Finding the Best Cat DNA Test

Best Cat DNA Test

Veterinary professionals have documented around 40 genes with 70 DNA mutations causing feline health problems, serious diseases, and physical alterations in a cat’s anatomical structure. These known variants of DNA mutations can relatively easily be diagnosed using specific tests in the form of genetic diagnostic panels.

Commercial laboratories, especially in the recent years, have also developed cost-effective ways to perform genetic diagnostics for cats, allowing private owners, veterinary clinicians, pet rescue groups, and breeders to obtain and identify cat DNA test results.

So if you are curious about you furry feline’s breed or more importantly, want to see if his or her genetics indicate predisposition to specific health risks, now may be a great time to get Fluffy tested.

Here, we have listed two of the companies that specialize in cat DNA testing. Take a look at the comparison below:

Cat DNA Test Provider Basepaws Home DNA
Website Link visit website visit website
Overall Rating 4.5/5 4/5
Price see latest see latest
Breed Identification/Cat Ancestry YES YES
# of Breeds in the Database 32 cat breeds and 14 wild cats 105 cat breeds
Health report YES YES
Health Report YES YES
Genetic Health Risks Testing YES YES
Wait Time 8-12 weeks 2 - 3 weeks

Why have your cat take a DNA test?

DNA genetic testing for cats is becoming a popular procedure in the world of veterinary medicine. Varieties of genetic and DNA tests have been made available to support feline breed identification, general veterinary health care, species-specific health-risk identification, and traits assessment.

In general a cat DNA test can provide:

Insights into your cat's heritage

Genetic testing will offer information about your feline friend’s ancestry. This includes details about their breed and their ancestral origin. If you are unsure about your cat’s breed and want to know their heritage (whether purebred, mixed, wild), a genetic test will prove to be useful.

DNA testing can also help breeders to determine appropriate breeding procedures or management accurately. Knowing the correct breed may help them become more efficient breeders.

Trait Predictions

Our cats’ traits, appearance, and its phenotype (observable characteristics) are primarily influenced by both genetic and non-genetic factors. This means that attributes (ex. color, fur length) can be inherited and can be affected by the environment. Some traits and characteristics are controlled mostly by specific mutations in the genes. By knowing these particular mutations, veterinarians and pet owners can benefit from genetic testing because the results may reveal specific details such as desired and undesired traits. If traits or diseases are undesired, genetic testing can also be used to eradicate the concern through early prevention and management.

Genetic Health Issues

DNA genetic testing will reveal correct DNA sequencing and mutations in a cat’s genetic make-up. Being able to identify these genetic mutations may assist in the correction of some defects with the use of gene or drug therapies. So, aside from getting information about your cat’s breed and possible traits or characteristics, DNA genetic testing is an effective preventative method and a potential cure to feline sickness and serious health problems.

How the cat DNA Testing Process Works

Cat DNA genetic testing is simple and is easy to accomplish:

First, choose a DNA test provider, select the test that you want for your cat and purchase it. Your chosen test provider will send you a confirmation, and within a couple of days, you should receive a test kit in the mail. Some companies provide instruction online, and others include the printed instruction inside the kit. Once you are ready, simply follow the directions on how to get a sample and how to preserve it. Steps on how to send it off should also be includedin the pre-paid postage envelope/box provided.

So which company offers the best cat DNA test?

We have searched and reviewed cat genetic test providers in the market and found the most popular among cat breeders, veterinarians, and pet owners. Here, we have also listed the pros and cons to assist you in deciding which is the best DNA test kit for your feline friend.


Basepaws is known to be the first cat care and management company that is built around Genetics. DNA tests for cats offered by Basepawsare processed in their Los Angeles facility, where they assess the DNA (taken from cat’s hair and cheek cells) and perform sequencing (selected genome of 27 million nucleotides of your cat’s DNA) using machines to determine a cat’s genetic make-up.

Basepaws uses the gathered genetic information to generate a health and genetic report about your cats DNA. Once your cat is registered to their system, you will continue to receive updates, newsletters and discoveries that are related to your cat’s DNA. These report and updates include news on the latest research about cat science, tools to connect owners with similar breeds of cats, and discounts on products formulated that are specific to your feline friend’s genetic needs.


  • Offers comprehensive health and genetic predispositions for cat diseases report
  • Includes ancestry details, cat’s physical traits and personality information
  • Identifies abnormalities in your cat genes
  • Lifetime testing - Your cat’s DNA is tested again and again, and reports are updated whenever new markers and discoveries are added in their database
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Offers discounts for bulk orders


  • Takes 8-12 weeks for reports to arrive (and possibly up to 5 months)
  • May charge extra shipping cost outside US (around $15)
  • Not all breeds are included in their breed index

Bottom Line

The Basepaws is the perfect DNA genetic test kit for cat owners or breeders who would like to receive continuous updates about cat science. It is also less expensive than other cat DNA kit in the market!

Below is a short video produced by Basepaws further explaining their company and testing process;


HomeDNAoffers cat DNA testing for over 40 cat genetic diseases and traits. They are the only company that offers genetic testing with personalized Life Plan that can help pet owners, breeders, and veterinarians anticipate future health care and management needs.

The kit from HomeDNA includes information brochure, sterile collection brushes, directions for use, pre-paid return envelope for samples for $125. This feline-specific DNA genetic testing allows cat-owners feel safe by learning possible health or wellness risks that may be present in the cat’s genetic make-up. As a bonus, their life plans are personalized with suggestions on how to optimize overall health at every stage of life.

One of the additional features is the online access through account. On this platform, you can record, view, and manage various aspects to cat care such as setting alerts for appointments, medication reminders, and pet-care provider interface.


  • Provides testing for more than 40 known feline diseases and cat traits
  • Results are available in 3 weeks
  • Offers LifePlan to assist with cat care in relation to genetic test results
  • Access to account


  • More expensive than other cat DNA test providers
  • Not available outside the US

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a genetic testing that includes a life plan for your cat care, the HomeDNA may be the right option for you. It might be a bit expensive than other DNA kits but spending $125 for your cat’s future is acceptable since your cat’s gene results are vital for your feline friends’ standard health care.

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for a less expensive, cat DNA kit that tells you about the breed, traits, and health risks for your cat, and wants continuous updates about latest research and recommendation for your cat care, then, Basepaws is the kit for you.

If you have extra cash and are looking for a kit that includes a comprehensive package with life plans and an online platform where you can record, view, and manage various aspects to cat care such as setting alerts for appointments, medication reminders, and pet-care provider interface, you should go for HomeDNA.