Americans Are Turning to Google for Help Amidst the Baby Formula Shortage

Which states are most affected by the baby formula shortage in America? How common are DIY solutions? We analyzed search data to explore further.

Last updated: May 24th, 2022
Empty baby formula shelves at the supermarket

As the infant formula shortages continue nationwide, Innerbody Research analyzed search data to explore how this has affected parents across America.

Searches for “buy baby formula” are up 404% in the past month

Finding baby formula has become increasingly difficult over the last month for many American families. Searches for where to buy baby formula are up over 400% as parents struggle to provide for their infants.

searches for buy baby formula have skyrocketed

Searches for “baby formula alternative” are up 970% in the past month

This time of need has parents hoping to find other alternatives to help keep their babies fed. However, these alternatives may not be helpful as they may lack the necessary nutrients for a growing infant. The FDA regulates baby formula for safety, and DIYing it can be dangerous for your baby.

searches for baby formula alternative

Which states are suffering the most from the baby formula shortage?

Some states are suffering more than others in the efforts to feed their babies. Nebraska tops the charts in searches about where to buy baby formula, while Delaware and New Hampshire follow.

how states compare in baby formula shortage

The baby formula shortage in the United States, over time

Americans first started searching in a heightened way for baby formula in Wisconsin in early May. Soon after, the rest of the country began experiencing shortages.

baby formula shortage over time in the United States

Searches for “how to make baby formula at home” have skyrocketed 350%

As formula supply continues to be insufficient, many parents feel like their only option is to attempt to make formula at home using DIY recipes they find online.

Eric Rodriguez, CEO of Innerbody Research says:

“The unfortunate baby formula shortage is causing parents to turn to the internet in hopes of finding alternatives to infant formula. As the shelves remain unstocked, parents are getting desperate, but doctors are strongly advising against this practice as more and more influencers share their recipes for formula.

The do-it-yourself baby formula might seem helpful but could have many adverse health risks for your baby. It’s not just as simple as mixing a few ingredients – you have to be particular about nutrient levels like protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Babies at different ages require a specific mix of essential vitamins and minerals to grow and develop healthfully. Even watering down existing formula can be dangerous. It can cause low sodium levels.

The FDA regulates baby formula for safety, and DIYing it can be dangerous for your baby. The best thing you can do if you’re running low is to ask for help from your pediatrician, friends, and family.”

Ask your doctor before making your own baby formula

The nutritional value of what your baby needs to grow is the most important. Always consult your pediatrician before attempting to make your own formula at home. They will be able to help you determine the best way for your baby to receive the nutrients that they need.


We used Google Trends and search volume data to determine increases in particular searches related to baby formula.

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