Diseases and Conditions

While studying human anatomy and physiology – the structural parts of our body and how they function – it is also very useful to explore common ways in which our organs and body parts can fail to function properly. In this section, you will find many common kinds of diseases and medical conditions that lead to – or result from – disruptions of normal body functioning. You’ll be able to explore the causes of these conditions; learn about their symptoms; and discover not only treatment regimens, but also preventative measures that can sometimes be taken to avoid acquiring a disease in the first place.

To the left is a depiction of the Rod of Asclepius, an object from Greek mythology widely regarded by the medical community in the United States as the symbol of healthcare. Many people believe that the true symbol of medicine is the Caduceus – another image of Greek mythological origin, showing two snakes woven around a staff with wings. Present-day prominence of the Caduceus as a medical symbol has been traced to confusion between the two symbols, perhaps most notably in the early 20th century when the U.S. Army mistakenly used the Caduceus on Medical Corps uniforms. Since that time, the Caduceus has frequently been used to symbolize healthcare in the United States. Historically, the Caduceus has been a symbol of commerce, not medicine.

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