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Lexie Hearing Aid Reviews

Lexie's subscription model can save you money and give you peace of mind while helping you hear. Is it right for you?

Last Updated: Jun 2, 2022
Lexie Hearing Aid Reviews

If you’ve noticed any degradation to your hearing, you might be feeling anxiety, frustration, or even fear. But you’re not alone. About 15% of American adults report some hearing difficulty, and nearly 30 million of those adults could benefit from using a hearing aid.

The problem is that hearing aids can be prohibitively expensive and aren’t always covered by insurance. They also often involve tedious trips to an audiologist’s office, which can add to your expenses without great insurance.

Fortunately, companies like Lexie offer well-priced hearing aids that ship directly to you without the intervention of an audiologist. In this review, we’ll look at the quality of their hearing aids and the nuances of their subscription service to see if they’re right for you.

Review Summary


  • Low-cost subscription model
  • Protection plan covers theft and loss
  • Useful smartphone control app
  • Dual microphones for directional hearing
  • Telecoil functionality
  • Effective adaptive noise reduction
  • Five color options
  • 45-day risk-free trial


  • Subscription model is for pairs only
  • Only one style available
  • Bluetooth doesn’t support streaming
  • Not rechargeable

Bottom line

Lexie gives people without a lot of money the opportunity to get effective hearing aids on an interest-free two-year subscription plan. After two years, you can continue to reap the plan’s perks or upgrade to a new set. It’s an outstanding choice for those without insurance or those with insurance that has poor hearing coverage. The smartphone app is incredibly intuitive, so those looking into aids for their parents or grandparents don’t need to worry about any technological hurdles.

Our Top Picks

Lexie Hearing Aid

Lexie offers quality and affordable hearing aids without the hassle of doctor’s visits or insurance.

Lexie’s 2-year subscription plan is a great low-cost option for those with no or poor hearing coverage. Their smartphone app is grandparent-friendly and easy to use. Try today with a 45-day low-risk trial.

Monthly Payment
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One Time Payment
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is Lexie?

Lexie is a hearing aid company designed to provide a seamless shopping experience that removes audiologists and insurance companies from the equation. A simple eligibility quiz helps you set up your purchase, and the company’s phone support is readily available for any questions that arise.

Subscription model

One thing that sets Lexie apart from their competitors is their subscription model. They don’t usually refer to it as a payment plan since there’s no credit involved and no accrued interest. Instead, you pay a flat monthly rate that gets you the following:

  • One pair of hearing aids
  • All-inclusive protection plan (Lexie Care)
  • Necessary batteries and accessories
  • Biannual deliveries of cleaning and upkeep kits
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

The one downside to the subscription model is that you can’t get it set up for just one hearing aid. If you have normal hearing in one ear but damaged hearing in another, you’d have to make a one-time purchase.

We’ll get into the pricing specifics comparing the subscription model to the one-time purchase below.

Lexie Lumen

Lexie’s hearing aid is called the Lexie Lumen. It’s a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, which means that the receiver lives in housing that sits just behind your ear. A small tube carries its signal to an earpiece, which emanates amplified and clarified sound.

Some of Lexie Lumen’s noteworthy features include:

  • Telecoil functionality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual directional microphones
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Feedback suppression
  • IP67 water resistance

Lexie Lumen runs on a single 312 battery in each receiver. They’re also available in a variety of colors, including:

  • Light gray
  • Beige
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Metallic black

Smartphone app

Lexie’s smartphone app is one of the best parts of their service. You can use it to fine-tune preset settings for certain environments like noisy restaurants or outdoor events. It also has a quick-start feature that lets you get started with your Lexie Lumen in just a few minutes.

You can take a custom hearing profile test through the app to evaluate your current hearing abilities and set up the aids to work in response to your specific needs. Of course, you can always make adjustments from there until they’re just right.

Lexie Care

Lexie Care is Lexie’s all-inclusive support system. You can get help setting up your hearing aid or making changes to your settings with phone support available six days per week. You also gain access to Lexie Rewards, a system in which you can redeem points against the cost of your hearing aids for hitting usage goals or providing the company with feedback.

Perhaps most important is Lexie Care’s protection for your hearing aids. For two years, Lexie will guarantee your hearing aids against defect, damage, theft, and loss. Repairs are completely free, and replacement costs for lost or stolen hearing aids are $120 per device.

How is Lexie different from other hearing aids?

The biggest difference between Lexie Lumen and other hearing aids is that you get a tremendous amount of features and a level of quality normally reserved for more expensive offerings. When you account for the two-year subscription model, that affordability increases.

Here’s a comparison between Lexie Lumen and three similarly priced hearing aids you can also get online without an audiologist’s appointment.

  Lexie Lumen Otofonix Sona Lively 2 Lite Audicus Dia II
Price $799 (or $49/mo) $595 $1,195 $998
Smartphone control
Feedback cancellation
Dual-directional mics
Battery life 5-8 days 5-7 days Up to 7 days 5-6 days
Preset audio settings 5 4 4 4
Customizable settings

All four models are behind-the-ear style (BTE) and run on disposable batteries, but you can see that the Lexie Lumen stretches its battery life a bit past its competitors.

Lexie Lumen pricing

Lexie Lumen’s pricing is extremely straightforward. You can either purchase a pair of hearing aids through a subscription model that you can cancel any time or buy them up-front for a flat fee. Either way, you have a good product, but we think the subscription model provides tremendous value.

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Here’s a useful chart to show you what you get with each approach:

  Two-year monthly subscription (pair) Up-front purchase (pair) Up-front purchase (single)
Price $49/month $799 $599
Activation cost $50    
Cost after two years $1,226 $799 $599
45-day money-back guarantee
Biannual supply deliveries
Breakage protection
Theft protection
Loss protection

Subscription vs. up-front payment

The big question most people will encounter when purchasing a hearing aid from Lexie is whether they should go for the subscription model or bite the bullet and pay for their Lexie Lumen all at once. The two systems are nearly identical in their final costs at the two-year mark, but there’s an added perk with the subscription that you shouldn’t overlook.

Here’s what it would cost to get all the same benefits from both the subscription model and the up-front purchase over two years:

  Two-year monthly subscription (pair) Up-front purchase (pair)
Price $49/month $799
Activation cost $50  
Four biannual supply deliveries Included $280
Lexie Care Included $144
Cost after two years $1,226 $1,223

Ultimately, you get the same service and perks over two years regardless of your chosen plan. But at the end of two years, being on the subscription has a particular benefit.

The best way to understand this is to think of it as a cell phone plan. At the end of a certain period, you become eligible for an upgrade. The same is true with a Lexie subscription. When your two years are up, you can roll your subscription into whatever Lexie’s latest technology happens to be. Inside sources tell us the company is rolling out new hardware later this year and that they’ll continue to upgrade their lineup over time.

Is Lexie a good value?

Compared to similar hearing aids available online, Lexie offers an excellent value. To stay on top of competition, they’ll need to expand their device lineup and eventually offer tiered subscription plans for customers interested in the most advanced and least visible hearing aid technologies. But getting in now will likely grandfather you in for reasonably priced upgrades to better and better devices as the years go on.

Even if you want to buy the hearing aids and not worry about the subscription plan, $799 is a good price for the quality you’ll get. And you can always add accessory box deliveries and Lexie Care at any time.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage for hearing issues remains tricky, even as laws evolve in a supportive direction. Lexie doesn’t work directly with any health insurance company, and they don’t accept payment from HSAs or FSAs.

You can always submit receipts from Lexie to your company and claim an out-of-network reimbursement, but there are no guarantees you’ll have coverage if you go that route.

Alternatives to Lexie

There are countless hearing aid options on the market. Many are fly-by-night operations pushing cheap hardware and lacking customer service. Lexie is among the online purveyors of hearing aids that are entirely trustworthy. That said, you may be interested in examining what the competition has to offer, especially if you truly only need one hearing aid, as that purchase point isn’t as consumer-friendly with Lexie. (Keep in mind that most people should actually purchase a pair of hearing aids.) You can also consult our guide to online hearing aids, which goes in-depth about different styles and features you might find useful.


MDHearingAid offers three models, two of which are rechargeable. The question of rechargeable batteries vs. disposables is a serious one. If you’re someone whose phone rarely dies on them, a rechargeable set might come in handy and free you from making recurring battery purchases. If that doesn’t sound like you, you’d be better off with an aid that uses disposable batteries.

Only their most expensive model is smartphone compatible, so you wouldn’t get the kind of app functionality you see from Lexie without buying their top-of-the-line aids. Whichever style you choose from MDHearingAid, you save exponentially more money buying in pairs than getting a single hearing aid.


If you don’t mind visiting an audiologist, Oticon might be a perfect fit for your needs. Their hearing aids are powerful and reliable, and they offer a wide range of styles to suit just about any customer, including children. Oticon is also one of the few manufacturers of modern aids that can help treat severe degrees of hearing loss.

The downside with Oticon — in addition to audiologist intervention — is the price. The company’s lowest-cost models usually start around $1,000.

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