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Ultraload Reviews

We put Ultraload to the test to see if it can improve your performance in the bedroom and provide longer, more pleasurable orgasms.

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2022
Ultraload Reviews

Everybody wants to have good sex, but certain physical factors sometimes stand in the way. Nearly 40% of men experience erectile dysfunction at some point. And about half of all men report experiencing premature ejaculation, with up to 30% saying it has negatively affected their relationships. Add issues of low libido and testosterone levels that plummet after age 40, and you can see how and why men need help.

That’s where a product like Ultraload comes in. Part volume pill, part male enhancement pill, Ultralod contains ingredients that directly and indirectly affect semen quality and ejaculate volume, increase blood flow to the penis, and boost libido. Some components may also help the one in 10 men who struggle with fertility issues.

This review will break down what’s in Ultraload, how it works, and whether or not it’s safe. By the time we’re done, you’ll know whether Ultraload is right for you.

Review Summary


  • Uses high doses of proven ingredients
  • Should boost testosterone levels
  • Contains BioPerine for enhanced bioavailability
  • Bulk savings opportunities
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Discreet billing and packaging
  • Free U.S. shipping on all orders


  • No subscription option
  • Results can take several months
  • A bit pricier than competitors

Bottom line

Ultraload offers a compelling mix of clinically backed ingredients that should provide most users with improved semen quality and quantity. Erectile performance and orgasm quality may also increase, and an ample dose of zinc is among its most noteworthy aspects, thanks to the element’s potential to boost testosterone levels. With a generous 100-day money-back guarantee and minimal side effect risk, men have a good opportunity to try Ultraload out and see how it works.

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Ultraload’s clinically backed ingredients improve semen quality and quantity, and they may enhance erectile performance.

Ultraload naturally boosts testosterone levels with high doses of ingredients like zinc. Buy in bulk for bigger savings. Enjoy free shipping and a 100-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

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3 Month Supply
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What is Ultraload?

Ultraload is a men’s health supplement designed primarily to increase ejaculate volume. It uses a mix of vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients to achieve its results. In addition to an increase in semen volume, these ingredients can often induce:

  • Improved erectile performance
  • Enhanced orgasms
  • Heightened testosterone levels
  • Boosted fertility

Even though Ultraload doesn’t advertise some of those benefits — notably the fertility improvements — clinical research shows that several of Ultraload’s ingredients can affect semen motility, quantity, and morphology. The changes might not be enough on their own to change the fortunes of couples trying to conceive, but they can work congruently with other strategies to maximize your chances.

How Ultraload works

Ultraload aims to increase ejaculate volume and enhance orgasm pleasure. To do this, they choose ingredients that act on several parts of a man’s sexual performance, from blood flow to testosterone production.

Let’s look more closely at each ingredient in Ultraload to understand how they can improve your sexual experience.

Ultraload ingredients

Ultraload employs only standardized high-potency extracts of the following ingredients to ensure consistent, reliable performance.

L-Citrulline (500mg)

L-Citrulline is a critical component of nitric oxide metabolism, and nitric oxide directly affects blood flow to the penis. Through this ingredient, Ultraload can improve erectile performance and orgasm intensity.

Black maca (240mg)

Maca has been shown to enhance sexual performance and reduce sexual dysfunction in men whose SSRI consumption has led to problems in the bedroom. Self-reported libido improves significantly in studies as well.

Shilajit extract (200mg)

More than directly influencing sexual performance, shilajit has been shown to increase testosterone levels. Those increased T levels lead to improved semen production, libido, and sexual stamina.

Pine bark extract (100mg)

The most prominent study looking at pine bark extract’s effect on sexual health combines the ingredient with L-arginine. While that makes it difficult to measure its power in isolation, it’s worth noting that L-citrulline (found in Ultraload) converts to L-arginine in the body, so you’re getting both.

Vitamin B6 (20mg)

In animal studies, vitamin B6 showed the ability to reduce the interval between orgasm and subsequent arousal — a time known as the refractory period. That means you might be able to enjoy more than one session with your partner in rapid succession.

Vitamin B12 (240mcg)

Some studies link vitamin B12 levels with the incidence of premature ejaculation. Ultraload includes it in their formula to help men last longer.

Zinc citrate (30mg)

Several studies link zinc with testosterone levels. Many sexual health supplements and testosterone include zinc, and Ultraload offers one of the highest doses in its class.

BioPerine (10mg)

BioPerine is a branded black pepper extract. Supplement companies often include it for its ability to increase bioavailability, meaning that your body will absorb more of the other components in a given supplement.

What to expect when taking Ultraload

We spoke with several Ultraload users in addition to the members of our testing team that tried it. Here’s how they reported results over the first three months of use. This is one of the reasons we appreciate Ultraload’s 100-day money-back guarantee. It allows you to try the product for three months to see how well it works for you.

The first month

Many of Ultraload’s effects can be felt within about 21 days (though that’s not always true for all men). By the end of the first month, you will probably have experienced increased blood flow to the penis resulting in harder, larger-looking erections. You will likely also notice an increase in semen volume.

The second month

You’ll hit your stride with Ultraload during the second month, likely noticing an uptick in your libido and a significant increase in pleasure during sex and orgasm. Your semen volume will continue to increase, and so will your overall vigor.

The third month

By the end of the third month, your sperm will be at its healthiest, and your testosterone levels should be high and steady. If you exercise regularly, you may notice an increase in strength and stamina, as well as greater ease in shedding body fat with cardio. Your performance and pleasure in the bedroom should also be reliable and enjoyable, and you may find yourself ready for seconds and thirds within minutes.

How to take Ultraload

Ultraload’s dose regime is decidedly simple. The company recommends that you take three capsules daily with water and food. Because B vitamins can be a bit energizing, it’s wise to take your dose in the morning with breakfast.

Is Ultraload safe?

Ultraload is definitely safe for most men. Its ingredients are natural and well-sourced, and the side effects of each are extremely limited in clinical research. B vitamins can sometimes cause flushing, but other than that, the likeliest side effects are nausea or stomach upset as your body gets used to Ultraload’s ingredients.

You shouldn’t combine Ultraload with other vitamins or supplements without consulting your doctor first. You should also talk to your doctor if you’re on any prescription medications, especially those that influence blood pressure, in case Ultraload interacts with them.

Ultraload pricing, shipping, and returns

Ultraload’s pricing is extremely simple. They don’t offer a subscription option, but you can save significantly by buying in bulk. The cost per bottle comes down nearly $20 when you buy at Ultraload’s highest bulk level. Here’s how it works:

  Cost Cost per bottle Free shipping
One-month supply $69 $69 U.S. only
Three-month supply $178 $59.30 Worldwide
Six-month supply $297 $49.50 Worldwide

Shipping is free for all orders going to the U.S. and free worldwide on all bulk orders. Shipping and billing are also both discreet. Your order arrives in an unidentifiable cardboard box, and your credit card statement will contain a charge to “Performance Naturals.”

100-day money-back guarantee

Ultraload offers one of the longest money-back guarantees of any male enhancement product we’ve tested and reviewed at 100 days, so you’re free to try Ultraload for the full length of time it often takes men to experience all of its effects. If you’re unsatisfied at the end of those three months, you have another ten days to set up a return for a full refund. You’ll be responsible for return shipping charges.

Ultraload’s money-back guarantee only applies to first-time orders, so we encourage our readers to start with at least the 3-month supply. That way, you can use the product for 90 days and get all your money back, rather than buying one bottle at a time and only receiving a refund for that first month.

Is Ultraload a good value?

Thanks to a stellar ingredient profile, the opportunity to save on bulk purchases, and a generous 100-day money-back guarantee, Ultraload is definitely a good value. Buying one bottle at a time reduces the value significantly, as you miss out on part of a potential refund after 100 days and the cost per bottle is a lot higher.

Compared to other supplements that offer similar ingredients, Ultraload is slightly more expensive for a one-month supply. However, its price undercuts a lot of the competition at bulk levels. It’s also worth noting that Ultraload’s simple, proven ingredients list should take a lot of uncertainty out of your experience compared to some competitors.

Alternatives to Ultraload

At Innerbody Research, we extensively test a wide range of men’s health products, and our experience in the men’s sexual health sector is vast. We’ve tested dozens of products like Ultraload, as well as several viable alternatives from other parts of the men’s sexual health landscape. Here’s a quick look at some of the alternative approaches you can take to improve your sexual health.

Prescription medication

Prescription medication is both the most effective and most drastic option to improve your sexual health. Whether you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or fertility problems, there are prescription approaches that we know work. The downside is that some of them are significantly costly and all come with a higher risk of side effects than supplements like Ultraload.

If you’re interested in prescription medication to improve your sexual health, we recommend companies like Hims and Roman. Both are telehealth providers that let you consult with a doctor, acquire a prescription, and set up a delivery to your front door, all from the comfort of their websites. If what you’re seeking is ED medication specifically, starting at BlueChew is a great way to try an effective medication for free.

Testosterone boosters

One of the most common underlying causes of issues in the bedroom is low testosterone. You might not recognize sexual performance issues as a symptom, but there are other symptoms you may have that would indicate low T levels, including

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Poor performance in the gym
  • Difficulty shedding fat or building muscle
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Low libido

There are prescription testosterone replacement therapies out there that are pricey and a little dangerous, but you can also invest in one of the great testosterone-boosting supplements on the market. Ultraload isn’t advertised as one, but its shilajit and zinc doses are likely to boost testosterone. Our guide to the best testosterone boosters can tell you more.

Male enhancement pills

In addition to prescription pills and testosterone boosters, numerous male enhancement products can help you in ways similar to Ultraload. Many focus on increasing nitric oxide production to create harder, larger-looking erections, but some have additional sexual benefits.

Male enhancement pills often also contain ingredients that can boost testosterone, elevate libido, and increase semen quantity and quality. Ultimately, there is a lot of overlap among male enhancement pills, testosterone boosters, and Ultraload. Our guide to the best male enhancement pills can give you even more information.

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