Cortical (Compact) Bone

The cortical (compact) bone is one of the three layers of a bone. It is a dense, rigid bone called the compact bone. It is shaped like a cylinder and is so hard that surgeons must use a saw to cut through it. It is honeycombed with thousands of tiny holes and passageways, through which run nerves and blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the bone. This dense layer supports the weight of the body and is made up of mostly calcium and minerals, so that it feels no pain. When a bone...

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    Full Cortical (Compact) Bone Description

    [Continued from above] . . . is broken, injured nerve fibers run through the compact bone and send messages that relay the pain signals to the brain. If we cut though the compact bone, we find that its cylinder surrounds and protects the spongy bone marrow, which contains a material, much like gelatin.