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AeroGarden Reviews: Is AeroGarden the indoor gardening solution for you?

We tested AeroGarden’s variety of smart gardens to see if they’re worth the hype.

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2021

AeroGarden reviews

The past year’s events and ensuing quarantines and isolation have led many folks to a host of healthy new hobbies. Bread-making, baking, cycling, and knitting might be just a few plastered on your friends’ social media feeds. But what about gardening? We’re not all lucky enough to have a backyard or live in a year-round growing climate, but what if the weather weren’t an issue? What if you could grow your own herb or vegetable garden indoors, without soil, and with programmed LED lights and timers that could spring a crop from thumbs that are anything but green?

That is precisely what AeroGarden proposes. Its high-tech, app-controlled indoor gardens tell you when they need water or nutrients and take care of themselves from there. It’s a leading provider in the booming market of indoor garden kits from companies such as Click and Grow, Smart Growhouse, Garden, and Rise Gardens.

But is AeroGarden worth the hype (and the price tag)? Read our full review below to see the pros and cons of this innovative indoor gardening company and determine if AeroGarden is a solution for you.

Review Summary


  • Simple setup and easy to use
  • Companion app makes upkeep easy
  • Allows you to grow an indoor garden in any environment
  • Wide variety of different garden sizes and types
  • Great for city-dwellers or those living in smaller quarters
  • All seed pods are non-GMO
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Get free shipping on any order over $50


  • Most smaller models produce only garnish-sized amounts of herbs
  • Doesn’t grow larger vegetables due to size constraints
  • Expensive

Bottom line

If you’re like us, you’ll agree that the idea of growing fresh herbs and vegetables year-round, regardless of where you live, is a great concept. We recommend AeroGarden in many circumstances. It’s great for those who live in apartments and cities, for people who have failed at growing indoor plants before, and for foodies seeking fresh ingredients at their fingertips. AeroGarden’s seed pods are non-GMO and herbicide- and pesticide-free. Within as little as a month, you can create salads, soups, or any dish with healthy, home-grown produce. AeroGarden’s models are not cheap, but they satisfy even those without a green thumb, producing healthy, robust herbs and vegetables with almost zero effort.

Our Top Picks


AeroGarden’s indoor, high-tech gardening solutions sport a wide variety of options with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

While not the least expensive indoor gardening setup you can find, AeroGarden provides many options for city dwellers or those living in small spaces, with a generous free shipping offer when spending over $50.

Reviewed by Innerbody Research
Farm 24-Basic
Reviewed by Innerbody Research

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What is AeroGarden?

First launched in 2006, AeroGrow International, Inc. is a manufacturing company that produces indoor hydroponic gardens with automated LED grow lights and a simple setup. These “smart” gardens require no green thumb and produce fresh herbs and vegetables year-round on your kitchen counter or any room in the house. In addition to its 15-plus AeroGarden models, AeroGrow sells more than 30 seed kits, proprietary plant nutrients, and other accessories. You can also buy kits for growing from your own seeds or local varieties.

How does it work?

AeroGarden models require no soil and virtually no upkeep. And it doesn’t matter if you live in Seattle or Alaska or if it’s winter or summer. The self-programmed LED grow lights supply your garden with the light they need to thrive.

AeroGarden produces several different models to suit your needs, from its smallest three-pod gardens to its deluxe 24-pod versions. Most models are small enough to fit nicely on a kitchen countertop and have a sleek design that suits any home decor. The smaller models are most appropriate for cultivating low-growing herbs and lettuces, while the larger models can accommodate cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, and even squash.

All models feature automatic LED lighting that provides approximately 17 hours of artificial daylight to your garden. Note that even the lower 20-watt LEDs are very bright, so it’s best to place your AeroGarden in a room where this won’t bother you when sleeping.

Your AeroGarden comes with a starter seed kit that is easy to set up. You simply plug in your AeroGarden and follow the instructions on the screen. These instructions include:

  • Adding water to the fill line.
  • Adding plant nutrients.
  • Placing your seed pods into the appropriate holes on the garden base.

When you’re first germinating your seeds, cover them with the supplied plastic domes. Once your seedling is almost touching the top of the dome, you can remove it. Now, just wait and watch. AeroGardens inform you via its display screens when you need to add water and nutrients, and newer models are also Bluetooth enabled, allowing you to check on your garden’s progress using the AeroGarden app. The app also provides pruning tips and other gardening advice customized for your herbs or vegetables.

AeroGarden Harvest series

There are five options within the Harvest series of gardens. All of them feature space for six plants.


PRICE: $149.95

The AeroGarden Harvest is one of the company’s most popular models and reasonably priced for those just starting out. The Harvest holds up to six seed pods, has 20 watts of adjustable LED grow lights, and up to 12 inches of grow height. The Harvest’s limited height makes it most appropriate for growing lettuces, herbs, and other low-lying plants. It has a simplified, three-button control panel with reminders for when to add water and nutrients. The automatic timer on the lights ensures that plants receive the sunshine needed for healthy growth. With its compact size, the Harvest model is perfect as a kitchen countertop accessory, producing fresh herbs and salads year-round.

Harvest Elite Slim

PRICE: $179.95

The Harvest Elite Slim allows you to grow up to six plants with up to 12 inches of grow height under its 20-watt LED automatic grow lights. Hence its name, this model is only 4.5 inches wide and fits nicely on a small kitchen counter or windowsill. It does feature Vacation Mode but does not have the higher-tech capabilities as other models. Like other Harvest models with lower grow heights, the Elite Slim is most appropriate for low-growing herbs and lettuces.

Harvest Elite 360

PRICE: $174.99

The Harvest Elite 360 comes in a round compact shape so that you can fit it anywhere like a potted plant. It grows up to six plants with 20 watts of LED grow lights and up to 12 inches of grow height. This model comes with a stainless steel finish in four colors and has similar features to other Harvest models, including automatically timed lights, an LCD control panel, reminders for watering and feeding, and Vacation Mode.

Harvest Elite

PRICE: $177.04

The Harvest Elite is another rectangular-shaped Harvest model that grows up to six plants under 20-watt LED lights with a grow height of up to 12 inches. It comes in a stainless steel finish in four colors, has an LCD control panel, and the same automatic reminders and light timers as other models.

Harvest 360

PRICE: $128.65

The Harvest 360 is the last of the Harvest models. Like the others, it grows up to six plants with a 12-inch grow height under 20-watt LED lights. This round model is compact and fits the decor in any room.

Bounty series

Aerogarden’s Bounty family contains four different gardens. Each of them upgrades your growing capacity compared to the Harvest series, with space for nine seed pods.

Bounty Basic

PRICE: $299.95

With a capacity of up to nine seed pods and up to 24 inches of growing height, the Bounty Basic is larger than the Harvest. It comes with adjustable 30-watt LED lights and the largest water bowl capacity among the countertop garden models. This additional space makes the Bounty Basic perfect for taller vegetables like tomatoes and bell peppers. The newest model allows for more space between plants and room for an optional trellis attachment. This model also features a high-resolution screen with reminders for watering and feeding and a Vacation Mode option limiting light and the need for watering while you’re away.


PRICE: $399.95

Like the Bounty Basic, the Bounty features 24 inches of growth height for nine seed pods. It has a more robust 40 watts of LED grow lights, a full-color high-resolution touch screen, and Vacation Mode. This model is also compatible with Wi-Fi and Alexa, allowing you remote access to your reminders and programming.

Bounty Elite

PRICE: $429.95

The Bounty Elite increases the LED lighting to 50 watts with the same 24-inch grow height and nine-pod capacity as the other Bounty models. It features infinite dimming grow lights with Sunrise/Sunset Lighting and Vacation Mode. The Bounty Elite comes in a stainless steel finish with a larger water fill opening than other models. You can easily adjust the grow lights’ intensity using the touchscreen control panel, and it also has compatibility with Wi-Fi and Alexa.

Bounty Elite Artisan

PRICE: $459.95

The most extravagant and high-priced among the Bounty models, AeroGarden’s Bounty Elite Artisan grows up to nine plants with 50-watt LED grow lights and up to 24 inches of grow height. Like the Bounty Elite, it features a full-color touchscreen with infinite dimming lights, Sunrise/Sunset Lighting, and Vacation Mode. This model is available with a premium glazed water bowl in two finishes and is compatible with Wi-Fi and Alexa.

AeroGarden’s Farm family of gardens

Taking things further for those who want more serious crops, the Farm series from AeroGarden contains gardens that let you grow anywhere from 12 to 24 plants indoors.

Farm 12

PRICE: $595

For the home chef or gardener who wants the most extensive crop yield year-round, AeroGarden’s Farm 12 model grows up to 12 plants under 60-watt LED grow lights and with up to 24 inches of grow height. It is also stackable for vertical gardening. It is compatible with Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity, features Sunrise/Sunset settings, and comes with a moveable trellis system.

Farm 12XL

PRICE: $695

The Farm 12XL grows up to 12 plants under 60-watt LED grow lights with up to 36 inches of grow height. With this extra height, the Farm 12XL can grow full-sized tomatoes, bell peppers, or squash without crowding. Like other Farm models, it is stackable. It has a moveable trellis system, Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity, and a touchscreen control panel.

Farm 24Basic

PRICE: $695

With space for up to 24 plants, 60-watt LED lights, and up to 12 inches of grow height, the Farm 24Basic is for the family-sized indoor garden. This shorter model will be more appropriate for herbs and lower-growing lettuces. Like the other Farm models, it is stackable, Wi-Fi and Alexa compatible, and has Vacation Mode.

Farm 24Plus

PRICE: $795

Going up the ranks of size and expense is the Farm 24Plus, which can grow up to 24 plants under 60-watt LED lights with a grow height of up to 24 inches. This model is also stackable and features all of the other Farm models’ high-tech connectivity and automatic reminders.

Farm 24XL

PRICE: $895

The top of the line among the Farm models at AeroGarden, the Farm 24XL grows up to 24 plants with two adjustable 60-watt LED lights and up to 36 inches of grow height. It is stackable, Wi-Fi and Alexa compatible, and includes a moveable trellis system. This model will yield enough salad, vegetables, and herbs to satisfy most families year-round. With separate controls for the garden’s left or right side, you can grow peppers and tomatoes alongside shorter-growing herbs.

Other AeroGarden products


PRICE: $99.95

The AeroGarden Sprout is a newer, mini version of AeroGarden. It grows up to three plants with up to 10 inches of grow height and has a touch-sensitive, one-button control. This small model is also the most economical, so if you’re just getting your feet wet on indoor gardening, it may be your first choice.

Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System

PRICE: $199

The Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System is stackable and engineered to double as an accent table for any room in your home. It features 15 inches of grow height and three lighting modes (Grow, Low, and Off). This model is Bluetooth compatible and connects to the Miracle-Gro Twelve app. It allows you to grow up to four plants from seed, cuttings, or other plants. It is compatible with Bonnie Plant starters as well with its included transplanting kit. Unfortunately, AeroGarden Seed Pods are not compatible with the Miracle-Gro Twelve model.

Seed kits

AeroGarden offers a wide variety of seed kits as well as a Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit that allows you to plant your own seeds. The average price for most kits is $17.95 for seven pods and $12.95 for three.


AeroGarden sells accessories for seed starting, tending and harvesting, and transferring plants, as well as additional plant food, grow bowls, and replacement grow lights.

Getting started with AeroGarden

You can purchase AeroGardens at big box stores, on Amazon, and through other online retailers. We found that shopping directly from AeroGarden’s website offered the best deals and savings.

  1. Check out the daily deals. Even if you know what you’re looking for, the Today’s Deals section of AeroGarden is definitely worth a visit. There, you’ll see all the latest deals and coupon codes for extra savings.

  2. Make your selection(s). Be sure to apply any coupon codes for savings. Once you add all items to your cart, you can continue forward with checkout.

  3. Checkout. AeroGarden accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. At the checkout, you’ll enter your contact information and shipping method. Economy shipping is free and arrives in 5-10 business days. Priority Express takes 2-5 business days and costs $9.95 (depending on location). 2-Day Express shipping is $39.95 (depending on location).

  4. Await your arrival. Your order will ship within two business days after checkout and should arrive within 7-10 days if you chose free shipping. Once it has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

  5. Try out your AeroGarden. Setup for all AeroGarden models is easy to follow with the included directions. There are also several videos on the AeroGarden website to assist you if needed.

  6. Assess your satisfaction. If any of your seed pods have not germinated by 21 days, contact customer service and the company will send you a replacement. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your AeroGarden device, contact customer service within 30 days of purchase to set up a return and a full refund.

Privacy concerns

AeroGarden collects personal and non-personalized information of users on its site and employs cookies, beacons, clickstream data, and geolocation data. AeroGarden may use, sell, or disclose personal information for its business purposes and to comply with legal or regulatory requirements. The company may also share your personal information with affiliates and select retailers or business partners. You can opt out of email or snail mail communications with AeroGarden through the “Manage Your Preferences” link on your account page.

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