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Felix Gray Reviews: Will blue light blocking glasses help your vision?

We tried Felix Gray to see if their stylish eyewear helps with vision issues related to blue light, including increased productivity and improved sleep

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Felix Gray reviews

Blue light blocking glasses are a relatively new product for combatting the ill effects of technology overload. They became widely available just a few years ago after the first studies came out linking blue light (the kind that our computer screens and smartphones emit, and that we keep less than six feet away from our noses) with eye strain, headaches, and sleeping problems. Many traditional vision stores offer weak “blue light filters” as an add-on for their prescription glasses, and you can find basic blue light glasses at many stores – but they aren’t very stylish or effective.

Felix Gray aims to provide both effective lenses and good-looking frames. This online retailer specializes in powerful, high-quality blue light filters – and offers prescription augmentation as an add-on. They use proprietary technology to target specific wavelengths of light. Instead of generic eye protection, Felix Gray promises fewer headaches, less fatigue, and even better sleep.

Add a well-designed collection of frames and a solid warranty, and Felix Gray easily positions itself on the premium end of the blue light blocking optics market. So, should you get a pair of these blue light blocking glasses? Keep reading to find out.

Review Summary


  • They filter 30-50% of blue light (competitors only filter 2-10%)
  • Wide variety of models, styles, and colors
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • No noticeable tint on their optical lenses
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee and a 1-year manufacturing warranty
  • 10% discount for first responders, healthcare professionals, students, teachers, and military personnel


  • More expensive than average blue light glasses
  • Sizing can be occasionally unpredictable
  • You can’t pay directly with insurance credit or an HSA debit card (but you can submit a refund claim)

Bottom line

If work and life force you to spend long hours in front of a computer or other blue light-emitting devices, you probably experience some eye strain with symptoms like blurry vision, headaches, and squinting to focus. Felix Gray offers well-made glasses with potent yet discreet blue light filters. If you want stylish eyewear that cares for your vision, Felix Gray glasses are worth the investment.

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Felix Gray glasses will protect your eyes from blue light – and keep you looking stylish.

Felix Gray offers a variety of products from sunglasses to eyeglasses (and even sleep glasses!) that protect your eyes from blue light, and they’re giving 10% off to students, teachers, first responders, healthcare professionals, and military personnel.

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About Felix Gray

Felix Gray was founded in 2016 by David Roger and Chris Benedict, two financiers who had experienced the effects of blue light firsthand for years. Both had demanding office jobs that required them to spend at least 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen.

Blue light blocking was already available as an add-on at most optical stores – but neither Roger nor Benedict wore eyeglasses. Plus, most cheap “blue light blockers” available at the time had a plasticky, low-quality feel and looked far from stylish. Others only filtered a minimal amount of blue light, which wouldn’t provide any noticeable difference.

Roger and Benedict identified their niche quickly and set out to work. They started Felix Gray as a way to provide style-conscious young professionals with a way to protect their eye health in the modern office environment. The company provides sleek acetate frames, high-quality glass, and empirically proven filters for people who had no shortsightedness or were already fitted with contacts. These glasses can filter up to 30% of the most abundant type of blue light, and up to 50% of the entire range.

What is blue light and why do you want to block it?

Before explaining what blue light-blocking glasses can do for you, let’s dive into what blue light is – and what it does to your eyes.

All “white” light is made up of a combination of blue, purple, violet, green, orange, and red light rays (all mixed). Each color is created by a different wavelength and amount of energy or heat; warm colors like orange or red use longer wavelengths and tend to emit more heat. Cool colors like blue or indigo use shorter wavelengths (between 380 to 460 nanometers, or nm) and tend to emit no heat.

Blue light, in particular, is a favorite of LED screens and electronic devices: it provides a cheaper alternative to “true white” light, uses less electricity, and doesn’t overheat the device. Our eyes are not really prepared for dealing with such a large amount of blue light for hours on end. Long-term exposure to blue light up close will tire out your eyes, and may even progressively damage your retina. As our dependency on smartphones and tablets increases, blue light has begun to be linked to migraines and tension headaches due to eye strain.

Additionally, too much exposure to blue light can harm your sleep. Natural blue light is found in bright midday sunshine and we now have evidence that too much exposure to blue light on devices can affect our “internal clock” and lower your production of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. This tells your brain that it’s time to be awake and active, even if it’s well past 9 PM. If you have the poor but all-too-common habit of staring at your phone or watching TV right before bed, it might be harming your sleep.

Felix Gray products

Felix Gray offers eyewear that filters out blue light, yet they don’t look any different than typical glasses or sunglasses. Their frames come in more than a dozen different models named after famous scientists and designed to fit different face shapes and proportions.

They offer four main categories of products:

  • Optical glasses
  • Sleep glasses
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Kids glasses

Optical, sleep, and kids’ glasses are available both with and without a prescription. The non-prescription versions are ideal for anyone who has 20/20 vision or who is already happy with their contact lenses. Prescription-strength glasses are available in strengths between -10.00 and +10.00.

If you don’t need to wear glasses full-time, you can also get optical and sleep versions as reading glasses. These come in stock magnifications between +0.25 and + 2.5.

Optical glasses

Price: $95+ for non-prescription or reading glasses; $145+ for prescription-strength glasses

Felix Gray optical glasses use proprietary technology to block up to 90% of all lights between 380 and 440 nm. This is the type of blue light usually emitted by computer screens, tablets, and smartphones.

They also block 100% of glare, which, especially when your main source of light is just a foot or two away from you, also plays a big role in causing “computer vision syndrome” – a relatively common culprit of tension headaches. However, they don’t have any visible tint and won’t obscure your vision at all.

If you need prescription-strength glasses, you can choose between standard CR-39 lenses or high-index lenses for an additional $30.

Sleep glasses

Price: $145+ for non-prescription or reading glasses; $205+ for prescription-strength glasses

Felix Gray’s “sleep glasses” are the company’s answer to an unavoidable fact of modern life: no matter how much we are told otherwise, most of us can’t stop ourselves from using our smartphones right before bed.

These are a stronger alternative to their optical glasses and are designed specifically to protect your sleep quality. They target a slightly different light range, with wavelengths of 440 to 550 nm. This is not exactly blue light, as it crosses a bit into green light territory. However, this is the one that can affect melatonin production.

Sleep glasses do have a little bit of visible tint, but they won’t obscure your environment. You are supposed to wear them one or two hours before bedtime. The theory behind them and why these sleep glasses work is that if your eyes no longer detect an abundance of blue and green lights, they will send the message to your brain that bedtime is approaching, and you will fall asleep faster and more soundly.

Polarized sunglasses

Price: $95+ for non-prescription glasses; not available in prescription-strength or reading lenses

Have you ever taken a stroll on a bright, sunny day, only to find it difficult to focus your eyes? This happens because the bright blue lights of clear skies scatter very rapidly, which mutes all the other colors. If you are wearing dark sunglasses (which you should, as UVA/UVB rays are bad for eye health) these effects will be compounded by the fact that your shades will be making everything darker.

Felix Gray’s sunglasses offer both the protection of standard polarized sunglasses with the brand’s proprietary blue light-blocking effects. They block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, filter up to 50% of all blue lights, and have an additional anti-glare coating. As a result, they provide you with a richer, crisper visual experience even on very bright days.

Blue light blocking glasses for kids

Price: Optical non-prescription glasses start at $95; sleep non-prescription glasses start at $155

Even if you’re strict about limiting it, screen time is often unavoidable. Even before “Zoom school” became the new norm in large parts of the world, teachers have started relying more and more on computer-based assignments and videos for their curriculum. Plus, kids often rely on technology to connect with their friends and entertain themselves.

Because of this, Felix Gray scaled down their most popular frame models to children’s sizes. They are available in “small” frames for children aged 4 to 8, and “medium” frames for children aged 9 to 13. You can get kids’ sizes for standard blue light blocking and sleep glasses alike.

How to get started with Felix Gray

Thanks to its well-designed website, shopping at Felix Gray is pretty simple.

Start by browsing the website to find the model that suits you best. Felix Gray has a pretty thorough “Fit Guide” that explains what each measurement (lense, bridge, and temple width) means, and how to take your measurements. This guide also provides some useful pointers to choose a model that flatters your face shape.

You can also use their virtual try-on feature, which you’ll find on each model’s page. Just allow the site to use your webcam (on a desktop or laptop) or camera (on a mobile device). The app will add the glasses on top of your face and adjust them automatically, just like a social media filter might add a couple of cat ears on you. You may need to move slowly, of course, as the glasses often lag a bit.

After you have chosen the model and color, simply add the glasses to your cart. If you are buying prescription-strength lenses, you will have to choose between standard CR-39 lenses or high index ones (if your total augmentation is over+/- 2.0, you must choose high index lenses).

You will also need to provide them with your prescription. You can upload a photo of your prescription directly, e-mail it after check out, or provide them with your optician’s contact information. If you choose the latter, they will call your optician and ask for your measurements, which will add 5-10 days to the shipping time.

Then, just proceed to checkout. They accept all major credit cards, as well as Amazon Pay, and the option to pay in installments through Amazon Affirm.

Shipping, returns, pricing, and customer service

Felix Gray offers three shipping rates:

  • Standard shipping is free and takes 5-7 business days. This option is good for any address in the continental U.S. and uses USPS.
  • Standard plus shipping costs $15 and takes 3-4 business days. It uses USPS Priority Mail.
  • Expedited shipping costs $30 and takes 1-2 business days. It uses UPS Next Day or USPS Express, depending on your location.

Returns and repairs

All orders made inside the continental U.S. are covered by a 30-day risk-free guarantee – if you don’t like the glasses or how they fit, just contact them for a return. You can also request an exchange to get a different frame style or color.

All Felix Gray glasses are covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty. It covers you for any cracks in the coating or other defects in the materials, but not for any damages due to mishandling.

They also have a (rather pricey) repair service. Depending on the type of repairs needed, this may cost you $30-$100.

Pricing and discounts

The prices of eyewear from Felix Gray vary, but most start at $95 and do not exceed $205. Each set of eyewear includes a lens cloth and case for no additional cost.

Felix Gray gives a 10% discount to students, teachers, first responders, healthcare professionals, and military personnel. Simply send a photo of your ID or other proof of your eligibility to to receive a promo code.

Post-sales client care

Sometimes, the strongest proof of a company’s professionalism is the way they treat you after you have paid. Felix Gray passes this test: it offers its customers several avenues for contact, ranging from old school email and phone to instant FB Messenger and a live chat option, and we found their quick response times impressive.

Privacy considerations

Felix Gray collects both personal information and non-personal information from anyone who makes a purchase on its site. Your Personal Information is what you enter when you sign-up, log in, complete a survey, purchase something, or request a service.

Personal information includes one or more of the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Images uploaded for purposes of calculating pupillary distance
  • Biometric and prescription information
  • Prescription information
  • Email address

Felix Gray may also collect information from you through social media platforms and other third-party providers (if you provide that).

They use a third-party payment provider for their products and services, so they do not directly collect your card information. Non-Personal Information includes but is not limited to: enrollment history, type of device you use and its operating system, the pages you go to most frequently and how you use them, search terms entered, and similar information based on how you use the website. Any information that could potentially identify you is considered Personal Information and cannot be shared publicly.

Your personal information is used to help Felix Gray provide services and products that fit your needs and preferences and to make site-wide improvements for all users. Non-personal information may be used for any business purpose.

They will never disclose sensitive personal information including prescription information, images uploaded to calculate pupillary distance, biometric information, government ID or driver’s license numbers, account numbers, financial account numbers, passwords or PINs, security question answers, nonpublic personal information, or protected health information.

You may request a copy of, amend, delete, restrict the use of, or obtain an exportable copy of your personal information at any time by emailing them, using the email address associated with your account. Put “Data Request” in the subject line and then include a detailed description of your request in the body.

Insurance, HSA, and FSA

Felix Gray doesn’t take direct insurance directly as a form of payment, but its prescription glasses are covered by Vision Insurance and Vision Discount plans. However, they are an “out of network” provider.

If you want to get your prescription-strength Felix Grays refunded, you will need to download an itemized invoice from your main account page. Then, submit this invoice alongside your receipt and a completed claim form (which you can find at your provider’s website, or Felix Gray’s insurance page). If you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account, you can follow the same process to use your earmarked healthcare funds to pay for your Felix Gray glasses.

What criteria do we use to judge health service companies?

At Innerbody Research, we customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health-related service. For Felix Gray and other health services and products, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service(s) to the customer? For testing services, does the company adhere to the latest and most advanced testing technologies and achieve a very high degree of accuracy? For non-testing telehealth services, is the quality of the service high enough that we would recommend it to loved ones without hesitation? If not, why not?

User-friendly: How intuitive and user-friendly is the service? Does the device/program/app/website achieve a good degree of user-friendliness for its customers?

Value: Are you getting your money’s worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the company offer discounts?

Privacy: If health data is stored, will your data be stored securely? Are payments secure?

Customer support: Particularly in situations where ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t make sense, how well does the company help to make the service ideal for you?

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