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Performix SST Reviews: A fat burner that helps you focus?

Find out if Performix SST delivers on its duel promise of improving cognition and boosting metabolism

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2022
Performix SST Reviews

We all know what it feels like to be frazzled, unfocused, and fatigued — and today, more of us are experiencing the impacts of stress than ever before. While physical exercise and a nutritious diet can do wonders for our physical and mental health, sometimes getting that foot into the gym door is often the hardest step.

You may have heard about thermogenic supplements and wondered what they’re all about. Can a pill or powder alter your metabolism and help you burn calories? Can they improve mental focus and boost your energy?

We recently tried out Performix SST, a timed-release thermogenic supplement with a holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing, promoting focus, energy, and boosted metabolism. Our review below will detail the pros, cons, and science behind Performix SST to help you decide if this product may work for you.

Review Summary


  • Boosts energy and metabolism
  • Improves focus and cognitive functioning
  • Reasonably priced
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Subscribe & Save membership shaves off 10% of the cost
  • Special discounts for military, first responders, government employees, and teachers


  • Lacks ingredient transparency
  • Heavy reliance on caffeine and natural stimulants
  • Not recommended for those with medical conditions or taking medications

Bottom line

We recommend Performix SST for individuals who want to get into the gym but lack the energy and motivation to get started — and for those currently dedicated to working out but want to improve their peak performance. Performix SST contains effective thermogenic compounds that help boost metabolism and energy, pushing you to more rigorous workouts and helping burn fat faster. And it also somewhat improved our mental focus, removing the need for coffee to blast through a day at the office. In this way, it works kind of like a more useful coffee replacement.

Our Top Picks

Performix SST

Performix SST is an effective thermogenic fat burner that boosts energy, focus, and metabolism.

Designed for both new and experienced athletes looking to take their performance to the next level, Performix SST delivers. Shipping is free in the U.S., and all purchases are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Reviewed by Innerbody Research
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Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is Performix SST?

Performix SST is an extended-release thermogenic dietary supplement that supports weight loss while providing additional health benefits, such as:

  • Boosted energy
  • Greater cognitive focus
  • Improved mood
  • Accelerated fat burning

The most significant factor that makes Performix SST stand apart from the weight-loss supplement competition is its patented time-release capsules that combine TERRA Pod Ballistic Beadlets in a diffusion carrier oil, allowing the product to absorb over time. This means that instead of hitting that 3 p.m. crash, you’ll have more energy to carry you through until bedtime.

Other Performix products

Colorado-based Performix LLC manufactures Performix SST and several other dietary supplements geared toward men and women seeking to maintain or lose weight, build muscle tone, burn fat, and improve mental wellness. Below, we’ll examine a few of its top sellers aside from Performix SST Original.

SST Pre ($23.99)

Performix SST Pre is a pre-workout powder supplement providing caffeine, lion’s mane, L-theanine, citrulline malate, and Yohimbe for extra energy and boosted metabolism during grueling workouts.

SST Support Appetite Control ($22.49)

SST Control combines glucomannan, garcinia cambogia, and a proprietary EatLess blend with hydrolyzed yeast protein to help curb unhealthy cravings while boosting energy.

SST Support Cleanse ($22.49)

Support Cleanse is a non-stimulant detoxifier containing milk thistle and turmeric to promote regularity, support liver function, and eliminate toxins from the body.

SST Thermo ($59.99)

SST Thermo is one of Performix’s newest products. This powder formula replicates the effects of SST Original in Lemon Iced Tea and Snow Cone flavors.

Does Performix SST work?

Performix SST provides the focus and energy to get you through the workday and the gym, allowing you to perform harder, longer, and with fewer setbacks. While this supplement is heavily reliant on caffeine and natural stimulants, the timed-release formula in each capsule prevents the caffeine jitters you can get from too much coffee.

In our testing of Performix SST, our team ditched the usual morning caffeinated beverages and enjoyed steadier energy and focus throughout the day as a result. We felt energized enough for after-office workouts that often get discarded when you’re mentally and physically exhausted. While we experienced fewer cravings, we did not lose significant weight because we did not alter our diet.

Performix SST would be a helpful tool for weight loss when combined with a low-calorie diet and increased exercise. Taking the capsules each day improves mood and energy, giving you that needed boost to do the additional work necessary to drop pounds.

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How Performix SST works

Performix SST combines several potent ingredients to boost energy and metabolism while reducing cravings and promoting overall mental wellbeing. Taking the supplement is easy and convenient, requiring just two capsules each morning on an empty stomach. Because SST contains caffeine and other natural stimulants, be careful about including other caffeinated beverages and products when consuming the supplement. We’d suggest you take Performix’s advice and avoid them.

Below, we’ll look at each ingredient in detail, examining the science and how it works to help you lose weight and improve your mental outlook.

Niacin (12 mg)

SST provides 75% of the daily value for niacin, a B vitamin that supports a healthy nervous system, digestive system, and skin health. Niacin can help treat high cholesterol and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, as it increases hepatic lipid oxidation.

Vitamin B-12 (1,000 mcg)

Vitamin B-12 is an essential nutrient found in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. It supports blood and nerve cell health and is a common deficiency in older adults. SST provides a whopping 41,667% of the Daily Value for vitamin B-12 in each daily dose.

Conclusions in this 2020 clinical review draw upon evidence that supplementing with B vitamins is likely to result in health benefits for people, including:

  • Reducing mental and physical fatigue
  • Improving cognitive and psychological functions

Caffeine anhydrous (250 mg)

Researchers demonstrated that caffeine has ergogenic effects in a 2019 meta-analysis on caffeine as a performance-enhancing supplement. However, more studies are needed to understand the nuances of caffeine’s use across different sports practices outside of laboratory conditions.

Another meta-analysis from 2017 demonstrated caffeine’s potential for promoting a reduction in weight, body fat, and BMI, while this 1989 study showed that when administered in doses of 100 mg, caffeine improved thermogenesis and promoted energy in obese test subjects.

Performix SST provides 250 mg of caffeine in each daily dose, significantly boosting energy and thermogenesis in consumers. Thanks to its timed-release formula and the combination of other natural stimulants, the slow absorption of caffeine throughout the day prevents crashing and burning.

Sensoril Ashwagandha extract

Ashwagandha appears in many dietary supplements based on its ability to reduce stress and anxiety in consumers. This adaptogen can help treat obesity by reducing psychological stress and improving mood. With less stress comes fewer cravings and more energy to spend on productive weight-loss activities like exercising.

TeaCrine (Theacrine)

TeaCrine is a synthetic version of theacrine with several potential health benefits, including:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Diminishing pain
  • Boosting energy
  • Improving focus
  • Reducing fatigue

Studies on TeaCrine have concluded that it is safe, non-habituating, and without evidence of the tachyphylactic response typical in caffeine consumption and other stimulants.

Cayenne pepper

Capsaicin, the primary component in cayenne pepper, has demonstrated its potential as an anti-obesity treatment in several studies based on its role in adipogenesis inhibition.

Capsaicin contains more than 200 active constituents and has many additional health benefits based on its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties.

Yohimbe bark extract

Yohimbe appears in many dietary supplements based on its ability to assist with fat reduction. Derived from a West African tree, Yohimbe has a long history of use in traditional medicine in treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.

Yohimbe blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in fat cells, contributing to weight loss and body fat reduction. While scientific conclusions are mixed on its use as an anti-obesity treatment, this 1991 study demonstrated Yohimbe’s ability to accelerate weight loss in participants on a low-energy diet.

Huperzine A extract

Huperzine A is a cholinesterase inhibitor derived from Chinese club moss. It shows potential in improving memory and cognitive function in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and can help treat depression and other mental health conditions.

In animal studies, Huperzine A has demonstrated the ability to improve cognitive functions in obese mice, and in human studies, it has shown promise in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

BioPerine black pepper extract

Black pepper extract aids the body in absorbing other vital nutrients in Performix SST, essentially boosting them.

Is Performix SST safe?

Performix SST is considered safe for healthy adults who are not pregnant or lactating. However, this supplement contains caffeine and other natural stimulants, so if you have sensitivity, you should avoid it. We suggest consulting with your doctor or dietician before adding SST to your regimen, as with all supplements. People with certain medical conditions or those taking medications might not be able to take Performix SST safely.

Some of the common but minor side effects people experience when taking Performix SST include:

  • Headaches
  • Jitteriness
  • Nausea
  • Racing heart
  • Diarrhea

Our testers didn’t experience jitteriness or a racing heart. As for other side effects, these were very minor and diminished as we adjusted to the product. To avoid them altogether, we recommend starting the supplement gradually (one capsule per day for a few days, then building up to two). If you experience prolonged or more disruptive reactions, discontinue the product and consult with your doctor.


Performix SST is widely available for purchase from big-box and nutrition stores, including GNC, Walmart, Costco, The Vitamin Shoppe, and online retailers like Amazon. However, we recommend buying directly from the company website, which allows you to enroll in its Subscribe & Save plan, shaving 10% off all purchases. This also protects you from imitation products, which are not uncommon.

Performix provides free shipping on all orders in the contiguous US and covers all products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It offers an additional discount for:

  • Military personnel
  • First responders
  • Government employees
  • Teachers

Below, we’ve listed the base prices for Performix SST as single purchases and subscriptions to give you a better idea of your potential savings.

  Cost Price per serving
Single Purchase (60 capsules) $54.99 $1.83
Subscribe & Save (60 capsules) $44.99 $1.50

Is Performix SST a good value?

Performix SST is firmly rooted in the middle ground regarding the cost of weight-loss supplements. In terms of ingredients, we believe that Performix SST has more to offer than much of the competition, as its holistic approach boasts both mental and physical benefits.

Below, we’ve compared the cost of Performix SST to other popular weight loss supplements, each with varied active ingredients. Looking at these products side-by-side, you can better see Performix SST’s value comparison.

Note that all prices below reflect single purchases and do not consider subscription or bulk discounts.

  30-day supply Price per serving
Performix SST $54.99 $1.83
Revitaa Pro $89 $2.97
Active-PK $39.95 $1.33
Trimtone $49.99 $1.67
HUM Nutrition Skinny Bird $40 $1.33
Leanbean $59.99 $2

HSA, FSA, and health insurance

Performix does not accept HSA, FSA, or health insurance payments.

Privacy considerations

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