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Super Beets Review: Effective nitric oxide supplements?

If you don’t want to take the time to cook or juice beets, but want to benefit from their nutrients, are SuperBeets supplements a good replacement? Find out here.

Last Updated: May 24, 2022
Super Beets Review

Many people know that superfoods are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help keep us healthy. Common superfoods include blueberries, spinach, green tea, garlic, and leafy greens. But one superfood that has become more popular recently is beets.

Beets have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and provide the body with fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. Beets are also a potent natural source of nitrates that help the body produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can help with circulation, blood pressure, and other benefits.

Dietary supplements containing beets — like SuperBeets — have emerged to make it easier to incorporate this superfood into your diet. But are they effective? Can SuperBeets replace cooked beets or beet juice? Read our review to find out how this supplement is made and if it’s a good value.

Review Summary


  • Made with fermented and non-fermented beets
  • Comes in two delicious flavors
  • Clinical trial shows this supplement lowers blood pressure
  • Free of dairy, gluten, soy, and GMOs
  • Various SuperBeets products available for bundling
  • Subscribe & Save for up to 45% off
  • Get 10% off your first order by providing an email address
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • May experience beeturia — a harmless side effect
  • More research needed to verify effectiveness claims
  • Does not use organic produce

Bottom line

We recommend SuperBeets as a healthy, generally safe way to easily consume beets without the effort to cook or juice them. SuperBeets is simple to use, comes in two tasty flavors, and helps boost energy and build exercise stamina. While some of the claims about the product require further research, we found SuperBeets to be a convenient and effective way to consume this superfood.

Our Top Picks


SuperBeets is a convenient and tasty way to get the nutritional benefits of beets without the hassle.

This superfood supplement from HumanN is a plant-based solution for circulation issues, high blood pressure, and overall heart health. Take 45% off when you subscribe and save. All purchases are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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What is Super Beets?

SuperBeets is a dietary supplement made with concentrated beetroot crystals formulated to boost the body’s nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide increases blood flow, lowering blood pressure and improving muscle performance and recovery. It also helps to regulate the function of many body systems, including:

  • Immune system
  • Circulatory system
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Respiratory system

When you experience low nitric oxide levels, it may impact your:

  • Vision quality
  • Concentration and memory
  • Energy levels
  • Muscle recovery

Beets are notorious for containing a high level of nitrates, which help the body naturally boost nitric oxide levels. SuperBeets claims that every teaspoon of crystals is the equivalent of eating 40 teaspoons of fresh beets. This product is free of dairy, gluten, soy, and GMOs and comes in two flavor options: black cherry and original apple.

SuperBeets helps promote heart health, circulation, and healthy blood pressure levels, in addition to being a source of antioxidants with high levels of vitamin C. To take, mix one teaspoon with 4oz of water. You can consume up to 10g of beetroot powder per day. Each canister includes a 30-day supply.

Other Super Beets products

In addition to the original SuperBeets, HumanN (the company that manufactures the product) offers a variety of other supplements that also include concentrated beetroot powder. These products are available in bundles with discounted prices or can be purchased separately.

SuperBeets Energy Plus

This product is essentially the same as SuperBeets but includes 80mg of caffeine derived from green tea extract.

SuperBeets Collagen

This supplement adds hydrolyzed collagen to the original SuperBeets formula to support healthy skin and nails.

SuperBeets Immune

To boost immunity, this product includes Wellmune, a yeast beta-glucan. It also provides high levels of vitamin C.

SuperBeets Heart Chews

These chewable supplements promote heart health using grape seed extract in addition to beetroot powder.

SuperBeets Memory + Focus

This product combines beetroot powder with fermented resveratrol and coffee fruit extract to support memory, focus, and alertness.

Does Super Beets work?

A clinical trial of SuperBeets showed that it lowered the blood pressure of participants throughout a 4-week trial period. There have also been numerous studies on the health benefits of beets, showing that they help lower blood pressure, improve sports performance, and reduce inflammation.

HumanN uses a unique process to preserve the nitrates in beets, which are responsible for naturally boosting nitric oxide levels in the body. The company evaluates each beet crop for high levels of nitrates and preserves those levels by converting the beets into dried crystals. This helps you gain the same benefits from drinking SuperBeets as you would from eating beets. In fact, when eating beets or drinking beet juice, you can’t be sure about the nitrate content; however, SuperBeets gives you a standardized amount in each scoop.

Our testers found SuperBeets to be a great-tasting way to incorporate beets into their diets without the hassle of cooking or juicing them. Because of SuperBeets’ circulation-boosting effects, our testers were able to work out longer and feel more energized.

How Super Beets works

SuperBeets optimizes the nutrients of beets by providing you with a healthy and balanced source of nitrates. Using both fermented and unfermented beets, this supplement delivers nitrates that help to naturally boost the body’s nitric oxide levels. Doing so can help improve:

  • Circulation
  • Blood pressure
  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Focus

HumanN is invested in the science behind their supplements and employs a team of scientists that help ensure that SuperBeets provides necessary vitamins and minerals to boost nitric oxide levels. This team includes scientists specializing in nitric oxide, food science, sports nutrition, and kinesiology. They study the effectiveness of supplements to make sure they are being metabolized by the body and providing optimal health benefits.

SuperBeets includes a short but effective ingredient list. It includes:

  • Non-GMO beetroot powder
  • Non-GMO beetroot powder (fermented)
  • Natural apple flavor or natural black cherry flavor
  • Malic acid
  • Magnesium ascorbate
  • Stevia leaf extract (for taste)

Is Super Beets safe?

There are no serious side effects from taking SuperBeets as long as you follow label instructions. In general, it is safe for most people to take, but it is important to check in with your doctor or nutritionist before beginning any new supplement. Since raising nitric oxide levels can lower blood pressure, it’s important to consult a physician before taking this supplement if you live with low blood pressure or are taking medication to lower blood pressure.

One benign side effect of consuming beets is called beeturia. This happens when urine or feces turn red or pink because of ingesting betacyanin, the natural pigment of beets. Typically, this happens in about 10-14% of the population and is not harmful.


You can purchase SuperBeets on the HumanN website or at GNC stores. If you purchase on the website, you can make a one-time purchase or take advantage of Subscribe & Save options. Each canister of SuperBeets contains 30 servings, a one-month supply.

For one-time purchases, the price breaks down like this:

  • One-month supply: $39.95
  • Three-month supply: $79.90 (save 33%) + free shipping
  • Six-month supply: $149.90 (save 37%) + free shipping

If you choose the Subscribe & Save option, all items ship for free. Here’s how much you’ll pay:

  • One-month supply: $34.95 (save 12%)
  • Three-month supply: $69.90 (save 41%)
  • Six-month supply: $129.90 (save 45%)

Your products ship in regular intervals until you cancel. You can cancel anytime without penalty. HumanN also provides a 90-day money-back guarantee for a full refund (minus shipping charges) if you’re not satisfied.

HumanN also offers product bundles, including:

  • Heart & Mind ($71.90): Heart Chews and Memory + Focus
  • Mixed Flavors ($69.90): SuperBeets Apple and SuperBeets Black Cherry
  • Heart & Immunity ($48.95): Heart Chews and Vitamin D3 Chews

Prices above are for one-time purchases, but you can use the Subscribe & Save feature for bundles as well.

Is Super Beets a good value?

Many supplements on the market claim to boost nitric oxide levels. Compared to competitors, SuperBeets is a good value, and with many opportunities for savings, it has a mid-range price point. The chart below shows the prices for one canister (or a one-month supply) of some of SuperBeets’ competitors so you can judge for yourself.

  One-time purchase Subscribe & Save
HumanN SuperBeets $39.95 $34.95
HugeSupplements Magnify $44.95 N/A
Evlution Nutrition BEET MODE $41.99 N/A
Old School Labs Vintage Burst $39.99 $33.99
Jacked Factory NO. XT Nitric Oxide Booster $29.99 N/A
Onnit Total Nitric Oxide $39.99 $33.99
HumanN Neo40 $34.95 $34.95
Snap Supplements’ Nitric Oxide Booster $27.95 $23.95
Transparent Labs’ Nitric Oxide Advanced Pump Amplifier $39.99 N/A
Crazybulk’s Nitric-Max $64.99 N/A

You can also check out our guide to the best nitric oxide supplements for more information.

HSA, FSA, and health insurance

You can’t use HSA or FSA funds to purchase SuperBeets. The supplement is also not covered by health insurance.

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