Video Tour - Using the InnerBody Explorer

Welcome to – an interactive resource where you can learn all about the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Which system would you like to explore first?

Detailed images and descriptions allow you to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the region or object in focus. Browse by general region of the body, or by specific anatomical structure.

InnerBody lets you interact with both the image itself, and with a list of structures and regions to the left, all while catching a preview of the information you can access if you click.

Navigation options above the image let you change your current view to a different anatomy system, or to maintain your current anatomical focus while changing aspects of your view such as the angle or depth of view.

As you seek to explore a specific structure in the body, you'll notice a helpful outline appear around the structure, allowing you to find it easily within the surrounding anatomy.

Toggle between male and female anatomy where structural differences may be meaningfully or just superficially different.

And at any time you can shift to any other anatomy system and start again from the top.

So how will you begin your exploration of human anatomy?

Once again, we are excited to welcome you here, and we welcome any feedback as well. Thanks again, and have fun learning about the human body at!