Immune and Lymphatic Systems of the Lower Torso

The primary structures of the lymphatic and immune systems in the lower abdomen and pelvis are the cisterna chyli (also called the cysterna chyli), the intestinal trunk, the two lumbar trunks, and the inguinal nodes. The bones of the pelvic girdle also play an important role in the immune system, as they contain red bone marrow which produces white blood cells.

The lymphatic system works closely with the immune system: lymph nodes trap pathogens so that antibodies can attack them; the...

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Full Immune and Lymphatic Systems of the Lower Torso Description

[Continued from above] . . . byproducts of this attack (dead bacteria or viral particles and dead or damaged antibodies and white blood cells) can then be flushed out of the body along with the lymph fluid. This prevents excessive buildup in the body of the poisonous products of cellular decay.