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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Orig3n Review

Orig3n is a direct-to-consumer DNA testing company that was founded in 2014. The company offers a wide range of DNA tests (21 total), most of which relate to lifestyle, fitness, beauty, and behavior.

Quick Review Summary


  • Orig3n offers some unusual tests that you may struggle to find anywhere else.
  • You only have to take the actual DNA test once with Orig3n. You can then purchase and access other reports without having to take a new DNA test.
  • You are clearly told which genes are being analyzed in each test, so you can do more research on your own if you so wish.


  • You cannot currently upload data you have received from other test providers.
  • Some of the tests, such as those related to nutrition and behavioral genetic tests, still do not have a strong and convincing scientific grounding.
  • You must live within the United States to order a test from Orig3n.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to take a specific genetic test that zeroes in on specific characteristics, then ordering a test from Orig3n is a solid option. Several of its tests, such as their Child Development DNA Test (geared towards children as the name implies) and their Behavior DNA Test, cannot be found anywhere else.

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Testing Options, Pricing & Discounts

Orig3n offers a wide range of testing products. Its most granular, niche tests are called “mini-tests.” These typically only cover a few gene variants and are the least expensive tests offered by Orig3n. Examples of these tests include: caffeine tolerance, lactose tolerance, folate levels, and alcohol tolerance.

There is also a range of tests that combine a series of mini-tests into one more comprehensive test, such as tests covering metabolism, vitamins, and skin health and appearance. These tests analyze many different gene variants and are designed to give you a broader overall picture of your genetic systems. Typically, these “bundled” tests offer a much better value over buying each test individually. Take a look below for more detailed information about the various offerings.

We are excited to let you know that for our readers, you can enter the Orig3n coupon code: Innerbody and receive an additional 15% off all tests. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.


The Orig3n Fitness DNA test provides you with a genetic profile that helps you understand how your genome may affect your overall fitness, and also includes recommendations on how best to work with your genes to optimize your fitness. The test analyzes over 20 different genes relating to exercise recovery, metabolism, muscle strength, joints, movement, and power performance. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.


This test is concerned with how your DNA may affect your body’s response to certain foods and nutrients. It advises which nutrients you may be lacking in, and which might be best avoided. The test analyzes 18 different genes relating to food aversion, food breakdown, hunger and weight, and vitamins. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.

Here is a short promotional video explaining more about Orig3n’s Nutrition DNA Test:


This test is somewhat unique in the personalized genetic testing marketplace, as the field of behavioral genetics is young and full of controversy. As long as you keep in mind that at this stage, there is relatively little that genetic tests can definitively tell us about personality, and that the genes analyzed in this test only represent a small subset of the genes that are relevant to personality, the Orig3n behavior product can provide you with some interesting insights into how your genes may affect your moods, behaviors, and reactions (especially if you’re willing to do a little more research on your own!). The test analyses 10 genes relating to feelings, behavior, and tolerance. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.


The Beauty DNA Test is designed to investigate the genetic profile of your skin and hair and will use this information to recommend changes to your beauty routine to reflect your specific hair and skin type. The test analyzes 16 different genes relating to appearance and skin health, aging, elasticity, and sun exposure. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.

Child Development

The Child Development Test is a fun and interesting glimpse into your child’s genetic profile, but it is especially important to remember when ordering a test like this that genetics are only a tiny part of the story when it comes to a child’s development. Please do not take the results of this test too seriously! There are 14 genes analyzed, relating to enlightenment (which includes aptitude for language learning, math ability, and musical pattern recognition), fitness, sleep and behavior, and nutrition. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.


The Superhero DNA test is designed to provide you with a personal DNA profile that reveals which “superhero” traits you carry in your genome, from a potential four genes that are analyzed. These are muscle mass, language ability, endurance, and muscle force. As you can see, 3/4 of these genes relate to fitness, so hopefully the traits covered by this test will expand as scientific research into the genetic basis of other sorts of “superpower” progresses. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.


Each of the Orig3n mini-tests analyzes a small number of specific genes and is geared towards customers looking for information on a specific bodily function, such as alcohol metabolism, joint care, or skin aging. There are 12 different mini-tests covering many different aspects of fitness, diet, and beauty. All Orig3n reports clearly state which genes have been analyzed and the significance of those genes, which helps to make them clear and understandable, and allows you to conduct further research on your own. Each of the mini-tests falls into a certain category and is included in one of the following larger, more comprehensive (and more expensive) tests: fitness, beauty, or nutrition. Go HERE for current pricing and discounts.

Submitting Your DNA

Orig3n’s DNA submission process is easy, quick, and painless. Once you choose your DNA test and place your order, the Orig3n DNA collection kit will arrive in the mail. If you prefer, you can attend one of the company’s events and purchase a kit there. You then use the cheek swabs found in the kit to collect a sample of the cells on the inside of your cheek and return the kit to the lab via pre-paid mail. To access your results, you must download the ORIG3N app, and register either using this app or online.

Privacy Considerations

Samples never leave Orig3n’s Boston lab, as all DNA testing and analysis is performed on-site. Test results are encrypted before they are returned to you, and your data and samples are never shared with third parties. The company’s default position is that all genetic information shared by customers is kept entirely confidential and not shared with the Orig3n research team without your explicit consent. If you wish to have your physical DNA sample destroyed, you may request this in writing. For more information, see the Privacy Policy on the Orig3n website.