Mira Review: Is Mira’s at-home fertility tracker reliable?

Having tested Mira, we evaluate its fertility tracking -- does it beat the competition? Plus, discover a discount.

Last updated: May 15th, 2023
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Our Findings
Why you should trust us
How we evaluated Mira
What is Mira, and who is it for?
HSA, FSA, and health insurance
Fertility Plus starter kit
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Fertility issues are common in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 6% of married women from 15-44 years old are unable to get pregnant after trying to conceive for one year. Approximately 12% of women in the same age category have trouble conceiving or carrying a full-term pregnancy. While statistics like this aren’t readily available for trans or gender non-conforming people, gender-affirming surgery or medical treatment can negatively impact fertility.

Infertility treatment can be costly, invasive, and time-consuming. Companies like Mira seek to eliminate these barriers by providing an at-home, lab-quality hormone tracking system. Mira’s fertility kit includes a handheld device that allows you to track hormone levels and pinpoint fertile days. The simple testing kit and tracker app eliminate the hassle and expense of traditional testing.

Is Mira right for you? We evaluated Mira’s products through our thorough testing, and our review provides what you need to know. Learn about the testing process, app, customer support, and more.

Our Findings

Editor's Rating4.50

Mira is a convenient, cost-effective solution used to better understand your fertility and hormone levels. It ships quickly and discreetly and is easy to set up and use. You’ll learn a lot about your body and how it works by using this simple yet sophisticated product.


  • Much more budget-friendly than traditional fertility tracking methods
  • Easy-to-use testing kit with clear and understandable results
  • Expanded testing options that monitor 3 fertility hormones (LH, E3G, PdG)
  • User-friendly app that helps you track your cycle and test results
  • Thorough customer support articles that answer almost every question you might have
  • Get connected with a variety of other fertility resources like blog posts, webinars, and e-books
  • Take $20 Off your Fertility Plus Starter Kit


  • One-time use testing wands require repeated ordering, which can be costly
  • While it can help those with hormone imbalances or irregular cycles, Mira is marketed more toward those trying to conceive
  • App does not provide info about healthy hormone ranges

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In this Review

Why you should trust us

Over the past two decades, Innerbody Research has helped tens of millions of readers like you make more informed decisions to live healthier lives. We extensively test each health service we review.

Mira offers numerous at-home health products and services. Our team has spent over 110 hours testing and researching Mira and its close competitors in order to give you a condensed, unbiased exploration of your at-home health options, free of marketing jargon or gimmicks. Through a thorough and deliberate approach to every product we encounter, we evaluate services based on adherence to quality, the latest medical evidence and health standards, and a simple question: would we buy the product or service ourselves if it weren’t part of our job, and would we recommend it to family and friends?

Additionally, like all health-related content on this website, this review of Mira was thoroughly vetted for accuracy by one or more members of our Medical Review Board.

How we evaluated Mira

Mira is a quickly expanding company, introducing new products to meet its customers’ needs. We chose our evaluation criteria based on our desire to provide a comprehensive view of the company. Specifically, we considered quality, cost, convenience, usability, and customer support.



When it comes to at-home fertility products, Mira sets a very high standard for quality. Through clinical trials, Mira proved that its hormone tests are just as accurate as those you may take in a lab. Mira also contributes to ongoing research to continue to perfect its products and better understand fertility. Mira’s top-notch products reflect the effects of this research and testing. The company has kept its promise to introduce new testing wands and expand its ability to meet customers’ diverse needs.

The analyzer and Mira app, in particular, show a combination of user-friendliness and high quality. The analyzer is compact, easy to use, and fast, giving you results in around 15 minutes. Via Bluetooth, the analyzer communicates with the Mira app, allowing you to store all of your test results. The app also includes further insights into your cycle, fertile and nonfertile days, and hormone reading trends. Mira’s other offerings are also rooted in scientific research to provide sexual and menstrual health products that are safe and effective.

While Mira’s products are intended to be used for hormone tracking regardless of situation or purpose, it is clear from most of Mira’s products and resources that the fertility kit is geared more toward those trying to conceive (TTC). If you’re using Mira as contraception or because of a hormone imbalance or irregular cycle, you’ll still find the testing kit and app useful and worthwhile. But, be prepared to see many mentions of those who are TTC.



Before at-home testing kits like Mira, the expense of fertility testing and monitoring was cost-prohibitive for many people, not to mention time-consuming and invasive. Now, from the privacy of your own home and for a fraction of the cost, you can find out so much information about your own body and the way it functions. For that reason, Mira is a valuable tool.

The Starter Kit is $199. You can also purchase a bundle that includes the Starter Kit plus extra testing wands for $219. Another bundle includes additional progesterone wands for $239. Replacement wands cost between $45-65, depending on the type of wand you choose.

Mira Starter Kit

Keep in mind that one of the benefits of Mira is the data you collect about your cycle and hormone levels. As with any experiment, the more data you collect, the more accurate your results and better your understanding will be. This means testing often and consistently. The Starter Kit comes with ten testing wands, which are single-use. You will have to continue to purchase wands if you decide to keep testing, which can add up.



Mira ships right to your door, and you don’t have to send your sample away for testing. Collecting your sample is as easy as taking an at-home pregnancy test. The analyzer is intuitive, and the instructions provided in your test kit and on Mira’s website are clear and comprehensive. You also don’t have to wait days or weeks to get your results. On average, the analyzer takes between 10-16 minutes to provide your reading.

Forget about manually logging your results--the analyzer sends those directly to the Mira app via Bluetooth. On the app, you’ll see all of your cycle and testing information in one place. Once you’ve gathered enough data, the app also provides information about your fertile and nonfertile days, as well as ovulation, a cycle tracker, and more.

Sometimes, you may have to do some of your own research to find out what your readings mean. Even though the app stores the information, it doesn’t interpret it. For example, when you receive your first results, you may wonder if your hormone levels are in a normal range or if you should be concerned, which is a perfectly natural thing to wonder when receiving this info. While the analyzer does not provide an answer, Mira’s customer support page includes more in-depth information about questions like this.



Mira sets a high bar for usability. While other fertility tracking products require blood samples or sending your sample away to a lab, Mira requires that you dip a testing wand in a urine sample and insert it into the analyzer. That’s it. Of course, there are some processes to follow to make sure you’re collecting the sample correctly, but, in essence, that’s all you have to do. The analyzer has one button to turn it on and off, and this button also helps connect it with your phone. There are no complicated controls, and you can use the included cord to plug in your analyzer to charge.

To use a testing wand, simply collect your urine in the collector cup, unwrap the wand, dip the testing side into the cup for 10 seconds, and cover the testing side with a cap. Next, slide the wand into the analyzer and wait for your results, which will automatically be stored in the Mira app once processing is complete.

Mira App Interface

The app itself is also user-friendly, providing a lot of information at your fingertips. The calendar tracks your period, ovulation, and testing days. The chart shows all of your test results and provides you with your fertile window. You can also buy products and read news and blog posts from the app. While a simple interface, the app provides you with everything you want to know about your results and your fertility in one place.

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Customer support


Mira’s customer support page includes an extensive FAQ with articles on every aspect of their products, including the app, analyzer, wands, and other offerings. This page also includes articles about shipping, returns, warranties, payment, and financing. The articles are searchable and provide thorough responses.

If you don’t find the answer to your question on the FAQ page, you can email customer support. Typically, you should expect a response within 48 hours. One of our testers received a response in less than 24 hours with a clear and understandable answer. As of now, Mira does not offer phone or chat support. But, with so much information on the site and in the FAQ, you might not end up with many unanswered questions.

What is Mira, and who is it for?

At its core, Mira focuses on fertility health. The company aims to help anyone with ovaries monitor and track their fertile and nonfertile days to help with conception and better understand ovulation patterns. Mira has delivered on its promises to offer more testing options while keeping costs low, showing that it is responsive to customer demand.

The testing kit analyzes hormones present in urine samples that you take at home. Collect a urine sample, dip in one of Mira’s wands, insert the wand into the analyzer, and wait a few minutes for your results. The Mira app helps you store your personalized fertility information and track your data.

In addition to the fertility kit, Mira also has several other products that can help with sexual health and fertility monitoring, including a menstrual cup and fertility tea. Mira also offers an at-home sperm motility test and a fertility lubricant through its partnership with other providers.

Mira’s products provide a better understanding of your personal hormone levels, fertile and nonfertile days, and menstrual cycle. If you are trying to conceive, this information is invaluable, especially if you’re among one of the millions of Americans each year who struggles with infertility. If you have irregular cycles, hormone irregularities, or a condition like PCOS, Mira can help you get a more accurate understanding of your body’s cycle. For those trying to prevent pregnancy, Mira offers more precise information than a simple period tracker.

While Mira’s products help you better understand your fertility, that may only be half the battle. Keep in mind that Mira won’t treat or solve infertility issues. Instead, the company helps you better understand your status and provides you with information that can be shared with your doctor if necessary.

HSA, FSA, and health insurance

You can use an HSA or FSA debit card to make purchases on the Mira site. Many Mira products are also reimbursable through your HSA and FSA. Check your plan to be sure. At this time, Mira does not accept health insurance.

Fertility Plus starter kit

The main attraction of Mira’s products is the Fertility Plus Starter Kit ($199). The kit includes the Mira Analyzer along with 10 Mira Fertility Test Wands. Also included is a user guide, charging cord, and carry pouch. When you receive the kit, you should also download the Mira app, which is free and compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app connects to the analyzer via Bluetooth.

Mira Fertility Testing Kit

What does it test for?

The Mira kit reveals your fertile window, the days in your cycle when you are most likely to conceive. The wands that come with the kit test for Estrogen-Estradiol Metabolite (E3G) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels.

E3G is the presence of estrogen in urine, which is always higher the closer you are to ovulation. When there is a surge of LH detected, you will probably ovulate within a day or two. Tracking E3G and LH levels throughout your cycle reveals your fertile window. Knowing when you’re most likely to conceive increases your odds of getting pregnant.

You can also purchase Fertility Confirm Wands that measure progesterone (PdG) levels. These wands help you better understand your ovulation patterns, which can help you get a better picture of your fertile window. If you have irregular cycles or are just coming off of taking hormonal birth control, these wands can help you monitor and track your cycle. Along with measuring E3G and LH, tracking PdG gives you an even clearer picture of your fertility health.

How can it help me?

According to a scientific study of the Mira fertility test, it effectively determines fertile and nonfertile days and the onset of ovulation. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, knowing this information helps you understand the best time during your cycle to try to conceive.

If you’re interested in contraception, your fertility and ovulation stats help you determine when to avoid sex. And, if you’re using Mira because of a hormone imbalance or other fertility issue, knowing this in-depth information about your cycle arms you with what you need for further treatment.

Using the Mira kit and app

Mira has a simple ordering process. And the instructional materials you receive with the kit are thorough and easy to follow. Connecting your analyzer to the Mira app takes only a few minutes, and the app offers many insights into your cycle and fertility. Using the test wands and analyzer is a simple process, especially if you’ve ever taken an at-home pregnancy test or used a blood sugar monitor.

Getting started

The ordering process takes less than 10 minutes. Visit Mira’s website, click the Order Now button, and select the Starter Kit. The Order Now menu also includes all of Mira’s other products if you’re also interested in purchasing extras.

Once you’ve selected the Starter Kit, follow these steps:

  1. Agree to Mira’s terms and conditions.
  2. Fill out your contact information, including standard billing and shipping questions.
  3. Choose your payment method. In addition to a credit or debit card, Mira accepts payment through Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or shopPay.
  4. Receive an email and text directly after ordering. The email contains your receipt, while the text includes a link to the order.
  5. Expect a shipment email with tracking info. Mira explains that it tries to ship orders within 2-3 business days, but shipping may take longer due to demand. For instance, one of our testers received shipping confirmation in 3 days and received the product 8 days after ordering.
  6. Receive the Starter Kit in a small brown box with discreet packaging.

Using the kit

The analyzer and testing wands are packaged separately. The first package contains the analyzer, a zippered carry case, a charging cord, and a card titled, "Get Started with Mira." The testing wand box includes ten wands, ten collection cups, and a pamphlet that goes over the basics of the test.

To collect your first sample, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the analyzer and use your phone to scan the QR code on the screen. This prompts you to download the Mira app.
  2. Answer a few questions about your cycle and purposes for using Mira to set up the app.
  3. Pair your analyzer with the app using Bluetooth. Follow the on-screen instructions, and the connection takes only a few seconds.
  4. To collect your sample, pee into a collection cup and then insert the wand for ten seconds. Place the cap over the tester and insert the other side into the analyzer.
  5. Check the analyzer screen to see how long it will take for your reading. Generally, it takes between 10-16 minutes.
  6. When the reading is ready, your analyzer beeps, and the hormone levels will show in the app on both the Home screen and on the Chart.

A few things to keep in mind: The booklets that come with the kit include a lot of in-depth information about correctly collecting a sample, including time of day and proper test wand handling. Be sure to read the entire booklet and follow the instructions carefully.

Also, one of our testers was unclear about when to complete the test. An article on the Mira customer support page explained that a green dot on the calendar indicates days when testing should happen.

You are provided with ten testing wands when ordering the kit, but the more data you can give the app, the more accurate your results are. Ordering replacement wands is simple--visit Mira and click Order Now to find the three types of wands offered.

Mira app

The Mira app is user-friendly and provides a comprehensive view of your cycle information and test results. Based on the length of your cycle, date of your last period, and testing results, the app provides you with a Fertility Score from 1-10. The higher the score, the more likely you are to conceive on that day.

The Cycle Analysis feature displays cycle and period length and your cycle's luteal and follicular phases. The luteal phase is the time after ovulation before your period starts, and the follicular phase lasts from the first day of your period through ovulation.

The Chart screen stores your test result information and provides the days of the month that make up your fertile window. You can access the Mira shop from the app and read blog posts, news articles, and success stories on the News screen.

Your Profile stores your personal information and includes the Mira FAQ, customer support, and troubleshooting assistance. To remind yourself when to test, you can also set up push notifications.

Customer support

Mira offers a thorough FAQ page that includes dozens of articles about using the Starter Kit and all of Mira’s products. If you end up with a question, you can search these articles to find the answer or reach out to customer support directly via email. Messages sent to Mira should receive a response within 48 hours. At this time, Mira does not offer phone or chat support.

Fertility wands

In addition to the wands that come with the kit, you can also purchase 20-packs of replacement wands. Currently, Mira offers three types of wands, and each type tests specific hormones.

  • The Mira Fertility Replacement Test Wands ($45) test for luteinizing hormone and can show your fertile window up to four days in advance.
  • The Mira Fertility Confirm Wands ($65) measure progesterone to help you monitor successful ovulation.
  • The Mira Plus Replacement Test Wands ($59) help you track both luteinizing hormone and estrogen to determine which days you are fertile.

The analyzer used to come with the Mira Test Wands that only test for LH levels. Mira improved on its product by now offering the Mira Plus Wands that test for LH and estrogen. If you’re purchasing the kit, you can also bundle it with additional replacement wands. The kit comes with the Mira Plus wands. If you purchase a bundle, you can add either a set of 10 Confirm wands or a set of 20 Plus wands.

Fertility tea

Mira Fertility Tea is designed to balance hormones and promote fertility. The tea includes ingredients--like goji berry, ginger, and dragon eye--that are beneficial for reproductive health. If you’re trying to conceive, drink the tea the week before ovulation, during ovulation, and when your period ends. You can purchase a pack of 10 tea bags for $12.

Menstrual cup

You can use a menstrual cup in place of pads or tampons. They’re reusable, so they cut down on waste and reduce costs. Because of its silicone construction, the Mira Menstrual Cup ($19) can last up to 15 years without replacement. You can also wear it for 12 hours at a time. Mira’s website explains that inserting a menstrual cup after intercourse can also help conception by holding your partner’s sperm near the uterus entrance.

Partner products

In addition to its branded products, Mira also sells products from its partners. The Yo Male Fertility Home Test ($80) is a way for users to test the motility and health of their sperm. The test comes with:

  • The Yo Cube that connects to wifi
  • Two collection cups
  • Liquifying powder
  • Two pipettes
  • Two testing slides

To use Yo, collect your sample in the collection cup, add the powder, collect the mixture in the pipette, and place a few drops on the slide. Next, insert the slide into the Yo cube. Within a few minutes, the results show motile sperm count, a Yo score, customized information about your fertility, and a video of your sperm that you can share with a healthcare professional. The Yo app helps to store and track this information.

The BioGenesis Fertility Lubricant ($18) is a water-based lubricant that promotes comfortable and sensual sex. Mimicking your body’s natural moisture, the lubricant doesn’t harm or slow down sperm. One order comes with 12 applications and two reusable applicators.

Your alternatives and how Mira compares

There are many at-home fertility and hormone monitors on the market right now. Each one is unique in the way it tests and the results it provides. Overall, all of these products have the same goal: to give you an accurate picture of your fertility health. Here’s how Mira compares to each one.


Similar to Mira, Ava includes a testing kit and an accompanying app. However, the device is a tracking bracelet that you wear to bed each night. The bracelet measures things like breathing, pulse rate, heart rate, and temperature while you sleep. These physiological markers help track your cycle and predict your fertile and nonfertile days.

Unlike Mira, Ava does not monitor hormones or provide readings of hormone levels. Ava’s primary goal is to help users discover their most fertile days to aid in conception. If you have irregular cycles or PCOS and need help managing your health, Ava may not provide the type of information you’re looking for. While Ava costs more than Mira, the company offers product bundles that include a money-back guarantee if you’re not pregnant within 6 or 12 months.

Modern Fertility

The most significant differences between Mira and Modern Fertility are the sample collection method and the number of hormones tested. Modern Fertility tests your blood--you receive test strips and lancets to prick your finger and send your blood sample back to their lab. The process takes longer than Mira’s almost instant results and is more invasive than a urine test.

The reward for a longer process and blood sample is that Modern Fertility tests for eight hormones, many of which Mira does not test for. Modern Fertility tests for so many hormones to determine what barriers may be present to fertility and conception. You can also choose to be connected to a fertility nurse to discuss your results. Mira and Modern Fertility are comparably priced, but Modern Fertility does not require repeated testing for accurate results.


Like Ava, OvuSense is a wearable device. If you have regular periods, you can use the OvuFirst monitor, a small disc worn close to the skin using an armband or wristband. If you have irregular cycles or a hormone imbalance, purchase the OvuCore device, which is inserted into the vagina. Both monitors are worn while you sleep, and they both measure your core temperature.

While OvuSense is more budget-friendly than similar products, it requires a subscription that allows you to continue downloading your results to the OvuSense app. The app stores your data and provides you with information like cycle info, your fertile window, and when or if you’ve ovulated. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Clearblue Touch

The Clearblue fertility monitor collects information about your cycle via urine sample, similar to Mira. However, the Clearblue Touch does not include a separate app to store data and provide fertility insights. Instead, this product comes with a handheld touch screen device that serves as both the analyzer and the app. You insert the testing stick into the device, and it provides a calendar with fertile and nonfertile days, ovulation info, and cycle dates.

The Clearblue Touch can store up to 6 cycles of information. Like Mira, you purchase replacement test sticks as needed. Clearblue is a well-known, over-the-counter brand for things like pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. You can buy the fertility monitor online and in retail stores like Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens.

Privacy considerations

Mira collects personal and fertility-related information and has processes in place to keep your info safe. To improve its technology, the company uses your anonymous fertility information as a part of scientific research. Mira may anonymously share your personal info with other third parties for research purposes. If you choose, you can tell Mira to delete or change your personal information.