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Wellnicity Reviews: Are these tests worth it?

Our experts rate and review all Wellnicity tests in terms of Accuracy, Value, Privacy, and Customer Support + Current discount codes

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Wellnicity Reviews | Innerbody

Wellnicity has been providing at-home test kits for diagnosing health issues for the past 13 years. Its tests concentrate on unique areas such as gut health, hormone health, and “brain” health. Each kit contains everything you need to perform testing easily by yourself at home.

All Wellnicity test purchases include a “Wellness Report” that is designed to help test takers understand what all the numbers on their lab results actually mean for their health. The Wellness Report also includes diet and lifestyle recommendations and, should the lab results indicate imbalances or deficiencies, a very specific nutritional supplement plan tailored to the customer’s needs and based on the laboratory’s findings.

During the course of our company evaluation, we spoke with Wellnicity’s Director of Marketing, Champane Frias. She told us that the company’s main objective is “to put the consumer’s health back into their own hands and to alleviate the confusion they are often left with after receiving laboratory results. We want them to understand what their results mean, but also give them a clear and direct path to getting back on track.” Read on to see what we think about whether or not Wellnicity accomplishes that mission.

Review Summary


  • Wellnicity offers a very wide range of tests—you are likely to find one that interests you.
  • The supplements the company sells are professional-grade, equal to or better than the vitamins typically sold in retail stores.
  • Consultations (included with test purchase) are available with clinical nutritionists and licensed dieticians and wellness counselors.
  • Wellnicity has a very clear, rock-solid privacy policy: it does not share your data with other companies, period.
  • For a limited time, Wellnicity is offering our readers an exclusive discount code that will save you 15% off any test. [Upon checkout, use code: INNERBODY]


  • Some of the recommended (and optional) after-test programs can get expensive.
  • Tests are not available in New York, and only partially available in New Jersey, Maryland, and Rhode Island.
  • In almost all cases, Wellnicity tests are not covered by health insurance.

Bottom Line

Generally, we like Wellnicity’s focus on providing actionable recommendations with most tests it sells. But, like those from similar companies, all test results and recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt. As long as you keep that in mind, we feel comfortable recommending giving most of the company’s tests a try. If anything alarming comes up in your test results, be sure to see your own doctor and not rely solely on the free expert consultations that come with each test.

Why you should trust us

Innerbody Research recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Over the past two decades, we have helped tens of millions of readers make more informed decisions about staying healthy and living healthier lifestyles. Our testing team has purchased and compared over 500 health-related tests to date, and we are constantly updating our reviews based on the latest test advances.

This guide, like all medical-related content on our website, is thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy. Additionally, we extensively analyze each health-related service we review. We evaluate the entire customer experience from signing up to the use of the product or service, and then offer unbiased, marketing-jargon-free analysis based on the latest scientific evidence and medical standards.

Wellnicity Brain Tests

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in your brain that relay information from system to system. A poor diet, stress, or genetic conditions can cause these neurotransmitters to begin sending the wrong signals, causing problems such as weight gain, stress, or lack of focus.

Fatigue, sleeping issues, anxiety, anger problems, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), depression, weight problems, and substance abuse can all be traced to these neurotransmitters.

Wellnicity’s Brain Tests [see latest prices] offers a range of different tests that attempt to identify the cause of chemical imbalances in the brain. You can choose to focus on:

  • Sleep and mood
  • Focus and memory
  • Balance
  • Stress
  • Weight

So how exactly do these tests work? Unfortunately, Wellnicity’s website is not entirely clear. After taking a deep dive into these tests, we got some answers. Wellnicity uses a method to test neurotransmitters by urinary excretions. The urinary excretions of neurotransmitters measure what is circulating in the central nervous system correlating back to the brain. The company has been utilizing this form of testing, which is much more common in Europe, for almost 15 years now (via its sister company). In fact, the lab that processes these tests is based in Germany. We dug up this resource, produced by the company, which gives much more information about the science behind Urinary Neurotransmitter Analysis.

Wellnicity Environmental Health Tests

Wellnicity’s Environmental Health Tests [see latest prices] can help you check whether your body’s function is being affected by the environment you’re living in. Wellnicity offers two at-home tests you can take – a Glyphosate test and a Vitamin D test.

Glyphosate is used in herbicide products, and when it makes its way into your body, it can cause a range of health issues, from depression and anxiety to sleep disturbance and digestion issues. The Glyphosate test can diagnose whether you have this issue, and Wellnicity can supply supplements to reverse the condition. The Glyphosate test is a urine test.

Vitamin D deficiency presents itself in the form of depression and fatigue. Testing for Vitamin D deficiency takes the form of a blood test. Blood is collected at home with a blood collection device, supplied alongside an adhesive bandage, gauze pad, and alcohol swab.

Wellnicity Food Sensitivity Tests

To figure out if this test is right for you, it is first helpful to make a distinction between two terms that are often used interchangeably: food allergies and food sensitivities.

Food allergies are severe and can be life-threatening. You may have heard stories about a child becoming fatally ill after mistakenly eating something that contained peanuts. That is an allergy. In response to food allergies, the body produces IgE antibodies to fight off the antigens. If you think you have a severe allergy, do not buy this test. Go see your own medical professional.

Food sensitivities, on the other hand, are for the most part non-life-threatening, but can make you feel very uncomfortable. Symptoms of food sensitivity include things like nausea, hives, and trouble breathing. In response to some foods, the body produces IgG antibodies in response to the antigens.By measuring the number of IgG or IgE antibodies in a small blood sample, tests can make predictions about reactions you may have to certain foods.

Wellnicity’s Food Sensitivity Tests [see latest prices] areis an IgG tests and are best for those who are looking for recommendations on how they can change their diets to improve their health and well-being. Common symptoms of food sensitivity include headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, indigestion, skin issues, joint pain, and sometimes just a feeling of being unwell.

Wellnicity offers multiple food sensitivity tests at different price points. You can test for sensitivities to the 44 most problematic foods, 90 foods, or even 180 foods. Which of the three tests should you choose? It really depends. For most people, we would go with the 90 Foods test because it offers the right trade-off between comprehensiveness and value. The 180 Foods test is over-kill in our opinion. The 44 Foods test could be the best choice if you are on a budget.

Wellnicity Gut Tests

The health of your gut is one of the most important factors in your whole body. Your immune system does most of its work right there, so ensuring great gut health can have a transformative effect on your life.

Problems such as constipation, gas, and irregular bowel movement start in the gut, but issues like mood imbalances and frequent infection can also be traced to poor gut health.

Wellnicity’s Gut Tests [see latest prices] test for Gut issues using a stool test and a saliva test. Wellnicity also offers a separate test specifically for bacteria and chronic yeast in the gut. With self-testing at home, checking the health of your gut is convenient and comfortable.

Wellnicity Hormone Tests

Hormones are powerful regulators of our bodies, from our metabolism to our anxiety levels. When things don’t feel right, testing the hormone balance in your body can reveal the problem and solution.

Problems with anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, sleep, and loss of muscle mass can have their roots in hormone problems.

Wellnicity offers five different hormone tests [see latest prices] that focus on different issues and symptoms:

  • Metabolism
  • Male Hormone Health
  • Female Hormone Health
  • Stress
  • Thyroid

Based on the answers to your questionnaire or consultation with Wellnicity clinicians, you may be advised to use one of these hormone tests to get a view of how the hormones are working in your body.

What criteria do we use to evaluate testing companies?

We customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related test. For most Wellnicity test kits, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Accuracy: Do the testing companies use the latest and most accurate testing technologies available? How accurate are the tests compared to alternatives?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the test provider offer discounts to our readers?

Customer Support: How well does the testing company help you choose the best test? How clearly are the results presented? How well does the testing company help you understand results and get treatment if necessary?

Privacy: Are all test kits sent in discreet packaging? Will your data be stored securely? Could your data ever be shared without your permission?

Test Results Speed: How fast will you receive your test results from the moment you click “buy?” Are the waiting times stated by the testing companies accurate and consistent?

Submitting Your Sample & Testing Process

Wellnicity offers a more personalized solution than many other self-test providers. Through a combination of questionnaires, testing, and one-on-one guidance from clinicians, Wellnicity guides you to find the real solutions to the health issues you have been suffering.

First, you will take a brief questionnaire where you detail your symptoms. This is a set of simple yes-or-no questions that’s easy to complete and takes less than five minutes. It will provide a suggestion of which test to take to get to the bottom of your health problems.

Depending on the test, you’ll be asked to supply blood, stool, saliva, or urine. In some cases, you’ll be asked to supply a combination of all of these. This is because different samples offer different levels of accuracy for different issues. Testing neurotransmitter excretion is best done through urine analysis, for example, whereas testing Vitamin D levels is best done through a blood test.

Every test kit comes with a set of instructions unique to that kit that details how to perform collection, and medications that could interfere with the testing.

You can speak to a Wellnicity clinician at any time during the process, Monday to Friday.

Your test results are typically available between three and nine business days after the sample has been returned to the lab.

Vitamins and Supplements

If your test results suggest you could benefit from supplementing your diet (which is more often than not the case), Wellnicity offers professional-grade vitamins for sale. The vitamins sold in a retail store are typically food-grade – good enough to pass FDA standards – but sometimes contain harmful fillers, artificial colors and sweeteners, and have a low absorption rate.

With Wellnicity professional-grade vitamins and supplements, you can be fairly confident that you’re getting the best standardized high-absorption products, free from common allergens.

HSA, FSA and Health Insurance

A Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can usually be used to make purchases at Wellnicity. As accounts can vary, you’ll need to check with your HSA/FSA provider to check whether testing and supplements are covered. Generally, our reviewers have not had any issues using our saving/spending accounts. If you do, could you let us know at We will then update this review accordingly.

Privacy Policy

Wellnicity has one of the strongest privacy policies that we have seen from any testing company – “your data is used for understanding your health and for nothing else. Your personal data is never used for anything else.”

Whereas some testing competitors may sell or trade your data with research companies (usually only with your consent), Wellnicity keeps things clear with a no-nonsense data policy that says no one else will ever be seeing the results of your tests.

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