Metabolism Tests At Home: Finding the Right Test Kit

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2019

EverlyWell Metabolism Home Test

Metabolism is a biochemical process that converts the food that we eat and fluids that we drink into usable forms of energy. It is known to have a significant impact on how our bodies store fat and maintain weight. A metabolic dysfunction occurs when there is an impairment in the process of metabolism such as an imbalance in the chemicals necessary for digestion and energy conversion. There are various health problems associated with a metabolic dysfunction. Changes in the normal process of metabolism can cause significant effects in the endocrine, nervous, and immunological systems. It also affects diet, lifestyle, and general health.

Why Take Metabolism Tests?

By taking a Metabolic Test, you will be able to understand how your metabolism works through a process of DNA analysis. Also, knowing your metabolic rate and metabolism status can help you to be able to make lifestyle or dietary changes and get the best out of your metabolism. Remember this: Being active, having enough sleep, and eating the right foods can contribute to living healthy, but sometimes, even all of these are done religiously, they may not be enough.

Your Testing Options

Metabolic testing used to be a procedure that is only administered by a specialized healthcare personnel. But, with the current advances in technology, at home test kits make it easier to test metabolism conditions.

If you would like to get tested, you can:

Go to your doctor

This is the traditional way to get tested. Some prefer this testing method as it allows an individual to consult face-to-face with a practitioner or a physician.

Buy a test kit from a retailer near you

This method is more convenient (for most people) then going to the doctor, but it is still not as convenient as simply ordering online.

Order a metabolism test kit online

This is the newest, most convenient option, and the method preferred by a lot of individuals wanting to know more about their metabolism status. You get most, if not all of the benefits of the prior two options, but don’t even need to leave your home. This is also the most discrete option.

Finding the right at home metabolism test kit for you

EverlyWell Metabolism Test Kit

As you might have guessed, we here at Innerbody are big fans of the convenience of taking metabolism tests from the comport of our own homes. The convenience and privacy benefits are too good to pass up. Thus, the rest of this guide is going to focus on such tests. While several companies now sell the direct-to-consumer tests, only one is established enough to for us to recommend it. And that test is the EverlyWell Metabolism Test.

The EverlyWell Metabolism Test Kit

EverlyWell’s Metabolism Test [see latest price] evaluates the levels of three hormones in your blood that contribute to the regulation of metabolism: cortisol, free testosterone, and thyroid-stimulating hormone. If you have experienced symptoms such as unexplained weight loss or gain, decreased energy or a change in body composition, a metabolism test may help you pinpoint the cause of these symptoms, so that you can take appropriate action (we recommend this action to be seeing your qualified healthcare professional).


  • EverlyWell Metabolism test kits are FDA approved
  • It is easy-to-use, affordable, and the kit includes complete instructions for specimen collection
  • The kit evaluates the three main hormones that help our bodies maintain normal metabolism rate
  • the Cortisol, Testosterone, and Thyroid hormones
  • The result provides information that can be a basis of dietary or lifestyle changes


  • The metabolism test kit does not check all the metabolic markers and secondary imbalances as we could during a full diagnostic exam on a hospital visit, but it provides enough details to determine basic metabolism information


The EverlyWell metabolism test kit is as affordable and convenient as advertised. The package provides health testing in full privacy and with ease of use at the comfort of one’s own home. If you choose to go the direct-to-consumer route this test is the way to go.

Currently, EverlyWell is offering our readers 15% off all tests. Just use the coupon code: INNERBODY15 upon checkout.

How does the EverlyWell Test work?

The Process:

You can get tested in three simple steps:

Order your test kit online

  • Go to the EverlyWell website
  • Find the test that you want to take (in this case, the metabolism test kit)
  • Add it to your cart, and proceed tocheck out

Follow the instructions on the testing kit you received by mail

  • Inside the kit, you’ll find an instruction letter on how to perform specimen collection
  • Follow the instructions and complete the process that will probably take around 10 minutes or less
  • After collecting your blood and saliva sample, place it back into the prepaid envelope/box, and drop it off at the nearest post office near you

Get the results via text, email, or online

  • Your results will be available within 3-5 business days.
  • Login to the EverlyWell Website to evaluate the results

What do the reports look like?

The results of your test will be broken down in specific values. It will also display a diagram that shows if your hormone levels are high, normal, or low. Aside from the hormone levels provided, EverlyWell will provide explanations on what the hormones are for, as well as their significance. Rather than seeing numbers and ratios and percentages that are impossible to decipher, you’ll also see some links to additional resources to know more about your metabolism.