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Health Education

Many career paths require a thorough understanding of human anatomy, particularly healthcare careers. Studying anatomy provides these professionals with the fundamental backdrop of how the human body should work, and what it may mean when it’s not working at its best. For example, doctors rely on their knowledge of anatomy to examine patients and diagnose injury and illness. Understanding anatomy allows the ultrasound technician to recognize the normal or abnormal appearance of organs. Without having studied muscular and skeletal anatomy, physical therapists would lack the knowledge of muscles and joints necessary to help patients recover from injury. For these and many other divergent careers, the study of anatomy is a common gateway leading to a deep, rewarding understanding of the human body and fulfillment of career goals.

Explore a variety of health careers with our comprehensive guides - full of useful, up-to-date information on the education, training, licensing/certification requirements and skills required as well as the salary and job outlook for these important positions.

Health Care Business

Doctors and executives are seated around a conference table during meeting

When people think of health care, they understandably picture doctors, nurses, X-ray machines and surgery. But along with the services they provide, medical centers are businesses - big, booming business almost always, but particularly now as our population and median age grow. This spells opportunity for business students, sales-minded individuals and aspiring executives. Sounds exciting? Then start exploring the business side of health care!

Health Care Provider

Female doctor stands holding a stethoscope

Advances in medicine, along with growth in the U.S. population, have created a need for medical doctors, as well as their technicians and assistants. Doctors enjoy a variety of practice areas, from lab specialties to holistic or naturopathic approaches. Despite the high demand for these professionals, getting into medical school in the U.S. is an extremely competitive process. Learn about the requirements and opportunities of these meaningful careers.

Health Information Technology

IT professional sits in front of servers, working on a tablet

Advances in medicine continue to astound. But did you know that there’s another revolution almost constantly unfolding in health care? Who ensures that the mind-boggling amount of sensitive medical data remains protected while at the same time informing all of the care that patients receive (as well as the bills that keep the lights on)? The world of health care poses incredible challenges and opportunities for those who are interested in information technology, and you can learn about some of those opportunities right here.

Medical Diagnostics, Lab and Equipment

Results of an MRI are being examined by health professional

Without the skillful work of medical imaging and laboratory professionals, patients could not receive proper diagnoses and subsequent treatments for a multitude of serious diseases and conditions. For those who pursue them, clinical lab and diagnostic positions offer the chance to be a part of an exciting, innovative and gratifying facet of health care.

Mental Health

A therapist with a notepad listens to his client share her thoughts

Devoting your professional life to the study and treatment of mental health conditions means choosing a life of constant learning, since the human mind is a constant source of marvelous new discovery. Explore how you can can enjoy great challenge and reward in providing therapy to individuals or groups, or pursuing a role in teaching, research or consulting.

Nurse Assisting

A nurse assistant pushes an elderly man in a wheelchair outdoors

Nurse assisting gives you the opportunity to provide much-needed care to patients in need of it, without spending a long time and significant money in school. For those who want to provide a high level of hands-on care and ensure the comfort of patients, a career in this field can be the goal in itself or a stepping stone to other roles in health care, such as nursing.


A nurse in a hospital leans in to care for a young patient in her hospital bed

The word “nursing” may bring to mind a registered nurse (RN) providing bedside care to hospital patient, but while many nurses begin their career in a general hospital setting, this is only one piece of a vast picture. Nursing encompasses many levels of education and responsibility below and above that of the RN (for instance, practical nursing and advanced practice nursing). And within the RN role there is also great diversity; RNs can specialize in a multitude of subjects and can be found in almost any work setting in which their expertise in healing and health advocacy is needed. Nursing is a great choice for those who have patience, compassion, and an ability to think critically.

Public Service

Outstretched hand holds paper cutouts of a family

The spirit of service is central to many careers and these are no exception. Without skilled translators, for instance, many patients would not be able to receive the proper medical care. Juvenile counselors, meanwhile, provide counsel and advocacy for troubled youth who otherwise might receive no responsible advice.

Surgery and Emergency

A team of surgeons operates on a patient in the operating room

Modern day miracles are a part of daily work life for those who enter this field. From EMTs to surgeons, learn about the career paths that lead to great satisfaction in these very unique work environments, where stress and reward are par for the course and you can look yourself in the mirror and say, “I saved a life.”


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