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T3 (3rd Thoracic Vertebra)

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015

The T3 vertebra is the third uppermost of the twelve (12) thoracic vertebrae in the central section of the spinal column. In form and function, it is very much like the other T2-T9 vertebrae, which each get slightly larger from top to bottom in the torso, while their vertebral foramina conversely decrease in size. As with all of the thoracic vertebrae, it connects with two ribs - one on either side Continue Scrolling To Read More Below...

Continued From Above... of the rib cage - for support and articulation, partly enabled by costal demi-facets above and below the exterior of the ventral body and by costal facets on the transverse processes. The vertebral arch encloses a circular vertebral foramen for passage of the spinal cord. Flat surfaces on the upper and lower surfaces of the centrum (ventral body) of the T3 vertebra and intervertebral discs between the facing T4 and T2 vertebrae provide support and cushioning to these articulating joints of the spinal column, supported by large pedicles. The spinous process points increasingly downward from the posterior side of the spine.