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Dorsal Digital Veins of Hand

Last Updated: Jun 10, 2015

The dorsal digital veins of hand run along the fingers’ sides. The veins connect with each other through branches that communicate diagonally. The dorsal metacarpal veins are formed when the veins from neighboring sides of the digits merge. These veins stop in a dorsal venous network across from the center of the metacarpus. The dorsal digital vein from the index finger’s radial side and the thumb’smycontentbreak dorsal digital veins join the radial part of the network. From here it’s prolonged upward as the cephalic vein. The dorsal digital vein of the little finger’s ulnar side is sent to the ulnar part of the network. It continues to rise as the basilic vein. Around the center of the forearm, the dorsal venous network often meets up with the cephalic vein by way of a communicating branch.