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Lumin Skin Reviews

Are Lumin Skin’s skincare products for men really as uncomplicated and effective as they seem? We dug into the details

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2022
Lumin Skin

Despite sounding like a sexist stereotype, men’s skin is genuinely different from women’s: it’s thicker and oilier with a lower pH and more collagen. Throw in regular shaving (which can leave your skin feeling rough and dry), and you’ve got a very different set of needs on your hands. Often, skincare “for men” is the same formula as a brand’s standard or women’s line with different packaging. But with such diverse needs and a relatively limited set of options, how can you best care for your skin?

Lumin Skin is a skincare company designed to help men get started with appropriate skincare at an affordable price. They offer skincare subscriptions and a few products for men’s hair and body care, at reasonable prices. We investigated Lumin Skin to find out just how effective and efficient they are so you can decide if these products are worth your time.

Review Summary


  • Ingredients catalog and How To guide give you a simple, accessible way to learn more
  • Bundles simplify the skincare regimen design process
  • Transparent information on all products and ingredients
  • Extremely easy to remove your information from their system
  • Almost-free 30-day trial of your best-fitting bundle (you pay shipping)


  • Can be difficult to get customer service from a real person
  • Only one style of product per category
  • Subscription doesn’t save much money and only ships every two months

Bottom line

Lumin Skin is a skincare company designed to help men improve their skin. Many of their goods are sold in bundles to make starting a skincare routine easy and accessible, even for those who were never taught what to do. Their products are simple but made with high-quality ingredients, and the company is completely transparent about both what’s in their skincare and how they work with you to protect your privacy. We think that Lumin Skin provides a great value to those who want something straightforward to get them on the road to healthier, fresher skin.

Our Top Picks

Lumin Skin

Lumin offers high quality skincare products for men at an affordable price.

Lumin Skin makes it easy to start a healthy skincare routine with targeted bundles. They address issues such as aging, acne, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. Get a 30-day supply for just the cost of shipping.

Age Management Bundle
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Classic Maintenance Bundle
Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Anti-Fatigue Essentials Bundle
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is Lumin Skin?

Founded in 2018, Lumin Skin sets out to be an affordable and accessible men’s skincare subscription program. They formulate, create, and sell a small range of products that cover all of your essential skincare needs, including:

  • Cleansing creams
  • Exfoliators
  • Moisturizers
  • Toners

They also create and sell a few hair and body care products, but most of their stock focuses on facial skincare.

These products are designed with simplicity in mind, from their matte black or green packaging to their short ingredient lists. Even product names are short, simple, and to the point. They don’t have an excess of products, instead opting to capture what they consider the best features of a moisturizer or cleanser in one go.

Skincare bundles

Lumin Skin’s focal products are their bundles. It’s harder to create a more straightforward skincare routine than one that’s already been designed for you. And considering skincare can get wildly complicated fast, these bundles are a blessing for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time debating the difference between two kinds of moisturizers or those who don’t know the difference between retinol and tretinoin.

Shop Bundles

A majority of these bundles let you personalize the formulas themselves depending on your skin type (dry, combination, or oily) so that you don’t over-moisturize oily skin or dehydrate already-dry skin, leading to irritation, sensitivity, and acne.

Age Management Bundle ($65.00)

Who says that men can’t age gracefully? Moisturizer, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, and Dark Circle Defense.

Modern Bathroom Bundle ($73.75)

Total self-care for those who like to streamline their cleaning routine and wash their face in the shower. This is the only bundle that brings in products outside Lumin Skin’s facial skincare line. Charcoal Cleanser, Moisturizer, Advanced Keratin Recovery Shampoo, Advanced Keratin Fortifying Conditioner, and Advanced Clarifying Body Wash.

Classic Maintenance Bundle ($60.00)

The gold standard of skincare simplicity. Charcoal Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Exfoliating Rub.

Expert Maintenance Bundle ($92.65)

Designed to target minor signs of aging, exhaustion, and stress to leave you looking like you just had the best nap of your life. Charcoal Cleanser, Moisturizer, Exfoliating Rub, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, and Dark Circle Defense.

Correction Trio Bundle ($60.00)

Repair the little things you’re sensitive about. Moisturizer, Exfoliating Rub, and Dark Circle Defense.

Anti-Fatigue Essentials Bundle ($76.50)

Contains products designed to brighten, even, and soothe tired-looking skin. Charcoal Cleanser, Moisturizer, Exfoliating Rub, and Dark Circle Defense.

Fundamental Duo ($38.25)

The two cornerstones of a skincare routine in one simple package. Charcoal Cleanser and Moisturizer.

The Complete Skincare Gift Set ($108.00)

Contains one of every major Lumin Skin product for a holistic skincare routine that leaves no stone unturned. Charcoal Cleanser, Moisturizer, Exfoliating Rub, After Hours Recovery Oil, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Dark Circle Defense.

Individually packaged products

You can order any of a bundles’ products on its own. However, Lumin Skin’s catalog goes well beyond what its bundles hold.


There are a few types of products you’ll find on shelves everywhere when it comes to facial cleansing products. Skincare basics dictate that you’ll want to clean your face, exfoliate (remove dead skin, chemically or physically), and moisturize your skin. Lumin hits all of these major categories easily with a few simple products:

  • Charcoal Cleanser ($16.00)
  • Moisturizer ($29.00)
  • Super Biome Gel Moisturizer ($29.00)
  • Exfoliating Rub ($16.00)

Beyond that, several other products target specific parts of the face, such as their best-selling Dark Circle Defense ($29.00). Dark Circle Defense is an intensely moisturizing under-eye cream with caffeine, which helps to reduce puffiness by constricting the blood vessels from the thin skin under your eyes. Other specifically targeted products include:

  • UV Defense Moisturizing Balm ($32.00), a moisturizer and SPF 30 sunscreen combined
  • Anti-Wrinkle Serum ($19.00), a heavy moisturizer with vitamin C and pomegranate extract for evening skin tone
  • Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch ($20.00), a soothing under-eye moisturizing patch with hyaluronic acid and caffeine to brighten, smooth, and potently hydrate your under-eyes
  • Skin-Purifying Toner ($22.00), a light misting water-based product to decrease your pH and care for your skin’s microflora
  • After Hours Recovery Oil ($19.00), an intense argan-oil-based moisturizer with squalene, vitamin E, and collagen to deeply replenish your skin
  • Charcoal Clay Mask ($20.00), a deep-cleaning clay mask that uses both kaolin and bentonite clay to draw out impurities so you can wash them off
  • Pore Strip ($20.00), a charcoal-based pore strip that latches onto dirt and blackheads for physical exfoliation

The Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch and Pore Strip packets only contain one single-use strip. While this is typical for sheet masks, most other brands cost between $5 and $15 for a one-use slip. They aren’t incredibly out-of-range for the quality of care they provide, but many less expensive options are available with the same high standards.

Hair, body, and accessories

Your facial skin is fragile and sensitive. The rest of your skin doesn’t need the same heightened TLC as your face, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of it.

Lumin Skin currently sells one body wash: the Advanced Clarifying Body Wash ($13.75), which has both hydrating, cleansing, and exfoliating properties from tea-tree oil, aloe vera, and jojoba oil.

The scalp, too, is skin, but its close entanglement with your hair means you’ll need different products to take care of both your hair and skin. Luckily, Lumin Skin offers an Advanced Scalp Treatment ($15.00), which contains the same ceramide (a lipid naturally found in your skin cells) that deeply hydrates and protects your skin from environmental damage.

For your hair – a point of both pride and insecurity for many men – Lumin Skin sells an Advanced Keratin Recovery Shampoo ($13.75) and an Advanced Keratin Fortifying Conditioner ($13.75). It’s important to use both shampoo and conditioner no matter your hair type to seal in moisture and close hair follicles, keeping all of the good parts of your hair routine in and environmental factors out. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain keratin, which helps repair damaged and dry hair, ideally working to help prevent thinning (though it’s not designed to be a hair replacement or hair loss product). Taking good care of your hair can keep it from falling out as quickly.

Right now, they only offer one accessory: a silicone face scrubber ($20.00) designed to fit over your hand so that you can clean your face with firm but gentle care.

Online skincare guides

Ingredient guide

Not sure what the difference is between jojoba oil and argan oil? Confused why there’s caffeine in your moisturizer? Never fear – Lumin Skin has an entire encyclopedia of every primary ingredient they use in their skincare line. You can sort this ingredient list by product or individual ingredient, giving you an individual or holistic sense of Lumin Skin’s attention to detail.

Each minimalistic icon pulls up a list of information:

  • The name of the ingredient
  • A short one-sentence description
  • What the ingredient helps with
  • What products the ingredients are found in and how the ingredient supports the product

These ingredients are standard natural products in the skincare industry, such as tea tree leaf oil (which helps kill bacteria and fungi) and hyaluronic acid (which locks in essential moisture for hydration, found in most tissues in your body already).

How To guide

Not everyone knows how to take care of their skin. Lumin Skin knows that there’s no shame in this fact. They have put together a handy How To guide for all of their products so that even those just getting started can learn how to correctly apply every product in their new routine.

There are individual How To guides for every product in their catalog, including bundles. You can pick whether you want to see a guide for just one scrub in your box or if you want a hand learning how to use all of them. Every How To guide is available through their website on its own webpage or, in the case of the full Lumin catalog How To guide, as a free PDF.

Each How To guide includes:

  • Product name
  • What it’s designed for
  • Any ingredient specifications (cruelty-free, naturally-derived, paraben-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and so on)
  • Step-by-step product usage guides for AM and PM
  • A week-by-week trial timeline
  • Customer reviews
  • Who should use the product
  • Fun facts about the product
  • Full ingredients list

Subscriptions, pricing, and payments

A majority of Lumin’s catalog is available as a subscription. Each of these subscriptions ships once every two months with a 5% off discount, which averages about one dollars’ worth of savings per item. This is an excellent option if you know that you love their products, as it takes out the hassle of re-ordering (or worse, realizing that you’ve run out and have to wait for more).

While Lumin Skin’s subscription program is a great time-saver, it’s also a relatively inflexible subscription. There is no way to change how often you get a package. It also offers a small amount of savings, as many other subscribe and save programs save an average of 15% (compared to Lumin Skin’s 5%).

When it comes to purchasing your order, you can use a wide variety of payment methods, including:

  • any major credit or debit card
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Afterpay, Klarna, or Affirm to split your payment into four smaller payments


Lumin Skin’s shipping prices change depending on how much you order at one time. Currently, they offer two different tracks for shipping.

  $0-$49.99 order $50 to $99.99 order $100 or more
Standard Shipping (3-7 business days) $5.95 $3.95 Free
Express FedEx (2-4 business days) $19.95 $19.95 $19.95

Express FedEx shipping also comes with insurance in case your package goes missing in the mail and full tracking information. No matter how you choose to have your package delivered, it takes one to three business days for your order to process before shipping. You’ll need to pay shipping costs on subscription orders, so be sure to add that when calculating your bi-monthly budget.

If you want to have your Lumin Skin products ASAP, you can also purchase them through one of their authorized resellers:

  • Amazon
  • Select US Target locations
  • Select US Walmart locations

Heroes program

Lumin Skin offers a lifetime 20% discount to people in the following professions:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Law enforcement
  • First responders
  • Active military and veterans
  • Nonprofit organization employees

If you work in one of those categories, you’ll need to reach out to Lumin Skin’s customer support through their in-browser chat to get the ball rolling. They require specific verification of your employment status to give your account Hero status.

Customer service

The best way to get an answer to your questions is through Lumin Skin’s FAQ. It’s a remarkably in-depth set of questions and answers, casting a wide net on everything from account access problems to shaving tips.

Should your question go unanswered through the FAQ, you’ll need to reach out through their in-browser chat service. You’ll always need to click through a guided set of questions that are in the FAQ before you have the option to ask for a human being. The chat isn’t staffed 24/7, so if you need help and someone isn’t available, the AI chatbot will help you send an email. In that case, it’ll ask for your question (along with any pertinent details and images), your full name, and your email address.

Lumin Skin quotes that you should expect an email reply within 48 hours from their team; our testers found this number consistent with their reply times, often receiving a reply within six hours. While it was a little bit of a hassle trying to get in touch with someone who had the information we needed, once we were able to speak with someone, we found their customer service friendly, upbeat, and thorough.


One of the first items in Lumin Skin’s FAQ contains information about how to delete any data they hold of yours. Most online marketplaces don’t make this information available – and when they do, it’s often tucked away in the Privacy Policy – so it’s clear that Lumin Skin has your best interest in mind beyond just being a customer.

As an online storefront, Lumin Skin collects a small amount of information from you:

  • Necessary information to place, process, and ship an order
  • Your email address and phone number for communications like verifying your account and marketing

All of this information stays within Lumin Skin; they won’t ever sell your information to a third party. Sometimes, they’ll send out surveys to gather information on new products or services, but they are voluntary and anonymous.

Getting started with Lumin Skin

If you don’t know what you want (or what your skin needs), the easiest way to get started with Lumin Skin is to take their quiz. As a bonus, after you’ve completed their quiz and matched with one of their product bundles, they offer a trial of the product set for only the cost of shipping ($6.95).

The quiz itself is relatively straightforward, only taking our testers two minutes. It asks about:

  • Who you’re buying for
  • Your budget
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Current daily skincare regimen
  • Skin type
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Top skincare concerns
  • Expected length of time to see results
  • Current products you use (brands and types)
  • If you think your current skincare regimen works for you

Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll be matched with one of their bundles that will best support your skin. Lumin Skin even breaks down the bundle by product so that you can learn more about the individual steps that’ll make up your skincare routine. You aren’t committed to ordering that bundle, however. Lumin Skin offers a different trial bundle if you think the one they matched you with isn’t going to work for you. You can also pick your favorite individual products and build your own bundle, though you won’t be able to get any trial sizes.

After you order the trial bundle, you’ll be automatically signed up for a subscription, which will charge and ship full-sized products every two months.

How we evaluate health products and services

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Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service(s) or product(s)? How is advanced technology used for accuracy and safety? What evidence of efficacy does the company provide? Are manufacturing standards high-quality?

User-friendly: How intuitive and convenient is the service or product? To what degree is the company interface helpful and understandable?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, is it stored securely? Are payments secure? Does the company market your information?

Customer support: With personalized products and services, how well does the company address your individual needs? If a product or service turns out not to work for you, are there satisfaction guarantees or return policies that protect you?

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