Welcome to InnerBody! Established in 1997, InnerBody.com is celebrating its 20th year anniversary, providing the world with high-quality, free information about the human body and health science technology.

We consider ourselves a for-profit website with a not-for-profit mindset and mission. We believe that it is very important for Internet users throughout the world to have access to up-to-date scientific information in a medium that takes advantage of the latest technologies. While not every student, classroom, or medical patient can afford expensive anatomy textbooks or iPad applications, anyone with an Internet connection has access to a wealth of information on InnerBody, free of charge. And we strive to keep the advertising on our site to a minimum---just enough to cover operating the website.

Who we are

Our small team of human anatomy instructors, medical writers, scientists, and technologists producing and managing InnerBody.com is led by dedicated biology geeks Eric Rodriguez, Brian McDonald, and Aidan McQuay. We absolutely love our jobs and feel very lucky to be able to spread our passion for science via this website. For example, we are currently excited to be working on a new section of InnerBody that explores the science and wonder of human DNA and DNA Testing.

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Our office is located at 126 2nd Avenue #204 in downtown San Mateo, California.

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