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Dermal Repair Complex Reviews

Is it a makeover in pill form? Find out if Dermal Repair Complex is the age-defying supplement that will help you reach your skincare goals.

Last Updated: Apr 7, 2022
Dermal Repair Complex Reviews

Celebrities always manage to look ageless effortlessly. Of course, this can’t be done without help, and the rich and famous have more resources at their disposal to use on anti-aging than the rest of us. The surgeons who take care of aging for those in Beverly Hills realized how critical their work is for restoring confidence and started working to find a way to give that gift to the masses.

The result? Dermal Repair Complex, an anti-aging supplement. This supplement promises to give you the kind of results akin to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. It’s a big promise. Does the company fulfill it? For this review, we put the Dermal Repair Complex to the test so you can decide if it’s worth your time.

Review Summary


  • Benefits women of any age
  • Ingredients not part of the proprietary blend are present in considerable amounts
  • Relatively inexpensive with great bulk and VIP deals
  • No animal testing, ever
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not safe for those pregnant or trying to conceive
  • Some ingredients may not be available at peak dosages for effectiveness
  • Shipping times can vary up to a week

Bottom line

Dermal Repair Complex is a surprisingly cost-effective supplement that helps fight the loss of elasticity and tone in the skin that often comes with menopause. While we don’t know for sure if there’s enough of every single ingredient to make a difference because of the way it’s listed as a proprietary blend, we do know that those who take it for at least a month find real results in smoother, tighter skin. The supplement also helps with overall hair and nail strength, giving you an all-around refresh. It’s not a miracle product and no replacement for expensive plastic surgery, but it can help you look and feel good in your own skin.

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What is Dermal Repair Complex?

Dermal Repair Complex is an anti-aging dietary supplement designed to help restore and support healthy, youthful skin. Created in 2014 by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons and founders of Beverly Hills MD Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Dielpour, the supplement was designed as a cost-effective alternative to the expensive, time-consuming process of cosmetic surgeries the doctors provided to the rich and famous.

As an anti-aging dietary supplement, Dermal Repair Complex combats the key causes of dermal breakdown that comes with time. It works to firm and lift skin and reduce wrinkles, leaving you radiant with younger-looking, healthier skin. It might target your skin specifically, but you’ll feel the benefits in your hair and nails too since they are all made of the same materials.

While the supplement was formulated for women over 40, women of any age can still benefit from its added nutrients. One of the major ingredients is a strong antiandrogen, so it’s not ideal for men to use to counteract the appearance of aging.

Beverly Hills MD suggests that Dermal Repair Complex is gentle on the body for daily use, and that claim seems to be true. It was manufactured under the FDA’s highest standards for Good Manufacturing Practices. However, since it is a supplement, Dermal Repair Complex is not regulated by the FDA and is not designed to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. You should always check with your primary medical provider before starting a new supplement to make sure it won’t affect your health or interact with any medications.

How Dermal Repair Complex works

This supplement contains multiple skin-healthy ingredients in capsule form. Beverly Hills MD is moderately transparent about what Dermal Repair Complex actually contains, but several ingredients are listed as part of a proprietary blend, effectively hiding the amount you get per dose. That said, everything that is listed in the supplement is known to support your skin’s health.

The major ingredients in the Dermal Repair Complex with the amount per serving listed are all effective at their present doses. The ingredients that are part of the Dermal Repair Complex Blend are noted with asterisks below.

Saw palmetto*

An antiandrogen that reduces the visible effects of lower estrogen, reinforcing elasticity. Saw palmetto is often used to treat androgenic alopecia, or male-pattern hair loss in women. Anything containing saw palmetto should not be taken while pregnant, as its antiandrogenic and 5-alpha-reductase inhibiting effects mean it can stop a fetus from developing properly. While it hasn’t been proven for sure in studies, we’d rather be safe than sorry. Be sure to check with your doctor if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive and interested in Dermal Repair Complex.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)*

An anti-inflammatory that helps improve signs of skin aging, even at low doses of 1g/day. We don’t know how much MSM is in every dose of Dermal Repair Complex as it’s part of their proprietary blend, but it is less than 1g (620mg of blend in every dose), so you may not see as many effects of MSM compared to other ingredients.

Hydrolyzed collagen*

Bioavailable collagen supplies amino acids your skin needs to stay supple and fresh. Some studies have shown that you need to take collagen supplements for at least 90 days before seeing results, so you might need to be patient. While some collagen is made from fish products, Dermal Repair Complex’s is vegan.

Hyaluronic acid*

Hyaluronic acid is a deep moisturizer often applied topically, but that is safe and surprisingly effective to ingest, effectively moisturizing your skin from the inside out.

Vitamin A

Retinol is a common ingredient in skincare products, both orally and topically applied, that stimulates collagen production, promotes skin cell turnover, and provides antioxidants to help your body fight environmental stress and free radicals.

Vitamin B6 and B7

Biotin (B7) and its cousin pyridoxine (B6) help to keep your skin fresh by encouraging cell turnover. The vitamins’ crucial role in skin, hair, and nail health also keeps cells hydrated.

Most of what Beverly Hills MD considers their major ingredients fall into their proprietary blend, but our testers and others who have tried Dermal Repair Complex still find that the supplement helps to smooth and tighten skin when used for at least a month. Unlike plastic surgery, supplements don’t make a difference immediately.

Other ingredients present in Dermal Repair Complex include:

  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Wild yam root extract*
  • Silica

Beverly Hills MD never tests their products on animals, so you can sleep easy knowing the supplement was tested ethically.


Luckily, Dermal Repair Complex isn’t anywhere near as expensive as an anti-aging treatment from the surgeons of Beverly Hills MD themselves. Rather, one jar of Dermal Repair Complex – which holds a months’ worth of capsules (60 total, taking two per day) – costs $58, and you can get some bulk discounts if you order more than one jar at a time.

  • One jar ($58)
  • Two jars ($108 – amounting to $54/jar)
  • Three jars ($150 – amounting to $50/jar)

If you aren’t satisfied with the supplement or your results, Beverly Hills MD offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. You’ll need to contact their customer service first, but you can return your bottle – whether you’ve left it unopened, taken a few, or tried the entire bottle – for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Beverly Hills MD accepts payment from all major credit cards and PayPal.

VIP pricing

Beverly Hills MD offers VIP access if you make an account with their site. This gives you all the best exclusive deals on most of their products, including Dermal Repair Complex. There aren’t any purchase minimums or costs associated with a VIP account; rather, it functions as a standard account with any other online retailer.

VIP pricing drops the cost of Dermal Repair Complex significantly to $49.30/jar, though you can’t stack that discount with the bulk order prices (so no matter how much you order, you’ll be paying $49.30/jar with VIP pricing). This discount still saves money without costing you anything, even compared to the three jar bulk discount prices.


Beverly Hills MD offers free shipping on every order over $39, so you won’t have to pay for shipping even if you’re only picking up one jar of Dermal Repair Complex to try. Once you’ve placed your order, your package will arrive on your doorstep anywhere from two to seven days later. At this time, there are no other shipping options other than their standard USPS shipping.

Is Dermal Repair Complex a good value?

While $58 seems like a lot of money for a months’ worth of supplements, it’s not out of range compared to competitors. In fact, most other high-quality anti-aging supplements range in price from $20 to $140, leaving Dermal Repair Complex on the cheaper side of things.

Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but all of the ingredients are well-researched. This combination of accessibility and high quality means that Beverly Hills MD has done their job – and done it well – to make their services available to anyone who wants them.


Like most online stores, Beverly Hills MD collects small amounts of personal information in order to make your transaction run smoothly. However, they don’t store this information unless you’ve added it to your VIP account, and they don’t sell any of it nor do they share it with anyone other than their direct parent company and affiliates. If you opt-in to any promotions or click through a product page from your social media, they might access any personal information you’ve shared with the third party. And, if you don’t like their emails, you can always opt out.

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