Fitness Genes Review

Fitness Genes is one of a rapidly expanding number of direct-to-consumer DNA testing providers that solely offer products based on lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. The form that the website takes is a kind of hybrid between a genetic testing service, and a personalized workout and diet planner, for which you must pay a time-limited subscription fee. From analysis of your DNA, Fitness Genes promises to create customized exercise and nutrition ‘blueprints’ tailored to your specific fitness goals. There are four ‘genetic work out systems’ available to purchase; Get Fit, Loose Weight, Get Lean, or Build Muscle. A plan advisor’ is also provided for those who are unsure which of the genetic work out system would suit them best. This tool uses criteria like your overall fitness goal, current build and current exercise level to help you pick the plan that is right for you.

Review Summary


  • Subscription includes a comprehensive personalized work out and nutrition plan.
  • There are brief informational pages explaining the significance of all 43 genes the company analyzes on their website.
  • You don’t have to order the genetic testing kit Fitness Genes provides if you have already used another compatible genetic testing service that allows you to download your raw data. You can upload this data to Fitness Genes and they will perform the analysis for you.
  • Results may be periodically updated as new scientific data becomes available to the company (although in reality this may not be very often).
  • Online support is available and you gain access to the company’s online community and app when you purchase a subscription.


  • Genetics is only part of the story when it comes to weight, fitness, and muscularity, and you are unlikely to gain any genetic information from these sorts of tests that will revolutionize your lifestyle, diet, or fitness routine.
  • The price of the testing kit, and of subscription to the ‘members area’ that allows you access to your personalized plans, is expensive considering the limited genetic information it can provide you with.
  • Many of the workout plans require at least some level of access to a gym with a number of different types of machines.
  • You have to provide background lifestyle data in addition to your genetic information, and this is used to optimize your results.

Bottom Line

We believe that Fitness Genes is most suitable for those customers who want to purchase a subscription to a fitness or lifestyle website where they can access detailed work out plans and diet suggestions, with some fun and interesting genetic information as an added bonus.

Pricing and Options

The basic Fitness Genes DNA analysis kit costs $199 ($10 of which is for shipping). This includes a 1 week free trial of their personalized workout and nutrition plans, along with access to their members area. To continue using work out and nutritional ‘blueprints’ after this trial, you must upgrade to one of the four ‘genetic work out systems’; get fit, lose weight, get lean, or build muscle. These four distinct work out systems are priced differently, and price depends on your subscription length. Provided you have already purchased the DNA testing kit + free trial and had your data analyzed, 4 week plans range from $39 - $69, while a 20 week plan will set you back $149. If you already have an idea of your fitness goal, it is also possibly to jump in directly and purchase your genetic testing kit with together with a specific work out system (no free trial), and this is slightly cheaper (from $229 for 4 weeks, to $329 for 20 weeks). A 7-day refund policy applies to the genetic testing kit itself.

Submitting your DNA

Fitness Gene’s DNA submission process is easy, quick, and painless. Once you have selected your ‘Genetically Tailored Workout System” and placed your order, your DNA testing kit will arrive in the post in 3 - 5 days. When the kit arrives, you simply follow the instructions provided to supply a small saliva sample, and return the kit to Fitness Gene using the same box that it arrived in. Postage is pre-paid for customers who order from the US, Canada or the UK (for other locations costs may vary). Fitness Gene will then analyze your DNA at their UK lab, and generate your chosen report(s) within around 2-3 weeks. If you have already used another compatible genetic testing service and have downloaded your raw data, you can upload this to Fitness Genes using their facilitated upload process. You will receive an email when your results are ready to be viewed.

Work Out Systems and Reports


Get Fit

The Get Fit workout system is based on improving your overall fitness levels, and can be personalized to suit customers who prefer to work out either in the gym or at home. The nutrition plan that comes with this system will contain guidance concerning the ‘right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to support your progress’. This plan is advertised as a good starting point for beginners. The levels of subscription for this plan are 4 weeks (Starter), 8 weeks (Keep Fit), or 12 weeks (Complete).


Loose Weight

Each week of this workout system includes 3 to 5 gym days geared towards burning fat and strength training, 1 to 2 days of power walking/cardio, and the rest of the week to rest. The nutrition plans attached to this system will focus on eating to loose weight, while the nutrition report will include information on genes relating to appetite, cravings, and fat storage. The levels of subscription for this plan are 4 weeks (Starter), 8 weeks (Momentum), or 12 weeks (Complete).


Get Lean

The Get Lean workout system incorporates a variety of different types of exercise, including resistance, cardio, circuit, and high intensity interval training. The goal of this system is to tone up and define your muscles, while also accelerating metabolism and fat loss. This system is certainly aimed at those who are looking for a more intense fitness experience. The levels of subscription for this plan are 8 weeks (Starter), 12 weeks (Plus), or 20 weeks (Complete).


Build Muscle

The final work out system offered by Fitness Genes is Build Muscle. This plan aims to help you ‘maximize your size’, and includes both intense work outs and a nutrition plan tailored towards muscle gain. The minimum suggested commitment for this plan is 3 workout days per week, and the levels of subscription for this plan are 4 weeks (Hero), 8 weeks (Legend), or 12 weeks (Prophecy).

Other Considerations


As with many genetic testing providers, genomic data supplied to Fitness Genes is encrypted using similar software to that used by banks for security. They state a commitment never to sell personal data or share data with third parties without your explicit consent. The company provides you with the option allow use of your genetic data in current research, or to allow them to store any leftover saliva sample not used in the analysis process for possible future research and development. If you consent to this, your genetic data may be ‘commercialized’ and shared with a third party, although all data will be anonymized. You can request that your personal information, data, or samples be excluded from further research and destroyed at any time. For more information, see the Privacy Policy page of the Fitness Genes website.

Data Exportability

This does not appear to be mentioned on the Fitness Genes website.

Fitness Genes vs the Competition

The direct-to-consumer genetic testing market is experiencing exponential growth, with new websites promising genetically tailored work outs, diets, skin care routines, or lifestyle products popping up almost weekly. The scientific evidence behind many of these types of tests is just not yet as sound as the evidence backing up health or ancestry DNA tests, such as those supplied by the bigger testing companies (23andMe, Ancestry, etc). That said, the aim of Fitness Genes is not to provide any medical advice or ancestry information, and as far as lifestyle-based genetic testing websites go, Fitness Genes provides a comprehensive service and generally receives favorable reviews as a result of it’s quality customer service. The price of the products is higher than most other fitness-focused genetic testing websites, but this price does include the fitness and nutrition plans, which are the main draw of the website anyway.