Picture of Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald


Brian is the editor-in-chief at Innerbody Research.


Brian has nearly two decades of experience producing online content, ten years of which he has spent leading editorial teams authoring helpful research, guides, product reviews, and other health content at Innerbody. Years of experience both as lead editor and as product lead allow him to approach web content holistically. His writing has been published in various places including The Guardian, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, the Sun Sentinel, the Winnipeg Free Press, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Columbia University.


In his spare time, Brian likes to write short stories, watch horror movies, hike, kayak the Salish Sea, and make pizza. His passion for health-related subjects is a natural result of being raised by a second-generation doctor and second-generation nurse. Brian lives with his wife and cat in the Seattle area.