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Primal Harvest Reviews

Primal Harvest provides supplements for whole-body health. But, can its products naturally boost your energy, immunity, and overall wellness?

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2023
Primal Harvest

Our modern diets leave much to be desired when it comes to getting enough nutrients. People often turn to dietary supplements to make up for vitamin deficiencies and enhance energy, digestion, or overall wellness.

In fact, the Council for Responsible Nutrition found that 77% of adults in the US use dietary supplements. Research tells us that most nutritional supplements are generally safe to take but may not have the miraculous health benefits some people expect them to have. Still, making an effort to be healthier often involves supplements, which can have many long-term benefits.

With so many supplements available, it can be challenging to decide what’s right for you. Here, we’ll provide a deep look at Primal Harvest – a natural supplement manufacturer that prides itself on holistic health – so you can discover if its products are safe, effective, and a good choice for you.

Review Summary


  • Offers a wide variety of supplements and gummies for overall health
  • Targets specific health issues like joints, heart, gut, and immune system
  • Natural, lab-tested ingredients
  • Generally safe to take for most people
  • Made in a GMP-certified facility
  • Use rewards program or subscribe & save for deep discounts
  • Take the quiz to find out the best product for you
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Consult your doctor before beginning any new supplement routine
  • Manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and gluten
  • Not all supplements work with keto, paleo, or vegan diets

Bottom line

We recommend Primal Harvest dietary supplements because they include high-quality, lab-tested ingredients that are effective and generally safe to take. Primal Harvest is invested in whole-body health, and this philosophy is reflected in the diversity of the product selection and the effectiveness of formulations. Without fillers, you get pure, natural ingredients that boost energy, immunity, gut health, and many other body processes. Primal Harvest supplements are also cost-effective with a mid-range price point and savings opportunities.

Our Top Picks

Primal Harvest

Primal Harvest makes a variety of high-quality and smartly formulated supplements that enhance your health holistically and naturally.

These lab-tested supplements are made to target a variety of concerns -- from joint health to immune support. All orders backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Gut Restore
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Turmeric complex
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Primal Collagen
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is Primal Harvest?

Primal Harvest manufactures a wide array of dietary supplements that naturally improve your overall health and well-being. While some of their supplements target specific areas of the body or health issues, Primal Harvest is invested in holistic health – treating the body as one system for improved general wellness.

Their ingredients are natural, effective, and recognizable. You won’t see fillers or too many unfamiliar components. They combine herbs, vitamins, probiotics, and other minerals and substances to eliminate nutrient deficiencies and boost many body processes. Their supplement ingredients mimic the diets of our ancestors – only essential nutrients that bodies need to function and stay healthy.

If you’re interested in Primal Harvest but aren’t sure which supplement might be right for you, you can take the Primal Harvest Quiz for a recommendation. The quiz only takes two minutes and asks intelligent questions to find a supplement that fits into your diet.

What types of products are available?

Primal Harvest offers a variety of capsule and powder supplements. Each one targets a specific area of the body or wellness issue. Supplement categories include:

  • Immune health
  • Joint health
  • Gut health
  • Heart health
  • Energy and well-being

Primal Harvest provides a line of wellness gummies geared toward specific health issues. They each contain potent ingredients, including:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Elderberry
  • Zinc
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Mushroom
  • Vitamin C

Bundles package several effective products together. Primal Harvest offers three product bundles:

  • Morning Essentials Bundle
  • Immune Support Bundle
  • Best Seller Bundle

All supplements and gummies come with a free e-book that contains recipes for boosting the immune system. Supplements are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities to ensure high-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Is Primal Harvest a good value?

Primal Harvest offers a few advantages that make their products a good deal. First, they provide a high level of ingredient transparency and additional information about their formulations. You don’t have to wonder what’s in the supplement or whether the ingredients are effective because Primal Harvest provides that information. Some other supplement companies make you do a lot of guesswork or your own research.

Primal Harvest also gives you many opportunities to save money. You can purchase a product bundle, including multiple products at a discounted rate. You can also join the rewards program for discount coupons or opt for a product subscription to cut costs. Shipping is free on orders over $75.

Products have a mid-range price point when compared to similar supplement companies. You’ll pay a higher price for supplements packed with more nutrients than Primal Harvest. But, you could also buy supplements that are cheaper with fewer effective, natural ingredients. You also have 90 days to decide if you want to return the product for a full refund. Combine their mid-range price with savings opportunities, and Primal Harvest products are a good value.

Is Primal Harvest safe?

Primal Harvest supplements are generally safe to take as recommended for most people. You should consult your doctor before beginning a new supplement program, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have a history of food allergies, or live with a chronic condition.

The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, but Primal Harvest takes many steps to ensure that their ingredients and products are safe and high-quality. For example, all supplements are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Processes and includes requirements issued by the FDA that certify the ingredients, methods, and processes used to manufacture and package supplements are safe and accurate.

Those with food allergies or dietary restrictions should pay particular attention to the supplements’ ingredient lists. None of Primal Harvest’s supplements contain tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, or gluten but are manufactured in a facility that also manufactures products containing these ingredients. Many of Primal Harvest’s supplements are also vegan-friendly.

Primal Harvest lab tests every component to ensure high quality and uses proprietary formulations that are clinically tested. On the Primal Harvest website, you’ll notice a relatively high degree of transparency about the ingredients in their supplements.

How much does Primal Harvest cost?

The cost of supplements, gummies, and bundles varies depending on how many you buy at once and whether you opt for a subscription. Single-bottle orders tend to range from around $25 to close to $50. Check out the price charts further down in the review to see how much you’ll pay for each product and for an illustration of the savings opportunities that come with buying in larger quantities.

On all supplements, Primal Harvest offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can exchange your products or receive a full refund during that time.

Primal Harvest also provides two ways to enjoy savings on their products:

  • Subscribe & save
  • Rewards program

Subscribe & save

You have the option to purchase all of Primal Harvest’s supplements as a one-time or recurring purchase. If you decide to subscribe, you receive 20% off your order with free shipping.

In addition to your supplements being delivered to your home regularly, choosing the subscription option also provides:

  • Your choice of interval (every 1-3 months)
  • Customer support via phone or email
  • The ability to change, pause, or cancel your subscription
  • Consistency – long-term benefits generally result from commitment and regularity

Choose this option when purchasing any product. Primal Harvest makes it easy to edit your subscription – just visit the Manage Subscriptions link in your account.

Rewards Program

To save money on your orders and earn some extras, take advantage of Primal Harvest’s Rewards Program, also called their Loyalty and Reward Tribe. When you join, get exclusive offers by earning and redeeming points.

You can earn points by:

  • Signing up for an account
  • Purchasing a subscription
  • Liking Primal Harvest on Facebook or following on Instagram
  • Celebrating your birthday
  • Purchasing an item
  • Writing a review of the company
  • Uploading a testimonial video
  • Submitting customer surveys

Redeem your points for discount coupons that you can use to buy Primal Harvest products. Every 100 points gives you $10 in savings. If you earn 500 Primal Points, you can receive a $50 discount coupon, for example.


Primal Harvest offers free shipping on orders over $75. If you place your order before 3 pm Monday-Friday, your order ships that day.

If you don’t order over $75 in products and live in the US, you’ll pay $5.95 for ground shipping or $45 for next-day shipping. Check the dropdown menu at checkout for international orders to see which countries Primal Harvest ships to.

HSA, FSA, and health insurance

Primal Harvest is not covered by health insurance and cannot be purchased using HSA or FSA funds.

Immune health supplements

Immune health supplements are designed to boost your immune system, helping you stay healthy even when faced with potential illnesses. Primal Harvest offers three immune health supplements. Learn about each one below and see the chart for a pricing comparison.

Primal Immune Defense

Primal Immune Defense combines probiotics, vitamins, mushrooms, and other immune-boosting ingredients to support general wellness. It contains zinc, vitamins C, B6, D3, and K, L-acidophilus and Bb-06 probiotics, and reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms. It is also free of gluten, soy, and gelatin.

Primal Greens

Primal Greens is a greens powder that contains over 50 superfoods, including fruits, herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms. It also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes. This powder has antioxidant properties and helps support digestion and immunity. It’s also free of gluten, dairy, and soy.

Primal Multivitamin

The Primal Multivitamin is a daily capsule supplement that helps boost energy levels, enhance performance, and improve the immune system. It contains 21 vitamins and minerals and is gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free.

  Primal Immune Defense Primal Greens Primal Multivitamin
One-time purchase of 1 container $29.95 $44.95 $29.95
One-time purchase of 2 containers $27.95 each ($55.90) - save 7% $42.95 each ($85.90) - save 4% $27.95 each ($55.90) - save 7%
One-time purchase of 3 containers $25.95 each ($77.85) - save 13% $39.95 each ($119.85) - save 11% $25.95 each ($77.85) - save 13%
One-time purchase of 4 containers $23.95 each ($95.80) - save 20% $37.95 each ($151.80) - save 16% $23.95 each ($95.80) - save 20%
Subscribe & save $23.96 each $35.96 each $23.96 each

Joint health supplements

Primal Harvest’s joint health supplements include ingredients like collagen and turmeric to support joints, improve mobility, and relieve discomfort. The five supplements in this category do not contain gluten or soy.

Turmeric Complex

Turmeric Complex not only helps with joints but also supports brain, heart, and digestive health. It couples turmeric with BioPerine, a black pepper extract. This supplement is vegan-friendly and does not include dairy.

Primal Collagen

Primal Collagen powder contains hydrolyzed collagen known for promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. This formula also supports bone and joint health. The collagen used does not contain antibiotics or hormones.

Keto Collagen

Like many products that contain collagen, Keto Collagen helps promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. This formula also helps boost energy, enhance fitness performance, and promote joint and gut health. It contains hydrolyzed bovine collagen and MCT oil derived from coconuts. The supplement does not contain dairy.

Primal Flex

Primal Flex supports joint health and mobility. The formula also enhances overall wellness by improving inflammation and joint pain. It contains BioPerine black pepper extract, BioCell Collagen, turmeric, and astaxanthin. The supplement is dairy-free.

Multi Collagen

Multi Collagen capsules contain five different types of collagen, including bovine, chicken, eggshell membrane, and fish. This mixture of collagen improves hair, skin, and nails while supporting healthy joints and digestion. Multi Collagen is not made with dairy.

  Turmeric Complex Primal Collagen Keto Collagen Primal Flex Multi Collagen
One-time purchase of 1 container $38.95 $36.95 $33.95 $49.95 $29.95
One-time purchase of 2 containers $35.95 each ($71.90) - save 8% $34.95 each ($69.90) - save 5% $30.95 each ($61.90) - save 9% $46.95 each ($93.90) - save 6% $27.95 each ($55.90) - save 7%
One-time purchase of 3 containers $33.95 each ($101.85) - save 13% $32.95 each ($98.85) - save 11% $28.95 each ($86.85) - save 15% $43.95 each ($131.85) - save 12% $25.95 each ($77.85) - save 13%
One-time purchase of 4 containers $31.95 each ($127.80) - save 18% $30.95 each ($123.80) - save 16% $26.95 each ($107.80) - save 21% $41.95 each ($167.80) - save 16% $23.95 each ($95.80) - save 20%
Subscribe & save $31.16 each $29.56 each $27.16 each $39.96 each $23.96 each

Gut health supplements

Primal Harvest’s gut health supplements include prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to help with digestion, regularity, and gut bacteria balance. They offer two supplements that focus specifically on gut health that are both gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free.

Primal Probiotics

Primal Probiotics include a blend of 12 different probiotics, including LactoSpore, which supports the immune system. It also includes PreforPro, a prebiotic that helps stimulate good bacteria in the gut. This supplement can boost energy levels while supporting healthy digestion.

Primal Gut Restore

Primal Gut Restore uses prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics to promote a healthy gut, including improved regularity and digestion. It includes CoreBiome Tributyrin – a powerful postbiotic – and B. longum BB536 – an effective probiotic – among other ingredients.

  Primal Probiotics Primal Gut Restore
One-time purchase of 1 container $38.95 $49.95
One-time purchase of 2 containers $35.95 each ($71.90) - save 8% $46.95 each ($93.90) - save 6%
One-time purchase of 3 containers $33.95 each ($101.85) - save 13% $43.95 each ($131.85) - save 12%
One-time purchase of 4 containers $31.95 each ($127.80) - save 18% $41.95 each ($167.80) - save 16%
Subscribe & save $31.16 each $39.96 each

Heart health supplements

Primal Harvest offers one supplement that focuses on heart health. Called Primal Omega-3, it helps support brain function and the cardiovascular system.

Primal Omega-3 includes eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega 3s, which are necessary in the body for optimal health. This supplement promotes heart health and supports your brain, skin, and overall well-being. It is made without gluten, dairy, or soy but does contain fish.

Here is the price breakdown:

  • One-time purchase of 1 container: $36.95
  • One-time purchase of 2 containers: $33.95 each ($67.90) - save 8%
  • One-time purchase of 3 containers: $31.95 each ($95.85) - save 14%
  • One-time purchase of 4 containers: $29.95 each ($119.80) - save 19%
  • Subscribe & save: $29.56 each

Energy and well-being supplements

These supplements increase energy levels while helping you experience overall better health. They can impact your sleep patterns, brain function, and mood. Primal Harvest offers four energy supplements in this category that are all free of gluten, dairy, and soy.

Primal Sleep

This sleep aid improves both the length and quality of sleep. It includes L-Tryptophan, an amino acid you may have heard mentioned as the ingredient in turkey that makes you sleepy. L-Tryptophan can also help with anxiety and stress. The supplement includes other well-known natural sleep aids like melatonin, valerian, and lavender.

Primal Mind Fuel

Primal Mind Fuel includes 11 ingredients that are nootropics – substances that boost cognition and memory. Nootropics in Primal Mind Fuel include NeuroSmart, Cogniplex, and Rhodiola rosea. In addition to helping with cognition, this supplement can also improve energy levels and make you more focused and productive.

Primal Total Cleanse

Primal Total Cleanse helps remove toxins and other buildup from your system. The formulation includes 20 ingredients that naturally detoxify the body, including L. acidophilus, a well-known probiotic. This cleanse helps promote digestive and skin health.

Hair Growth Complex

Hair Growth Complex supports hair health and growth using Super Biotin and other vitamins and minerals.

  Primal Sleep Primal Mind Fuel Primal Total Cleanse Hair Growth Complex
One-time purchase of 1 container $29.95 $29.95 $29.95 $29.95
One-time purchase of 2 containers $27.95 each ($55.90) - save 7% $27.95 each ($55.90) - save 7% $27.95 each ($55.90) - save 7% $27.95 each ($55.90) - save 7%
One-time purchase of 3 containers $25.95 each ($77.85) - save 13% $25.95 each ($77.85) - save 13% $25.95 each ($77.85) - save 13% $25.95 each ($77.85) - save 13%
One-time purchase of 4 containers $23.95 each ($95.80) - save 20% $23.95 each ($95.80) - save 20% $23.95 each ($95.80) - save 20% $23.95 each ($95.80) - save 20%
Subscribe & save $23.96 each $23.96 each $23.96 each $23.96 each

Wellness gummies

Primal Harvest offers six wellness gummies that combine essential nutrients and vitamins. They all come in delicious flavors, are vegan-friendly, and do not contain gluten or gelatin.

Orange Vitamin C Gummies

The Vitamin C Gummies are orange-flavored and include 250 mg of vitamin C in each serving. Vitamin C promotes immunity, skin health, and other defenses to illness.

Elderberry Gummies with Zinc

Elderberry Gummies include three powerful ingredients: elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C. These components boost the immune system while promoting heart health and energy. These gummies are blueberry-flavored.

Turmeric Ginger Gummies

Turmeric Ginger Gummies come in a delicious peach flavor and contain turmeric extract, ginger root, and black pepper. These gummies promote joint health and boost the immune system.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

The gummies are made with apple cider vinegar that includes the mother – the unfiltered component of ACV that has many healthful qualities. Expect a boost to your digestion and immunity with this gummy that can also help with weight control.

Mushroom Extract Gummies

This gummy includes nine superfood mushrooms that promote cognition, energy, and immunity. They are raspberry-flavored.

  Orange Vitamin C Elderberry with Zinc Turmeric Ginger Apple Cider Vinegar Mushroom Extract
One-time purchase of 1 container $22.95 $26.95 $26.95 $26.95 $26.95
One-time purchase of 2 containers $20.95 each $24.95 each $24.95 each $24.95 each $24.95 each
One-time purchase of 2 containers $20.95 each ($41.90) - save 9% $24.95 each ($49.90) - save 7% $24.95 each ($49.90) - save 7% $24.95 each ($49.90) - save 7% $24.95 each ($49.90) - save 7%
One-time purchase of 3 containers $19.95 each ($59.85) - save 13% $23.95 each ($71.85) - save 11% $23.95 each ($71.85) - save 11% $23.95 each ($71.85) - save 11% $23.95 each ($71.85) - save 11%
One-time purchase of 4 containers $18.95 each ($75.80) - save 17% $21.95 each ($87.80) - save 19% $21.95 each ($87.80) - save 19% $21.95 each ($87.80) - save 19% $21.95 each ($87.80) - save 19%
Subscribe & save $18.36 each $21.56 each $21.56 each $21.56 each $21.56 each


Primal Harvest also offers product bundles where you can buy several products at once that pair well together. If you’re considering a few different products, check out these bundles to see if you can save some money.

Immune Support Bundle

The Immune Support Bundle includes Primal Probiotics, Primal Greens, and Primal Multivitamin. It gives you the daily nutrients you need for enhanced immunity and overall wellness.

Best Seller Bundle

Primal Harvest’s best sellers include the Turmeric Complex and Primal Collagen. This bundle covers a lot of bases – supporting healthy hair, skin, nails, gut, joints, and immunity.

Morning Essentials Bundle

The Morning Essentials Bundle includes Primal Probiotic, Primal Greens, and Primal Collagen to help you start every day with a healthy boost. These products promote healthy skin, gut, and joints.

  Immune Support Best Seller Morning Essentials
One-time purchase $99.85 $69.90 $105.85
Subscribe & save $79.88 $55.92 $84.68

Privacy considerations

Primal Harvest uses third-party payment processors and does not store your payment information on the site. Stripe and Paypal are well-known, secure online payment processors invested in keeping your information safe. Primal Harvest may collect personal information about your site use, which may be used for marketing purposes.

How we evaluate health services

At Innerbody Research, we customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related service or product. But in general, for health products and services, we have five broad areas that we explore in our evaluations, including:

Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service(s) to the customer? For testing services, does the company adhere to the latest and most advanced testing technologies and achieve a very high degree of accuracy? For non-testing telemedical or teletherapy services, is the quality of the service high enough that we would recommend it to loved ones without hesitation? If not, why not? For health products, does the product or device meet a high level of safety? Is it manufactured with high-quality standards? Has it – or have its ingredients – been subjected to studies that confirm effectiveness?

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Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, will your data be stored securely? Are payments secure? Does a company market your information?

Customer support: Particularly in situations where ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t make sense, how well does the company help make the service or product ideal for you or address your individual needs?

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