given for the contents, unlike other digestive enzyme products, which list enzymes in specific units (i.e., DU, also known as alpha-amylase dextrinizing units). The Nucific customer service team that we spoke with was also unable to provide that information. This leaves us without any concrete information as to how many digestive enzymes we are ingesting and whether or not we can really benefit.

Lastly, bromelain has been extensively researched for its therapeutic benefits beyond digestion improvement as a protease enzyme. However, this enzyme is known to increase the absorption of drugs such as antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and blood pressure medications, so talk with your doctor before taking a bromelain supplement if this applies to you.

The weight management blend in Bio X4

Green tea extract is the sole ingredient of the weight management blend of Bio X4. This extract contains 50% EGCG (epigallocatechin), an antioxidant that has been shown in scientific studies to positively impact energy metabolism when you consume at least 300mg daily. A randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled 2015 clinical trial showed that, when given at a high dosage of 856.8mg daily, EGCG brought about significant weight loss, reduced waist circumference, and a consistent decrease in total cholesterol in subjects with obesity after 12 weeks.

However, if you follow the suggested serving size of 3 capsules per day, the dosage of EGCG in Bio X4 is 150mg (50% of the 300mg total green tea extract). While the product may provide some metabolic boost for some customers, it is unlikely that Bio X4 alone would yield similar results as research studies.

Examining the craving control blend

The lone component of the craving control blend is 166mg Caralluma fimbriata, an extract derived from an edible succulent plant native to India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Caralluma fimbriata, included here under the branded name Slimaluma, has undergone several studies for its use in treating body composition and appetite. Results are promising but somewhat mixed at this time.

For instance, in a 2015 study, there was little to no difference in appetite or clinical markers of obesity found between subjects administered 1g Caralluma fimbriata daily versus those given a placebo. However, a more recent study from 2021 showed promise for Caralluma fimbriata in reducing waist circumference and daily caloric intake in subjects over a 16-week period (again using a 1g dosage). Notably, this study was funded by Gencor Pacific, the owner of the Slimaluma trademark, and did not result in a reduction of satiety hormones.

Divergent results notwithstanding, Bio X4 contains only 166mg Slimaluma per capsule (or 498mg per daily serving), so this dosage is effectively half of the amount used in clinical research. Because of that, we think your results are likely to be less dramatic than the positive results shown in the study from 2021. The only other product we’ve found in the probiotic landscape that contains Slimaluma is Probiotic America’s Perfect Biotics Slim, and it includes an identical amount of this extract as Bio X4 and makes similar promises.

Is Bio X4 safe?

The ingredients in Bio X4 are generally considered safe for adults and are included at dosage levels that never exceed the amounts demonstrated to be generally safe in research studies. Bio X4 is also third-party tested to ensure product quality and purity, and it is gluten-, lactose-, and allergen-free. Some people experience minor side effects when taking probiotics, like those in Bio X4. Side effects can include increased gassiness, bloating, or loose stool.

Take note that bromelain — an ingredient in the digestive enzyme blend — is known to increase the absorption of some drugs like antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and blood pressure medications. Bromelain can also affect blood’s ability to clot, so people taking blood thinners should avoid this supplement. In addition, green tea extract, the sole ingredient in the weight management blend, is considered safe in low dosages like the amount found in Bio X4. High doses (800mg or higher), however, have been associated with liver damage. We recommend consulting with your doctor if you take any medications before beginning Bio X4.

Lastly, in our research, we came across a 2021 clinical report of a patient who was taking Bio X4 and experienced severe hypocalcemia (low levels of calcium in the blood). It is believed that malabsorption of magnesium set off the hypocalcemia and that there may be a connection to the consumption of Bio X4. The patient discontinued the supplement as part of their recovery. This appears to be a very rare case, but it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor before trying any new supplements.

Pricing and ordering

Bio X4 is sold directly from the company website and on Amazon. Nucific warns against purchasing Bio X4 from any other third-party vendors since that will void the company’s 90-day, money-back guarantee. Nucific offers significant discounts on its products through a free VIP membership. And while it appears that subscribe and save options are available, they cannot be managed from the website at this time. A customer service representative confirmed that you can lock in pricing through the subscription program, as well as manage shipping dates and frequency, but you currently have to call or email Nucific to sign up for these options.

If you like to purchase in bulk, you can unlock major price cuts with three- or six-month supplies of Bio X4 on the Nucific website. At the time of this review, pricing on Amazon for Bio X4 was less than the cost of a single purchase on Nucific’s website but not as discounted as the VIP membership price.

Cost for single purchaseCost with free VIP membership
One-month supply (90 capsules)$99$49
Three-month supply (270 capsules)$261.36$129
Six-month supply (540 capsules)$487.08$240

In our testing experience, placing an order on Nucific’s website was straightforward, although we did have to click past several upsells before completing checkout. We received a confirmation email with tracking information but did not receive any further shipping updates after that. The website promises a shipping time of 2-7 days, and our order arrived within a week of purchase in a box sealed with branded tape.

We appreciate that our Bio X4 purchase came with some helpful freebies inside the box, including a daily diet journal and guide, The Nucific Plan (meal plan for weight loss), and a $100 off voucher for any case of wine worth more than $160 from an online vendor. (While generous, the latter freebie might also be counterproductive for some people committed to weight loss journeys.)

The company offers free shipping for orders over $50 and accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. However, as it is a supplement, this product is not eligible for HSA, FSA, or insurance as forms of payment. Bio X4’s 90-day money-back guarantee is one of the most generous we’ve found (falling short of just one of its competitors, Wholesome Wellness Raw Probiotic, and its 365-day return window), and returns can be initiated on the company website. That being said, Nucific does not reimburse shipping costs on returns and expects the customer to send back their empty bottles as part of the return process.

Privacy considerations

Nucific collects personal and non-personal information about users on its website through the use of cookies and other technologies. The company will not share personal information with third parties without your specific consent but may share non-personal information. Nucific follows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) when handling credit card data.

Who should consider taking Bio X4

While Nucific claims that Bio X4 will help you manage cravings for unhealthy foods, have smoother digestion, and boost your metabolism, this supplement is not a miracle weight-loss product. However, the probiotics included in the formula have been shown to benefit people experiencing digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea. The other blends in Bio X4 (digestive enzyme, weight management, and craving control) include ingredients with either not as much scientific backing or too low of dosages to deliver a predictive, reliable therapeutic result.

You can find many probiotics in the supplement landscape with comparable organisms and dosages as Bio X4 but at more affordable prices; examples include Physician’s Choice Thin 30 Probiotic and Zenwise Digestive Enzymes Plus. However, if you are seeking a specific ingredient such as Caralluma fimbriata (Slimaluma) and like the idea of your product including a probiotic, then Bio X4 may be for you. It’s worth noting, though, that Probiotic America’s Perfect Biotics Slim has the same exact formula as Bio X4 but for a lower price.

Who should avoid taking Bio X4

If you are taking antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, or blood pressure medications, you may need to avoid taking Bio X4. The bromelain content in the digestive enzyme blend could increase the absorption of these drugs. Bromelain can also impact your blood’s ability to clot, so those on blood thinners should speak with their physician before taking this supplement.

Individuals with a history of liver disease may also want to avoid Bio X4 due to its green tea extract content; green tea extract can cause liver issues when consumed in high dosages.

Alternatives to Bio X4

The probiotic supplement market is massive, with seemingly unlimited formulation options to choose from. However, Bio X4 admittedly has a unique composition with its inclusion of green tea extract and Caralluma fimbriata alongside the more typical probiotics and digestive enzymes. As we researched the marketplace to find similar products, we found Bio X4 has a competitor with an identical formula, Probiotic America’s Perfect Biotics Slim. After analyzing the cost breakdown, Bio X4 and Perfect Biotics Slim were the most expensive on our list but also included ingredients that no one else does (green tea extract and the branded Slimaluma). However, your mileage will likely vary when it comes to the effectiveness of these components at the low dosages they are given.

Cost per bottle
Daily servings per bottle
Price per serving
Daily serving size
3rd party tested?
Return policy
Subscription available?
Nucific Bio X4
$99 ($49 with free account sign-up)
$3.30 ($1.63 with free account sign-up)
3 capsules
Free for orders $50+
Probiotic America Perfect Biotics Slim
3 capsules
$4.95 flat rate
Physician’s Choice Thin 30 Probiotic
1 capsule
Free for all orders
Jacked Factory Green Surge
4 capsules
$9.99 flat rate
Wholesome Wellness Raw Probiotic
1 capsule
Free for all orders
GNC Probiotic Solutions with Enzymes
1 capsule
Free for orders $39.99+
Zenwise DIgestive Enzymes Plus
3 capsules
Free for all orders

Perfect Biotics Slim

Probiotic America’s Perfect Biotics Slim is the only product we’ve found that has an identical formulation to Bio X4. In fact, the two products’ supplement facts labels look exactly the same. Both include a probiotic, digestive enzyme, weight management, and craving control blend, with the same ingredients in the same quantities. Perfect Biotics Slim and Bio X4 even both use an amber glass jar for the product packaging to ensure freshness and potency at room temperature.

The only obvious difference between these two products is the price. Perfect Biotics Slim offers a 30-day supply at just $47, compared to Bio X4 at $99 (notably, this goes down to $49 with a free account sign-up). Bulk purchase pricing is also very similar if the membership option is utilized with Bio X4.

Both Probiotic America and Nucific use third-party testing to verify product quality and purity and have 90-day return policies. However, whereas Nucific offers free shipping for orders over $50, Probiotic America charges a flat rate of $4.95. After a closer look, it seems the only real perks to choosing Bio X4 over Perfect Biotics Slim are its option of a subscription plan to keep reordering simple and its availability on Amazon.

Physician’s Choice Thin 30 Probiotic

Physician’s Choice Thin 30 Probiotic is a more affordable alternative to Bio X4. While Thin 30 Probiotic does not contain the trademarked Slimaluma that Bio X4 and Perfect Biotics Slim do, its formula includes four comparable blends:

  • 410mg Weight Management Blend: includes green tea leaf extract, sunflower lecithin, organic apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper extract
  • 150mg Prebiotic Blend: includes organic acacia senegal, chicory root, and Jerusalem artichoke root
  • 15 Billion CFU Probiotic Blend: includes Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species
  • 20mg DigeSEB PB Digestive Enzyme Blend

We don’t know exactly what enzymes make up the digestive blend, but the probiotic blend contains almost identical species to that of Bio X4, but at a higher dosage (15 billion versus 4 billion CFU per capsule). The addition of prebiotics is a nice touch since they support the growth of beneficial microbes in the gut. Green tea leaf extract also makes an appearance, similar to Bio X4, although we don’t know precisely how much is in the weight management blend.

Thin 30 Probiotic costs $34.95 for a 30-day supply and has a 1-capsule daily serving size compared to Bio X4’s 3 capsules a day. You can also receive free shipping when purchasing Thin 30 on the Physician’s Choice website. It seems that unless you are specifically targeting Slimaluma (Caralluma fimbriata extract) as an active ingredient for your health goals, Thin 30 Probiotic may be worth considering as a more cost-effective option.

Jacked Factory Green Surge

Green Surge is a powdered green capsule supplement made by Jacked Factory. Along with an assortment of organic superfoods, this product contains a probiotic blend, digestive enzyme blend, and green tea leaf extract like Bio X4. Green Surge is much more affordable than Bio X4, at just $27.99 for a 30-day supply, compared to $99 (not including Nucific’s membership deals). However, like Bio X4 and Perfect Biotics Slim, Green Surge has a less than ideal serving size; this product requires taking 4 capsules daily for maximum benefit.

Green Surge also does not disclose exactly how many probiotic CFUs are in the product, although Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species are included, similar to Bio X4. Jacked Factory produces all of its products in a GMP-certified facility, and we confirmed with customer service that the company utilizes third-party testing for quality and potency as Bio X4 does. However, we also found that the company’s 30-day return policy was a bit tight, especially compared to Nucific’s 90-day money-back guarantee.

FAQ about Bio X4



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