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Normal Teeth

Last Updated: Jun 9, 2015

Normal teeth have a hard structure, are set in the upper and lower jaw, and are used for chewing food. Teeth also give shape to the face and aid in the process of speaking clearly. The enamel that covers the crown (the part above the gum) in each tooth can break down by acids produced by the mouth for digestive purposes. This process is called decay. To prevent decay, good oral hygiene, consisting Continue Scrolling To Read More Below...

Continued From Above... of daily brushing and flossing is necessary. The hardest substance in the human body is one of the four kinds of tissue that make up the tooth. It is enamel and covers the crown (area above the gum line) of the tooth. A bony material called cementum covers the root, which fits into the jaw socket and is joined to it with membranes. Dentin is found under the enamel and the cementum and this material forms the largest part of the tooth. At the heart of each tooth is living pulp, which contains nerves, connective tissues, blood vessels and lymphatics. When a person gets a toothache, the pulp is what hurts.