Cerebellar Peduncle

A cerebellar peduncle is a nerve tract that permits communication between the cerebellum and the other parts of the central nervous system. Three pairs of cerebellar peduncles conduct this communication. The inferior peduncles bring sensory information about the actual position of body parts such as limbs and joints. The middle peduncles transmit information about the desired position of these parts. After integrating and analyzing the information from these two sources, the cerebellum sends ...

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    Full Cerebellar Peduncle Description

    [Continued from above] . . . impulses through the superior peduncles to the midbrain. In response, motor impulses are transmitted down through the pons, medulla oblongata, and spinal cord to stimulate or inhibit skeletal muscles at appropriate times and cause movements of body parts into the desired positions. This activity makes rapid and complex muscular movements possible.